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Rear Speakers for Honda Valkyrie Interstate & Goldwings Retro Sound eBay Not Rated RustyScooters 37964 01/24/17
Description: I have read a lot about Polk and other speakers that fit the rear speaker pods on Goldwings and Valkyrie Interstates with a little cuting and modifications to either the speaker, the pod or both. I am in the process of restoring and customizing a 2001 Honda Valkyrie Interstate. I recently found a coaxial speaker that fits these pods like a glove with NO modifications of any kind. I found them on eBay from a company called Retro Sound. I think this particular speaker was made to fit Ford Falcons or something similar from the 1960s. The bike is still in pieces, so I have yet to hear them at road speed, but they fit awesome! I have the progress of this progress on a Facebook Group page. Valkyrie Interstate - Lucy Lu's Page. The speakers are Retro Sound Model S-42
Satisfaction: So far I am very satisfied. Once the bike is on the road, I will let you know for sure.

Gauge Visors Grand General Ebay (but have seen in Truck Stops) 7 Dart110 28533 05/01/16
Description: Chrome visors for speedometer and tachometer #67799 (Standard/Tourer)
Satisfaction: Good quality product designed for truck gauges. Not a snug fit, but is within an 1/8". But this allows for an adhesive to be used when mounting.

Motorcycle Dolly Haul-Master Harbor Freight 7 Dart110 28533 05/01/16
Description: 1250 lb low profile dolly.
Satisfaction: Good construction. Assembly instructions are not very good. Small wheels on casters, so the smoother the concrete the better (concrete relief cracks are also an issue). For the Valkyrie it is too short to use thesecrity pins in each end, but the tires will fit onto the dolly with only the front pin in place. I recommend strapping the motor cycle to the dolly (at least at the rear) to prevent rearward movement. When loading I found that a soft piece of rubber under the carriages (the parts that lift the dolly off the ground for loading) will reduce movement during the loading process.

memphis shades batwing faring memphis shades local honda shop 9 Pick 35778 12/21/13
Description: full headlight up faring.
Satisfaction: after I fabricated adaptor bracket, it's great. Without adaptor bracket, it didn't fit for crap.

Boss MC400 Boss Amazon 9 kahnma 35458 08/09/13
Description: Audio system including 2 speakers, Amp, and volume control knob.
Satisfaction: I have been highly satisfied with this product. My 2001 tourer just needed some tunes and this did the trick. It came with everything i needed except a fuse and toggle switch about $10 at auto zone. The product was only $55 shipped to my door and the speakers compliment my bike nicely. They are waterproof and mounted to my windshield bolts identical to the stock clusters on the bike. the amp was mounted under the seat since it is not waterproof. I have had no issues with overheating and can easily hear the music at any speed. the passenger can hear it very well also! could not be happier with this product and for the price its well worth it!

Cobra Billit fender strut cobra vrcc listing 9 mmurffy01 30075 01/29/13
Description: rear feder strut (aka Grab bar )
Satisfaction: good so far

saddlebags leather works, inc. leatherneckjims.com 10 Mario 32575 03/18/12
Description: leather saddle bags.
Satisfaction: love these bags. custom, heavyduty, great looking, well made, lots of options. lockable and i got the easy brackets, quick release. good customer service from leatheneckjims.

levers for valk na a buddy, cyclejohn 10 Mario 32575 03/18/12
Description: vtx 1800 adjustable clutch and brake levers
Satisfaction: love these. easy pull, adjustable and look good. just needed to dremel off a stub on one lever to fit.

grips http://www.coolsac.com/ company 9 Mario 32575 03/18/12
Description: leather option custom grips
Satisfaction: LOVE these grips. they are way more comfy than the iso's i had. they are fatter and softer, and hence, do not cramp my hand. good customer service as well. i have them on 2 of my bikes and intend to get a set for the meanie.

fairing wide open custom company 9 Mario 32575 03/18/12
Description: fairing with marine grade stereo/speakers, adjustable lowers, and chrome accent.
Satisfaction: great product and customer service out of kansas. mounts to memphis shade fork brackets, which i already had. no need to relo tac/speedo. i'm giving it a 9 instead of a 10 because the plastic on the optional lowers scratched up really easily.

ultimate seat ultimate ultimate 6 Mario 32575 03/18/12
Description: solo lowboy with backrest
Satisfaction: i've had it about a year now. velcro is pulling away from the backrest insert flap. it's getting holes at bottom rear. the rain cover does not stay on. for the $$....??? that said, it's pretty comfy for the long haul, but in hindsight i'd go with the next size up as it sits me too far forward, IF i were to buy from company again. i'm not sure that i would.

Supertrapp exhaust system Supertrapp na 8 John 33258 08/28/11
Description: Supertrapp silencers, Chrome tuneable silencers, 6 into 2 system.
Satisfaction: These were on the bike when I bought it,they took some time to grow on me as I originally wanted 6 in to 6 slashcuts, but the sound is perfect, they have tuneable end plates that can be added to or removed to allow the right amount of back pressure in coordination with the fuel intake(Dyna rolling road) On low revs the sound peaceful and in no rush, at high revs it screeches, at medium revs over taking it sound like a v8 american car. Now I love them.

Kuryakyn 20 inch tall sissy bar Kuryakyn Crusier Customizing 7 Sergeant D 33366 08/15/11
Description: Taller sissy bar for passenger comfort.
Satisfaction: Very well made, but you have to drill new holes in your standard mounts in order to fit. Also get longer screws for mounting. Must use their tall backrest or get creative mounting standard backrest using longer screws and back sissybar plate.

Cruiser Cushion BikeCushion.com Wings Over Smokies, Asheville, NC 9 RedRyder 28845 08/10/11
Description: Air cushion seat pad. A more economical air cushion compared to the Air Hawk. Has 3 individual chambers for better control of air movement.
Satisfaction: Saved my rear on a 4600 mile ride! Very comfortable on my Corbin (hard) seat. Did have an issue with the base plate a year after purchase. The company immediately sent me an improved base plate. Excellent customer service and a very good product.

Blinker Buddy Blinker Buddy Blinker Buddy 10 Fat Bastard 23533 06/10/11
Description: A device implanted in your drivers seat that buzzes your behind when your turn signals are on.Can put this device on most any seat, and you can order them already implanted in the Ultamate seat.I never enjoyed turning so much. It Lets you know your turn signals are stillon
Satisfaction: Everyone wonders why I am smiling so much while I'm stuck at a intersection waiting to turn.

Blinker Buddy Blinker Buddy Blinker Buddy 10 Fat Bastard 23533 06/10/11
Description: A device implanted in your drivers seat that buzzes your behind when your turn signals are on.Can put this device on most any seat, and you can order them already implanted in the Ultamate seat.I never enjoyed turning so much.
Satisfaction: Everyone wonders why I am smiling so much while I'm stuck at a intersection waiting to turn.

cruise control brakeaway ebay 9 david bentley 32973 05/06/11
Description: Manual set-release cruise control. Self installed.
Satisfaction: Not as easy to install as instructions imply at first. About 5 different adjustment points that have to be coordinated, as each affects the other. Installed on 2000 IS, in about an hour. Tedious install. I'm better than average at doing mechanical things and this almost got to me. HOWEVER, once I learned the "Idea" of how it was supposed to work, it became easier. Instructions, while clear, were written by someone who already knew how to install it so some details are missed and assumptions by the writer are made. It is not cheap ($180+/- )but has good reviews. I've never tried any other. So far, it works about 90% effective. If you want some help with installation, call me, 720 532 6948 and I will be glad to explain a few details to make it easier to figure out. (Like you will have to move the brake handle from its normal position upwards to get this thing to fit right, etc)Not in the instructions!! 8-)

Dragon Exhaust Ernie Schuster na 10 Jim McKinzie 32946 04/15/11
Description: Complete Exhaust system
Satisfaction: Ernie does a fantastic job and the workmanship is outstanding. He builds your exhaust the way you want and stays in contact to make sure you are happy. The sound on my bike with the 12 inch big bores is outstanding.

Dragon Exhaust Ernie Schuster Ernie Schuster Not Rated Dale 24175 03/17/11
Description: After reading all the great reviews, I opted to use Ernie Schuster to get a set of 36" 45 degree down slash pipes with 12" big bores.
Satisfaction: Couldn't be happier. They have a fantastic low loud rumble that is loud enough to make people take notice, but not so loud that they're bothersome. I've had two sets of TBR six into six so here's my comparison...but had to do it from memory. The TBR 6 into 6 may sound a bit meaner but Ernie's 12" big bores are deeper..not as raspy. Customer service was excellent, product is excellent and the instructions were excellent. Couldn't be happier. He even throws in a set of installable silencers just in case the girlfriend thinks they're too loud.

8 degree rake kit Xf6 custom XF6 custom 10 fatboy 31246 03/16/11
Description: polished triple tree W/fork extentions and braided brake lines
Satisfaction: perfect fit very nice looking called daryl on sunday very helpful would recommend to any body that would want any custom parts

Windshield Clearview On line - Clearview 10 Baca 31029 11/26/10
Description: Replacement windshield Lexan for the Honda OEM Winshield.
Satisfaction: My Honda windshield was so pitted that a replacement was in order. I ordered the Clearview (Original Size) and I am totally pleased with the fit and quality of the Lexan. The windshield is not as flexible as the OEM and is more resistant to chipping. Overall, I would take the Clearview over a new OEM windshield.

Progressive HD 412 rear shocks Progressive Dennis Kirk 10 Skeeter 32512 11/21/10
Description: Rear shocks
Satisfaction: I am completely satisfied. These are far better than the old original shocks. I installed them myself and it took a couple of hours since I didn't have a lift. I had to raise the bike up on blocks.

luggage rack Honda Cycle Trends in Van Nuys, CA 10 Skeeter 32512 11/17/10
Description: Rear luggage rack
Satisfaction: This is an OEM product and it looks and functions great. I installed a Kuryakan bag on it and used that for 2 years and now I have replaced the bag and installed the RIDE trunk.

Forward Controls BigBikeThings Online 1 Skeeter 32512 11/17/10
Description: Forward controls
Satisfaction: These were very awkward and a waste of money. I did use the highway pegs and removed the controls. I was concerned with functionality and overall safety.

Tires Avon M/C Tirewerks in Van Nuys CA 10 Skeeter 32512 11/17/10
Description: Tires
Satisfaction: These tires are very smooth and handle like a dream. I don't feel the cracks in the road anymore. I bought Avon tires for my car and I am completely satisfied with Avon.

Handle grips Kuryakan Online 9 Skeeter 32512 11/17/10
Description: Kuryakan handle grips.
Satisfaction: These are great. It is easier to open and close the throttle since they are oblong shaped. I had to reinstall myself after they came unglued. I used two sided tape used for regripping golf clubs and they are on solid.

cobra passenger floorboards Cobra Online 10 Skeeter 32512 11/17/10
Description: cobra passenger floorboards
Satisfaction: Completely satisfied. My wife can stretch her legs out and no more cramps.

Trunk RIDE Online 8 Skeeter 32512 11/17/10
Description: HD RIDE black trunk with cargo rack on top.
Satisfaction: I am very satisfied with the trunk for the price. It was a great value. To install it, I had to install the trunk about 3" above the luggage rack and about 2" further back in order to allow the hard saddlebag lids to clear. This shifted the weight back a little and now I need to install HD 412 progressive shocks. I needed the shocks anyway, but this accelerated the need.

Ultimate Seat Ultimate Seats online 10 Skeeter 32512 11/17/10
Description: The standard front and back seat with driver's backrest.
Satisfaction: I'm completely satisfied with the Ultimate Seat. My wife and I can ride many more miles without stopping. It changed the bike for me as it was too uncomfortable to ride and too hard to handle with the stock seat.

Quad Horns BIGBF bigbf.com 10 esmith1721 28621 10/30/10
Description: Electric Fiamm horns with wiring kit. These horns are as loud as the air horns and do not have the high pitch common to air horns.
Satisfaction: I like them more than anything else on the market. Sound-off with these and get everyones attention.

Jardine Exhaust (Rumblers) Jardine VRCC Member 8 Al 4321 09/23/10
Description: 6 into 2
Satisfaction: Love the sound - like an old small block chevy. A little noisy, but not raspy. It's quieter than my V&H longshots on my Drifter. They blue, but any single wall pipe will do that. They are a little short, but that is not a problem.

ultimate seats big boy ultimate seats ordered from ultimate seats 10 quirkyguy001 24196 08/29/10
Description: ordered the grey seats with blue ostrich inlay and 3 griffins by phone.
Satisfaction: Great quality and comfort. Only time wife and I stop on a trip is for fuel. Could ride all day. Delivered on time and no defects. Called them several times and they always took the time to answer my questions

Seats Ultimate Seats Direct=On Line 10 Baca 31029 08/15/10
Description: Weather Covers
Satisfaction: The weather covers that I bought with the seats were crap. I fought them every time I needed to wash my bike and when the weather turned wet. I sent Des an email complaining about the problem and he promptly sent me a new pair of covers. The new covers are great; they fit the seats better, are heavier, and do not slip off near as easily when you move around while driving. The best part, even thought my seats are over two years old, the new covers were sent free! I've read that service has not been good at Ultimate but, my experiences (3) have always been good.

Dragon Stacks Ernie Schuster Valkyriedragonexhaust@yahoo.com 10 Guy McDonald 55 06/09/10
Description: I replaced my Two Brother's six into six pipes, which have been on the bike since the summer of 1998, with a set of Dragon Stacks a couple of weeks ago and am extremely pleased with the Bike's soul (sound of the 12 packs). Nice deep rumble at idle and my god the sound when you crank it up! Installation was simple, straight forward and about 30 minutes per side, including removal of the old pipes. Without a doubt, Ernie has created what I believe to be the best sounding pipes on the market. I also ordered the 18 inch packs but will not install until I do an Iron Butt later this year. A thought for those liking loud, I can't imagine a reason for anything louder than the 12 inch packs, certainly a head turner, but each to their own.
Satisfaction: I could not be more pleased.

Clearview windshield with vent Clearview Clearview website 9 ridgeman06 2466 03/30/10
Description: I bought the stock height model with the nifty vent in clear.
Satisfaction: I am very satisfied with the quality of this shield. It is very ridig and fits very well. Packaging was excellent. It came with that sticky plastic film on both sides. I recommend it to anyone, just do not be in a rush. It took a month to get it.

Ultimate King Bigboy Seat Ultimate Seats Inzane 9 Fat Bastard 23533 03/10/10
Description: Larger than the average seats,driver,passenger,and both backrest.
Satisfaction: Big enough bucket to keep my fat ass cheeks from draggin the ground and sets me far enough back as to not cramp the crotch, if ya know what I mean!

Ultimate Lowboy Seat Ultimate Seats On the bike when purchased 2 Vermithrax 28458 03/09/10
Description: Extremely uncomfortable and I feel like I'm on a Shriner's bike with my knees sticking up. It is collecting dust in the garage and I am back on the stock seat. I am planning on selling the Ultimate to finance getting the stock seat re-padded and recovered.
Satisfaction: Zero ... It looks pretty; other than that it is not quite as comfortable as sitting on a brick. I attempted numerous times to contact the owner who never returned any calls; up to and including a request to know if a solo seat would fit with an Interstate setup. He missed out on selling another brick...

Seats Ultimate Seats On-line direct 10 Baca 31029 02/28/10
Description: Ultimate Seats
Satisfaction: I am 6'4 and it's hard to find a ride or seat that is comfortable for me. I purchased the Ultimate Bigboy seat after a significant amount of research and have been delighted. This seat is at least two inches higher than the stock Valk seat and is very comfortable. I take long rides so comfort is number one regardless of the excessive cost! After two years and several thousand miles the seats look new. I would recommend these seats to any rider if you can afford them.

194 bulb PILOT Advance Auto Parts 10 Beer Nuts 24049 01/24/10
Description: Replaced instrument light bulbs with LED bulb almost twice as bright. part # LI-194W
Satisfaction: 100%

rear tire Avon online 3 Kedewei 29795 01/07/10
Description: Venom
Satisfaction: At 7,500 miles it went completely south and left me and my Mrs. stranded beside the road. Complete separation of the plies, cupped and worn. Yes, I kept the proper pressure in it. Just glad it didn't happen while going through the Dragon/Deal's Gap. Decided to go Dark Side and couldn't be happier. My wife says there's no comparison to riding on a bike tire.

Adjustable Dual Rate Shocks Works Performance Ebay Works Perfomance Store 10 Puff's Daddy 17242 08/15/09
Description: Steel Tracker dual rate shocks with BARS (adjustable ring).
Satisfaction: Wish I had upgraded my shocks many miles ago. Feels like a brand new bike. I have the black rather than the chrome springs, both because I prefer the look and because I usually ride with bags. The adjustable rate suspension is great. Was fortunate to get a great deal on a returned set from the Ebay Works Performance Store because the original buyer preferred chrome springs and I matched his weight and riding preference (solo.)

laser cut valkyrie fork filler valkyrie bling and more www.valkyrieblingandmore.com 10 mike murphy 30075 08/13/09
Description: chrome plated laser cut valkyrie fork filler high quality chrome plating fits nice bolts on below lower triple tree
Satisfaction: very nice fit

HONDA VALKYRIE,F6C NEW DELUXE LOWER FRONT ENGINE GUARD Ernie Schuster - eBay My World: eschuu( 229Feedback score is 100 to 499) eschuu@zoominternet.net à Plouezec en FRANCE 10 scoubart ren‚ 23448 06/25/09
Description: Polished steel plate stainless steel mirror, it is used to hide the filter and the pomp from water
Satisfaction: The plate is splendid, the delays of transportation are remarkable. Reception and Ernie's kindness is brilliant. I deeply recommend you this plate which prettifies our motorbike.

HONDA VALKYRIE GOLD WING BILLET OIL FILTER LIFE TIME http://www.kandpengineering.com/S1.shtml à Plouezec en FRANCE 10 scoubart 23448 06/25/09
Description: Filter with oil permanent, replace the disposable filter.
Satisfaction: The filter is superb, I think it is very ecological. I accepted a remarkable reception. I to you advice very deeply.

Leatherlyke Saddlebags leatherlyke baggs was on the bike when I got it 1 Fat Bastard 23533 06/23/09
Description: Plastic,yes I said plastic saddle bags that mount on 2 pins each,suppossedly lockable lids,and will bounce against you're shocks until they break around the mounting hole.
Satisfaction: Are you kidding!The only thing worse than the baggs is the response I got when I tried to contact someone at the company to try to get a replacement.Since then I got some real motorcycle saddle baggs. Boss Baggs.

Ultimate Seats Ultimate Seats Online 4 Kuhjay 21402 05/22/09
Description: Interstate Seats
Satisfaction: Wasted Way Too Much Money. As an overall summary: Looks great, WAY too expensive, VERY uncomfortable, nasty customer service, and no support within <1 year of purchase. Buyer beware. There's no better looking seat, but that bit about sitting "in it, not on it," is a load of crap. Never had a chance to speak with Des when I made the purchase, but the service I received from the person I did deal with was less than friendly (hard to believe when they're selling these things for >$1,000 --- more than you'd spend on a typical sofa). The driver's seat feels like there's a hump in the middle, and it certainly wears on your tail bone after only short ride. And after 4,000 miles, and less than a year, I contacted Des to see if Ultimate had any suggestions, or solutions to offer. His response can be summarized by saying "You have the right model --- you're on your own." It's tough not using colorful metaphors to truly describe what I'm feeling. I'm replacing these with the much much more comfortable Mustang as soon as I can.

Lower Engine Cover Ernie Schuster Ebay 10 mike murphy 30075 05/04/09
Description: laser cut stainless engine cover
Satisfaction: nice finish nice fit covers oil filter and water pump housing

Radiator Cover & Backrest Plate Valkyrie Bling and More Mike from Valkyrie Bling and More 10 RMRC 30041 04/16/09
Description: Chrome Maiden Head Radiator Cover and matching Backrest Plate
Satisfaction: I've seen other radiator covers and backrest plates, but none can compare to the quality and detail of Mikes products! He responds to all of your questions in the same day either by e-mail or telephone. Shipping is extremely fast and he packages his products better than anything I've received from other vendors. You can't go wrong when ordering anything from this vendor!!!!!!

Seat Ultimate Ultimate Seats 10 Phillip 28533 04/05/09
Description: This is a great seat that makes riding a real pleasure. Seat helps align your back and hips for a truly comfortable ride.
Satisfaction: Outstanding product and would recommend anyone that wants to improve their riding experience buy this product, YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THE IMPROVEMENT.

Purple Harley Decals Purple Harley Al from Purple Harley 10 RMRC 30041 04/03/09
Description: Custom decals. This vendor has a large selection on hand and can also make decals from photos you send.
Satisfaction: Just wanted to tell everyone about a fantastic vendor if you're looking for decals for your ride. He also makes custom decals. You send him the photo and he'll adjust it to what ever size you need. His decals already come clear coated so you can simply apply them over your paint, or, you can have them with out the clear coat if you are re-painting so your decal/picture can be placed on the new paint job and then clear coated to give a completely uniform finish. I sent this fella a photo that I'd like to have on my tank. I had mentioned that the tank was already at the paint shop. He called me within 1 hour of my initial e-mail and told me that he could have my finished decal sent to me within 2 days. We called each other a few time during the same day with more suggestions regarding the best way to present the photo (sizing, borders, ect.) Talk about fantastic customer service! Here's the link if anyone is interested. http://www.purpleharley.com/

42 Boss Bags Boss Bags Sturgis South Dakota at there both 10 Fat Bastard 23533 03/23/09
Description: Larger than average saddle bags,42 means these bags will hold 42 12 oz. beverage cans.They are also hard mounted to brackes on the bike with a quick release, they are quality leather bags but also lockable with a padlock.
Satisfaction: Exceptional High quality bags,avalable with add on accessories,strong and durable, much better than than leatherlyke or any other bag I've tried.Although they are quite expensive, they are well worth it.

Valkyrie Dragon Exhaust - ** UPDATE ** Ernie Schuster From the man himself 10 RMRC 30041 03/13/09
Satisfaction: F.Y.I. ERNIE HAS A NEW WEBSITE; http://f6dragonexhaust.multiply.com/tag/custom%20page As an update, these packs sound Fantastic! My Trike setup has 38" stacks with the 18" small bore glass packs. She has a nice low muffled rumble at idle which is equal to stock in my opinion. As you increase the RPM, she begins to growl. Not like a harsh small block! This system has a kind of smooth/quality tone to it. Love the sound!

Dyna 3000 na na 10 esmith1721 28621 03/05/09
Description: Ignition module
Satisfaction: Installed on 98 Valkyrie standard. Setting 3 gives the best ride with lots of increased midrange torque and the engine is smooth. More power from idle to redline. Lots of bang for the buck.

Ultimate Seats Ultimate Seats http://www.ultimateseats.ca/index.html 10 RMRC 30041 02/17/09
Description: 4 piece Big Boy / Blinker Buddy / 2 Embroidered Logo's / Two Tone with studs / Rain covers
Satisfaction: My 97 Valk Trike (Motor Trike) had Corbin seats when I recently bought her. They seemed too low and hard. Possibly due to age, the padding had lost it's resiliency. After reading many reviews I chose to go with Ultimate Seats. I'm very happy I did! These seats are a vast improvement over the Corbins! Extremely comfortable, top quality workmanship and they look fantastic! I also added the "Blinker Buddy" option. Now when one of the turn signals are activated, there's no way to forget they're on with the vibration in the seat! These seats keep you comfortably placed in one position eliminating the slight forward sliding when braking. Great product, great customer support!

Valkyrie Dragon Exhaust / Dragon Packs Valkyriedragonexhaust@yahoo.com / Ernie Schuster From the Dragon Exhaust King himself 10 RMRC 30041 02/13/09
Description: Custom Exhaust system for the Valkyrie with interchangeable glass packs and silencers. http://groups.msn.com/valkyriedragonpacks/valkyriedragonpacks.msnw
Satisfaction: This truly is a worth while upgrade for the Valkyire! The quality, workmanship and best of all the looks and sound is top shelf! The fact that you can change glass packs makes this system unique! I have the Dragon Packs installed on my Valkyire which has a Motor Trike conversion. The only additional step regarding installation with the Motor Trike is that you need to have or make and adapter plate to lower the attachment point on the rear foot bracket approximately 1 inch. My install went flawlessly and Ernie was only a phone call away to answer all questions! Fantastic customer support!!!!! Highly recommended!!!! Oh,, did I forget to tell you about the sound???? Fantastic!!

Dragons Packs Ernie Shuster Dragon Packs Ernie Shuster 10 Road Rage Ralph 877 01/10/09
Description: 12" Dragon Packs, 36" Cannons
Satisfaction: I shipped my pipes on a saturday and the very next saturday the completed pipes were sitting on my doorstep! Fantastic customer service. I was having some other work done by TNT Motorsports so I had them install the pipes since it was there. Tommy from TNT is a master fabricator and bike builder and it takes a lot to impress him and he even commented that the quality of the workmanship was outstanding! The pipes look gorgeous on the bike and it finally sounds like it should have all along, nice deep rumble at idle and sounds like a V8 muscle car when revved. Thanks Ernie!

Dragon Stacks Dragon Exhaust (Ernie Schuster) From the Man himself. 10 Big "B" in BC. 30052 12/20/08
Description: 36" turndown dragon stacks.
Satisfaction: These pipes truly show off my Beast and the Roar is amazing, very high quality, much better breathing making the 3000-5000 high gear roll on's a Blast! Thanks Ernie. Big "B" in BC.

Winter Riding Gear Tourmaster Synergy Renegade Classics, Middletown, N.Y. 9 Dan 28837 10/18/08
Description: heated vest and gloves
Satisfaction: This morning (34* temp) I rode to work with my new Tourmaster Heated Vest and Synergy Gloves. The vest is everything it’s advertized to be - had to power it down to medium setting in minutes; heat was uniformly distributed and did an excellent job. Gloves are comfortable, not too bulky and seem to work well. Had to keep them on the High setting for adequate warmth, and the only part of my hand that got a little cold was in the thumbs. All-in-all…very happy. Dan in N.J.

cam covers doc 7402 na 10 longrider 5054 09/30/08
Description: chrome cam covers
Satisfaction: perfect fit and finish

seat Mustang local Honda dealer 2 Johnk 26219 09/25/08
Description: Mustang riders seat with backrest and passenger seat
Satisfaction: OK for first hour or so but after that get numb bum. A lot of money for a mediocre to poor seat. The 2000 seat I have is more comfortable. The Mustang is a big disappointment.

lever ebay vendor ebay 5 sixpak 29745 09/23/08
Description: Chrome adjustable levers
Satisfaction: Chrome is good, the adjustability of the lever is questionable, but I have big hands so it does not matter much. The clutch lever is too short by about 2" and they are the same length as the stock ones. Too narrow also compared to Kurayakens. This guy always sells levers on ebay (has a granite stone background) for all bikes. I paid $30, so I can't complain too much ;).

lowers na na Not Rated olde rider 1291 09/02/08
Description: windshield lower wind delectors
Satisfaction: na

Kisan SignalMinder SM-3 Kisan CruiserCustomizing dot Com 7 Lou 17353 07/29/08
Description: self canceling turn indicator
Satisfaction: It works as advertised. You really need to push on the switch to overcome the springs. I will update this review when I get some time on the bike with this accessory.

9 inch "Big Bores" VALKYRIE DRAGON PACKS by Ernie Schuster Valkyrie Dragon Exhaust http://groups.msn.com/valkyriedragonpacks/valkyriedragonpacks.msnw 10 Bodhi 27228 07/08/08
Description: Ernie knew I was in a rush to get my pipes done in preparation for a cross country trip I was to take with my Harley Riding friends. He was VERY helpful in getting me set up quickly. I was the first to have the 9" BIG BORES installed, and wow.... NOW my Masonic brothers fuss over who's gonna have to ride behind ME! lol. There are some pics of Ernie's work and my new Valk pipes here: http://gallery.mac.com/bodhi.fannin#100021 There are some other nice looking Valkyries in the photos too... Thanks Ernie, for giving my fat lady a new set of balls! Also, see our Masonic Riding Club at: http://www.freemasonsrc.com/
Satisfaction: Heck yes!

heel toe shifter Kuryakyn ebay 7 Gear Jammer 27807 07/05/08
Description: Heel-Toe Kick shifter
Satisfaction: Contrary to some comments I received, the shifter works fine. Since I bought it used on the bay, I didn't expect perfect appearance, but it came looking better than expected. My only negative comment, is the distance between the front peg and rear peg is too short for big feet. This requires me to ride with my foot tucked down under the front peg as I did with the stock shift lever. But, after installing, test rode it and found it shifts solid, no jams or grinding gears (as I was told to expect). I paid about $110, and I'd buy it again based on my limited experience so far. I might change my mind if something unexpected happends, but so far,so good.

Dragon exhaust Ernie Schuster Bought directly from Ernie 10 BTB 29044 07/03/08
Description: Custom exhaust system
Satisfaction: Ernie is great to work with. Not only are the pipes awesome, but he has great information about everything Valkyrie. Ernie has great followup. Directions are clear and easy to follow. I bought the 18 inch and they sound great. Used to own a VTX 1300R and had Vance and Hines on the bike. I couldn't hear when I got off the bike. The Dragon Exhaust with 18 inch paks has the right amount of sound. I would highly recommend Ernie and Dragon Exhaust.

Tube Toppers Rattlebars Rattlebars.com 10 Mark W. 25772 06/05/08
Description: Chrome covers for the top of the intake runners.
Satisfaction: Deep and shiny chrome. Slips on just as the instructions say. Installation takes only a minute.

Dave's Classic Radiator Grill Rattlebars Rattlebars.com 10 Mark W. 25772 06/05/08
Description: Chrome horizonal bar radiator grill.
Satisfaction: Very well worth the money. Deep and shiny chrome. Installs easily and comes with all the parts needed (including hex and philips head bolts). I used the hex allen head bolts and installed the stock grill cover behind the new chrome, and it worked like a champ. This will look great with LEDs shining on it!

Dragon Paks Ernie Schuster Ernie's shop 10 David Williams 27933 04/24/08
Description: Exhaust System
Satisfaction: As all the reviews state, this is a great product, and Ernie is a pleasure to deal with. I shot him an e-mail asking for some information on the exhaust, and he called me that day to give me my answers. I made arrangements while on the phone to meet Ernie and pick up the pipes. I purchased the 36" down slash stacks with the 12" and 18" packs. If you want to get noticed, the 12" packs are the way to go. You lay on the throttle, and trust me, they will hear you coming. The 18" packs give the bike a nice low growl. I think the 18's are the choice for long trips. Installation and changeout of the packs is a breeze. A couple days after I picked up the pipes, Ernie gave me a call to see how everything went on the install, and how I liked them. He is truly a great guy to deal with.

Dragon Pack Ernie Shuster na 10 Reynold Bert 28931 04/21/08
Description: 18 inch glass pack with straight stacks
Satisfaction: I Trusted all the other reviews and sent my pipes to Ernie for the 18" glass packs. I am in Canada, so did not get to hear his pipes before buying. I am very satisfied. I love the sound. They could be a little louder for myself, but they are plenty loud for my wife. The service and quality is as good as it gets. Ernie is a great guy to deal with.

Kuryakyn rear floorboards splined adapters Kuryakyn Moto-Tour, Inc 9 Valkman 28845 04/15/08
Description: The current '08 Kuryakyn catalog lists adapter part #8826 for the Valkyrie Interstate. This is not correct. I found that part #8825 fit my '99 Interstate, and #8826 did not.
Satisfaction: Great, AFTER I got the correct part. Many thanks to Al at Moto-Tour, Inc for sticking with me until we figured out the problem.

dragon exhaust ernie schuster,valley city ohio straight from the source 10 chris 28709 04/06/08
Description: 6into2 exhaust system
Satisfaction: more satisfied than anything i have ever bought besides my valkyrie.this is the real deal,workmanship is highest quality,sound is incredible(with 9"packs)the motor now sounds as powerful as it looks.ernie himself is a pleasure to deal with,an excellent guy with an excellent product.imho this is the only way to go you wont be disappointed.thanks ernie,youre the man!

DRAGON EXHAUST Ernie Schuster Ernie Schuster 10 msbf6 28764 03/13/08
Description: Custom exhaust system
Satisfaction: Better Late Than Never - Just recently installed the Dragon Exhaust system from Ernie Schuster on my 99 Interstate. After reading many postings from other satisfied customers, I took the plunge along with a buddy with a 2000 Tourer, and we each ordered the complete system (including another set of headers) from Ernie, and had them shipped all the way up to Maple Ridge, British Columbia in Canada. This is without a doubt the best sounding and looking exhaust system for the Valk - the final addition to the otherwise perfect big cruiser/tourer. An awesome look and sound unique to the Valkyrie. Ernie's service was second to none - he delivered exactly what he promised, when he promised, and the product performed just as advertised - can't ask for more than that. Not only are my Ultra Classic riding partners now envious of the Fat Lady's performance and looks, but of her growl too!! msbf6

Air horns Howard's Horns Howard's Horns 1 Shaman 21131 03/04/08
Description: Air horns for motorcycles
Satisfaction: Unacceptable product and service: of two horns ordered, one compressor did not work, the other was inferior to the Rivco compressor. Both drew 2.5-3 times the current stated on their web site. Finally, they promised a refund, but did not do so when the product was returned. Georgia BBB complaint filed and is pending; other complaints already listed there. Howard's Horns is NOT recommended by the Georgia BBB. I shoulda known--Howard caters to the Harley crowd; their horns work just as well :(

Valkyrie Dragon Exhaust Ernie Schuster Valkyriedragonexhaust@yahoo.com 10 Bruce Hines 28713 03/01/08
Description: Dragon glass pak exhaust built by Ernie Schuster
Satisfaction: Received my Dragon Exhaust from Ernie today. It only took about 1.5 hours to have it all back together and on the road. This is a great system and Ernie is a pleasure to work with. My Valkyrie finally sounds like it has some horsepower and spunk. Ernie turned the pipes around very quickly and had them back in about a week to 10 days. I was amazed! The sound at idle is maybe twice as loud as before with the stock pipes. The sound under acceleration is much louder and is 3 to 4 times as loud with a very nice roar. I see the neighbors are now looking as I pass by. I got the 18-inch paks with 36-inch cannons (down slash) at Ernie's recommendation since I live on a golf course. The 9-inch paks must have an amazingly loud sound quality. The system is great and I am very satisfied. The wife may need to wear ear plugs when on the back now for longer trips. Also, Ernie is a very good communicator and follows up with e-mail and phone calls to ensure the customer is satisfied. This is a must have for the Valk. Price was very reasonable.

CRUISE CONTROL AUDIOVOX EBAY 10 cameron 28503 01/29/08

Sargent Cycle seat reupholstery Sargent Cycle Sargent Cycle 10 Momz 18693 01/23/08
Description: Had my I/S seat and backrest reshaped, refoamed, and reupholstered.
Satisfaction: Unbelieveable workmanship and price. Two week turnaround from the date I shipped it off. Great customer service. I also have another Sargent seat on my GW that I am quite satisfied with.

Dragon Packs Ernie Schuster na 10 Momz 18693 01/23/08
Description: Glass Pack mod to stock exhaust system. I had Ernie install 24" glasspacks rather than the 18" he recommends for an I/S. I will say that these are the sweetest sounding pipes you will ever hear. And Ernie is a pleasure to work with.
Satisfaction: Absolutley blown away. I get compliments from HD to Ducati riders.

CAM-LOCK a conventional but good looking throttle control Motorcycle Accessory Design Co. (MADCO) http://www.madcorider.com 10 Bob 28390 01/22/08
Description: Great looking polished billet aluminum throttle lock. They also produce a matching spacer for the left handlebar. This is not on the web site, ask for it via e-mail.
Satisfaction: Simple functional design and looks great. Installation requires grips to be removed. Adjustable grip on the throttle. A miniture key ring socket for adjusting is supplied.

Dragon Exhaust Ernie Schuster VRCC 10 Jack Horner 17182 01/17/08
Description: 18" Glass packs with chrome stacks
Satisfaction: Could not be more statified. Installation was a snap. The exhaust looks and sounds great.

Cobra 6 into 6 exhaust Cobra From another member/VRCC classifieds 10 Dumpster 24605 12/27/07
Description: The pipes that every Valkyrie ought to have.
Satisfaction: I love the mayhem these put out without the baffles! Just one more thing that puts all the local Harleys to shame! The looks are unbelievable! At $390 total I'm completely satisfied! There should be several used still out there. I've had stock pipes, stock pipes drilled out, & with rear baffles removed, and glasspacks. These are by far the best in my opinion. They say it loses hp but I sure can't tell nor would I really care if they did, unlike what my thoughts were before I took the plunge. In fact my bike shows on a consistant level that it now runs 7mph faster top speed then before. Neither one of my Interstates have ever read 130mph until this mechanical change. Sounds like the badest bike around, which it is in my home town of 20,000, and it's a daily rider. I can hear my tunes just fine until I'm running down the interstate but I know them enough to catch bits & pieces & know how they go anyway.

Cobra driveshaft cover Cobra Republiccycle.com 8 Dumpster 24605 12/27/07
Description: A $50 piece of chrome that covers 1/2 the driveshaft & held on with 2 wide zipties.
Satisfaction: Installed it from underneath, rolling it around. Really tight fit getting it underneath the bolts & flush with the inside of the shaft so as you can't tell it doesn't wrap around. Bought 9/16" chrome caps to cover the exposed nuts. I have the Hopnel bags that fit on my saddlebag rails & when they're on the driveshaft isn't noticable. Thing is, when the wife's with me I take those off $ that area's exposed. Could have easily done without but I'm down to the last few chrome items made for this bike & I got the itch around Christmas. I would recommend the Rivco cover since it cost less.

Carolina Thunder Exhaust System Carolina Bike & Trike (TruckRacer) www.carolinabikeandtrike.com (Matt Teeples) 10 NiteRiderF6 23234 12/16/07
Description: Valkyrie pipes designed and performance built for the F6 Cruiser of the Deacde Honda Valkyrie.
Satisfaction: This is the ultimate exhaust system for the Valkyrie. I have never seen my old Valkyrie tune out this well nor run any better than it does right now. The "well tuned" performance sound is an added bonus for the Valkyrie rider that is interested in optimum tuning and the sound that a well tuned F6 engine emits. To sum up... I love the pipes and would high recommend them to anybody. Thanks! Doug

Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, Coolant Temp, Volt, Gauge Motosen Direct from supplier 7 Daddy Dave 27522 12/09/07
Description: Complete Gauge set , less Clock. Wire Harness, Sending Units, Asorted brackets. Classic style W/orange lamp.
Satisfaction: I recieved the Gauge package, and proceeded to install on my 2000 Tourer. I took the time to review the instructions provided. I would like to mention they do look good, But I was a bit dissapointed to find that the housings were made of Plastic, and the lens were made of plastic as well. the directions were a little difficult to understand, but I was able to figure out after a few minutes. Wire harnes was superb and they did not skimp here. Cut to length wires were just right. Gauges have the plastic housing and the lens cover ring is held on by a ruberized cement. the lenses are a plastic material that is thin, I had hoped for glass. I an not sure if they will yellow over time. I think they may be able to be replaced with glass but it would have to be thin. I did notice there is a bit of a color difference in the face of one of the gauges compared to the others. Once I had everything hooked up. looked OK, but two of the gauges were partially lit. with a tap or two, the started to work properly. Overall summary. I was pleased with the sending units provided, and the wiring. The looks and idea are great. I was a bit dissapointed with the overall cost of the product when you consider the plastic housings and lenses. The Distributor in Canada was Very nice and the stay right on top of the shippers to make sure you get your package. A big Plus here for that!

trunk mutazu http://www.mutazu.com/ 9 Stan Pace 26390 11/16/07
Description: DB Black Trunk
Satisfaction: Just mounted it yesterday, but am pleased with the look and fit for the price.

Air Horns Rivco Horns na 10 PG-JR 17538 10/28/07
Description: Dual Air horns
Satisfaction: Very easy installation. Was able to do it without even jacking up bike. Sounds GREAT!

quick shift rattlebars rattlebars 10 OGGY 27812 10/13/07
Description: quick shift
Satisfaction: the only grip i have about it it the heal peg is far to long and when i stop at lights i smack mt ankel on it every time so have removed it and just use the bar untill i can locate a smaller replacement

Dragon Pak Exhaust Ernie Ernie Schuster 10 Sonny Brown 27423 10/06/07
Description: Ernie Schuster's Custom Pipes
Satisfaction: While on a trip to Ohio I dropped the pipes off to Ernie & picked them up on the way back. I waited till I was in the Ohio area to have them done. Boy, was the wait worth it. Ernie did a Superior Job & the Sound they produce is AWESOME! He also followed up by phone to make sure everything was ok. Thanks Ernie

Stretch Facemask Schampa Ignacio Co. 10 hopper 27940 10/01/07
Description: Wickable & breathable adjust to fit all by velcro.
Satisfaction: If you have a beard like I do this will keep the hair away from your glasses or goggles,tried others but this one is the best.

Rattlebars Drivers Foot Peg Relocation Kit Rattlebars www.rattlebars.com 10 Swubba 19961 09/26/07
Description: Lowers OEM pegs or aftermarket floorboards
Satisfaction: Excellent product. Shifter side is good quality chrome and brake side is black but hidden due to chrome brake cylinder cover. Installation fairly simple and took about 1 hour total. Brake side took the longest but not hard to figure out. Directions fairly clear but print blurry and photos not large enough. Drawings would be clearer and easier to understand. Best part is they work great. They lower about 1 inch and you can move your floorboards or OEM pegs forward about 3 inches. Doesn't sound like much but what a difference it makes on your riding position which is much better on my back and leg cramps after hours of riding. I am 6'2" with a 30 inch inseam and have Cobra floorboards. Now instead of my feet being elevated and somewhat directly under me I feel like I am sitting in a comfortable chair. Really can't say enough about this small but critical change for anyone with long legs. With floorboards in requires you to bend your kickstand peg down but it bends easily to clear the boards when the kickstand is down. I was nervous about that but I put a large wrench over it and leveraged it to bend it down instead of using a rubber mallet as the directions suggest. A pipe would probably work the best but I didn't have one. Ground clearance isn't too negatively affected either. Have tested it in some pretty good leans but have yet to drag the ground though I am sure I have probably gotten close. Stop being uncomfortable and order this product. Company pretty straight forward and product was received within 5 days.

Ultimate Lowboy Seat for Valkyrie Ultimate http://www.ultimateseats.ca/ 10 hubast 27922 09/26/07
Description: The Ultimate Lowrider mark 2 is a full 17" wide and will sit you 1" lower and in the same position to the handle bars as the stock bench if you're under 200 lbs. If your leg inseam measures 28" or more you will have both feet planted flat on the ground. We have designed our seat with a 6½" built in back support and an increased nose angle so you sit back into the seat and it prevents you sliding forward under braking. Our seats are a specially developed memory foam cushion. You won't believe how good this is.
Satisfaction: I knew I really needed a good seat when my lower back started to fatigue on long trip and quite frankly my ass hurt...so I finally took the plunge into a remarkable seat made by Ultimate. Not only did I get a much better and longer ride with no fatigue, but it changed the way my Valk feels to me because of the lower center of gravity... my bike is more responsive, and handles ALOT better with this seat installed.... and my ass is happy too. By far the best improvement ever on the Valk. I just dont see how I rode that long without one. You shouldnt be without it!

VRCC back rest plate Valkyrie Bling and More Big Mike from Valkyrie Bling & More. 10 Fudgie 7196 09/26/07
Description: Chrome back rest plate with the VRCC logo cut out.
Satisfaction: Excellant craftmanship and nice accessary to your back rest.

add-on gauges motosens motosens 9 pooh 12330 09/21/07
Description: classic fuel gauge and clock
Satisfaction: I ordered and installed the Motosens "classic" fuel gauge and clock on my 98 STD. The quality of the gauges is superb. They really match the look of the factory gauges. I also bought the chrome clamps used to mount the gauges to the handlebars. The clamps look great but the supplied hex screws don't match the holes in the gauges. I had to run to the hardware store for $1.50 worth of screws and rubber washers. The clamps are Formotion parts so they probably only fit their gauges. For $200, I would expect Motosens to supply the right hardware. The gauges are first-rate though.

Cobra Classic Floorboards BLV61640 Cobra Ebay $240.00 8 Swubba 19961 09/17/07
Description: Floorboards for Valkyrie to replace OEM pegs
Satisfaction: Really saves the bottoms of your feet on long hauls. Only issue is they elevate the riding position of your feet making shifting and overall position something to get use to. They are wider too which means you need to spread a bit further at a stop to put your feet down. Uncomfortable at first but getting use to it. Directions state to move shifter up 2 notches but not enough to get toe of boot under for easy shifting so I went 3 notches. Works on upshift but now downshift is manageable but awkward. Thinking of buying driver peg relocator kit by Rattlebars which will drop them an inch which would be perfect and I could go back to the suggested 2 tooth adjustment and all should work well. Rattlebars also makes a heel shifter for upshifts to work with it but will try the relocation mounts first. Overall, still better than having sore balls of my feet after long rides. Since longer, gives different positions for my legs too. Still worth the money. Too bad it couldn't be an all in one fix. I should mention though that I am 6'2" with a 30" inseam. Us big guys have to do what we can to find maximum comfort.

BlueAnt HS830 Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Blue Ant Ebay $230.00 for the pair 9 Swubba 19961 09/17/07
Description: Wireless solution for driver to passenger or bike to bike communicator. Also works as driver to cell phone for those that have a cell with bluetooth with voice activated dialing.
Satisfaction: Talk over your cell phone or talk to your passenger, even talk to another bike that also has an Interphone within 490 feet (150 metres). Wireless, water-resistant, windproof and removable and rechargeable BlueAnt Interphone Handsfree & Intercom can be used at up to 80mph and is compatible with all Bluetooth Cell Phones. Works well but suggest wind sheild on open face helmet to help cut down on excessive wind noise. Excellent solution for those that don't want all the wires like me. Opens up a whole new world for those that currently do not talk to their passenger as so much of the scenery can now be shared. Directly mounts to helmet full or open face. Easy to install. Volume is ample. Continuous talk time is about 4-5 hours and standby is up to 700 hours. Great product.

Air Horns Rivco Horns Direct 9 Paul 17538 07/29/07
Description: Dual hidden air horns for the Valkyrie Tourere
Satisfaction: Very good product. Easy installation even without a center stand or jack.

Cobra Floorboards Cobra na 10 Paladin 19178 07/24/07
Description: Cobra brand swept floorboards
Satisfaction: I bought the passenger ones first and were so impressed with their quality, ease of installation and good looks that I bought the front set as well. The instructions were clear although I had to adjust the controls again to fit my boots. Chrome is great and they are stunning on the bike.

Saddle bags B-B Reproductions www.bbreproductions.com 10 9321 07/18/07
Description: Classic 1950 - 1960 hard bubblebags. Great looking, old style, hard saddle bags.
Satisfaction: These bags were a real find for me. They look great. They are strong and don't rattle a bit. When the lid is unlocked the bag can be removed by pulling 4 pins and carried inside. Installation is a snap. They bolt right up to the rear fendor struts. (model specific mounts). They are not advertised as water proof but I road in the rain with no leaks. Richard is the guy to talk to. He will do whatever it takes to make you happy. I have the first set of bags mounted on a Valk and using my dimensions he custom made the brackets. They fit perfectly. Check out the web site and look for the Valkyrie under photo's. The price is right. Guess what, They are made in the USA.

all barnet i think dont know na Not Rated ammo 27280 07/18/07
Description: i have a custom trike and would like to know what is available for it like the wind guards that change air flow over the engine
Satisfaction: na

Kuryakyn Highway Pegs Kuryakyn Cyclemax, Valley City, Ohio 8 Klint 27643 07/08/07
Description: Ergo Tour with Dually ISO Pegs 4050. Valkyrie Highway pegs. Attach to the engine roll bar.
Satisfaction: Great pegs. The directions were terrible. I think these were designed for the Gold Wing, and the Valk was an afterthought. After some tinkering, I got them on and they work great. My calfs don't touch the valve covers at all. The change in riding position keeps me riding much longer.

Ultimate Seat The Ultimate Seat Company The Ultimate Seat Company 10 Keitho 24818 07/02/07
Description: Low Boy Ultimate Seat
Satisfaction: This seat is totally awesome. If you are in for a comfortable ride whether it is short distance or long distance ..................... this is the seat for you. Oh, I almost forgot. The looks are tremendous and the friendly service you get from Dez in second to none. I would rate them as a must to get for any Valkyrie as it was the best option I have purchased for my Interstate this far.

Sierra Valkyrie Interstate CD Kit Sierra Electronics (800-338-6938) Sierra Electronics 9 Paladin 19178 06/21/07
Description: 6 cd changer engineered and tailored for Interstate right saddlebag installation complete with sheathed protected driver terminal and wireless remote control.
Satisfaction: This product is wonderful! You cannot believe how much I enjoy hours of music without a commercial and without paying for "airwave usage". The installation instructions were clear but what you have to go through to get it installed is a bit combersome. Setting up the volume to match current radio volume is extremely easy. This product would be perfect except for two (livable) issues: 1. The cd changer periodically skips. Current read-ahead technology should prevent mishaps (but might be my suspension?!). 2. The cd changer ER2 faults on CDRs at power-up. Manufacturers should expect customers to use CDR copies.

Front Brake Pads - DP Brakes "HH" Rated DP Brakes Local Honda Dealer 7 Gryphon Rider 12631 06/21/07
Description: Front brake pads for Honda Valkyrie.
Satisfaction: My observations of DP Brakes front pads vs. OEM Honda pads: 1. Braking power under most conditions is equal or slightly better. 2. When brakes are wet and cold, i.e. first mile or so of riding, braking power is significantly diminished and thus requires a hard squeeze to get them to work. 3. Pad thickness seems to expand and contract as they heat and cool. When I first got on the bike after it had sat for a while, I had to squeeze the brake lever a couple of times to have the lever feel as firm as normal. I had assumed that I had gotten some air in my brake lines when changing the fluid, until I changed back to OEM pads withoud touching the fluid, and the problem disappeared. 4. Pad wear approximately equal or slightly better. 5. Cost slightly less. 6. Brake noise slightly more, but not annoyingly so. Overall impression: Decent pads to buy if your dealer can't bring in OEM pads in time for you.

Rivco Center Stand Rivco www.hondadirectlineusa.com 8 vanagon40 25851 06/20/07
Description: Center Stand--$310
Satisfaction: I love the center stand. Excellent product. Easy to install. I recommend to install the spring first and then use a wire tie (or similar) to hold the stand in the "up" (riding, not parked) position. I would have given a "10" rating but I had problems with the bumper stop bending and the stand hitting my exhaust. I replaced the thin metal bumper stop with a piece of angle iron and now have no problem. It is my understanding that Rivco is discontinuing the Valkyrie line of parts. I recommend buying a center stand before they are all gone. (As an aside, I find it extremely easy to park the bike on the center stand and do not use the grab rail. I am giving up my grab rails to buy highway pegs.)

Rivco Center Stand Rivco www.hondadirectlineusa.com 8 vanagon40 25851 06/20/07
Description: Center Stand
Satisfaction: I love the center stand. Excellent product. Easy to install. I recommend to install the spring first and then use a wire tie (or similar) to hold the stand in the "up" (riding, not parked) position. I would have given a "10" rating but I had problems with the bumper stop bending and the stand hitting my exhaust. I replaced the thin metal bumper stop with a piece of angle iron and now have no problem. It is my understanding that Rivco is discontinuing the Valkyrie line of parts. I recommend buying a center stand before they are all gone. (As an aside, I find it extremely easy to park the bike on the center stand an do not use the grab rail. I am giving up my grab rails to buy highway pegs.)

Airvent seat pad windtech Airvent website 10 ridgeman06 2466 06/15/07
Description: I had one of these on my 1800 Wing that I sold last year. I just bought one for my 98 tourer with the stock 2000+ seat. This is a well made breathable cushion that attaches to the seat with a shock chord that you lay under the seat first, then hook it onto the pad which pulls it downward. Very comfortable and will raise you up 1/2-3/4 inch also. Excellent quality. Two day shipping was nice too.
Satisfaction: Completely satisfied

Valkyrie Dragon Packs aka Valkyrie Dragon Exhaust Ernie Schuster, Valley City Ohio 216-215-4967 Ernie Schuster 10 Joseph 25532 06/14/07
Description: Chrome Truck Stacks with glasspacks
Satisfaction: Great Exhaust. Ernie provides excellent customer service. I live near him and had him install the exhaust. He also adjusted my carbs. My Valkyrie has never run better. Highly recommended. Great product for a reasonable price.

Dragon Exhaust Ernie Schuster Dragon Exhaust 10 Deal Maker 25193 05/28/07
Description: I also ordered both the 18" and 9" because I was unsure of the sound loudness and tone. The 18" are nice if you like a mellow note. They are not loud at idle and to me sound like a Valk with the baffles drilled out. The 9" are perfect for me and my wife and we ride two up. They have a deep tone and nice chop kind of sounds like you have a cam installed! Not very loud at all. It reminds me more of a throaty street-bike loudness that straight pipe loud. These are more like Rinehart loud than Vance & Hines loud. I am more than pleased with both and may order the 12" just for parade use:) Great investment and no regrets!
Satisfaction: Highly satisfied!

MC Cruise Control MC Cruise, Inc. www. mccruise.com 10 Mark Holbrook 16068 05/28/07
Description: Cruise control specifically designed for your individual motorcycle.
Satisfaction: NOt only is it a great product, but hte customer service is right out of a different age. The directions are step by step and terrific.

Cam Lock MADCo http://www.madcorider.com 10 vanagon40 25851 05/19/07
Description: Throttle Lock--$100
Satisfaction: Love it. Works great/Looks great. No problem with installation (about an hour). Used compressed air to get the throttle grip off. A little pricey at $100 for a friction throttle lock, but looks like it came with the bike--not a cheap aftermarket. Fast shipping from MADCo.

Memphis Shades Windshield Memphis Shades VRCC Classifieds 10 vanagon40 25851 05/18/07
Description: Aftermarket windshield--$125.00
Satisfaction: Until last year, I had not ridden a bike since about 1986, and that one was a Honda 360. Bought my 2001 Standard last summer and could barely see at speeds over 30 MPH–wind whipping around my bifocals. I’m too cheap to pay for prescription goggles, so I got a face shield for my 3/4 helmet. But I still found the wind to be deafening and beat me to death on the interstate. Got the Memphis Shades and I could not be happier. Much quieter at high speeds and the wind no longer beats on me. Got rid of the face shield and no more watery eyes. Easy to install (less than 2 hours for the initial installation). On and off in minutes (although I have not had it off since I got it). Looks good on the bike. I would note that the windshield looks identical to the stock Harley windshield on a 2007 Road King (the bike my boss just purchased). A special thanks to Bob from Arlington, Texas (a VRCC member). A bargain price (VRCC classifieds) and Bob refused my repeated offers to pay for shipping. My check and Bob’s windshield passed in the mail. Nice to know there is still a place in this world for mutual trust.

Blinker Buddy Blinker Buddy www.blinkerbuddy.com 10 Dave Salmons 24202 05/16/07
Description: Turn signal monitoring device that vibrates under the rider seat as the turn signals flash to alert the rider to turn off the turn signals after completing the turn.
Satisfaction: This product is outstanding in every way and is a great safety accessory. Jerry (the company owner) exceeded my customer service expectation and the installation process in my stock Valk Interstate seat was very simple using a Dremel tool with small cutter wheel. I am extremely satisfied with this safety accessory and will go so far as to say that for the sake of rider and passenger safety...all Valkyrie owners should install a Blinker Buddy on their bike.

Valkyrie DragonPacks Valkyrie Dragon Exhaust by Ernie Schuster ph. 330-220-7357 10 Tracy Harrison 26851 05/16/07
Description: 18" glasspaks w/ 36" down slash cut truck stacks AWESOME!!
Satisfaction: Aside from buying my Interstate, adding this outstanding exhaust system is the best choice I've made. Ernie is simply 'The Best'. The product is excellent quality, the sound is just what I was hoping for and just as he described and Ernie's service and advice exceeded any expectations I may have had. (And they were high because I'd read all of the great testimonials).I highly recommend this product. Thanks a million Ernie!!

EXHAUST DRAGON DIRECT 10 HFL_F6 27068 04/25/07

Saddle bags Boss Boss 10 ValkRascal 26998 04/09/07
Description: Excellent set of saddle bags
Satisfaction: I've had 3 different types of saddle bags and can say without hesitation that these are the best! QA bit pricy, but well worth. Perfect fit, won't sag, large & roomy. And they come with many variations to match the look of your Valk.

Cobra 6 into 6 Cobra 2nd hand 10 ValkRascal 26998 04/09/07
Description: Drag pipes
Satisfaction: I love these pipes! Sound is awesome. I've seen some reviews that say they are too loud but I don't think so. I ride with several HD owners in my local riding club and most of them are louder than the Valk.... but don't sound as good as the Valk with these pipes! Easy to install. I also put on the Cobra Carb kit. Very easy to install as well... took about 30 minutes. Mileage seems unchanged as does horse-power.

center stand Rivco HondaDirect 7 ValkRascal 26998 04/09/07
Description: Center stand for Valk
Satisfaction: Easy to install. I put the spring on before installing and used zip-tie to hold the stand open (per directions) and had no trouble. But be warned, if you have Cobra 6 into 6 pipes you will need to modify the pipes slightly for the stand to fit properly. Instructions for this were included with the stand. As for functionality, I couldn't be happier. Makes working on the Valk a walk in the park!

Rear shocks Progressive Viking Motorcycle (ridevmc.com) 10 Mark W. 25772 04/03/07
Description: Progressive 440-4213 Chrome shocks
Satisfaction: Adjustable pre-load by turning the upper part of th e shock. IAS (inertia active system) variable rate damping based on the shock speed actuates through the use spring mount balls that push closer to the oil orifice as the shock speed increases. IAS licensed from Edelbrock. These seem to give a much tighter ride than the stock springs. Phone support Very helpful in choosing the correct shock for my weight, passenger and accessory weight and riding style. Thorough description of the available shocks and features was given over the phone. I used the stock length shock, as shorter shocks mean a higher spring rate and a stiffer ride. Quality is very good. A bit sticky when first trying to adjust the pre-load.

fork spring Progressive Viking Motorcycle (ridevmc.com) 9 Mark W. 25772 04/03/07
Description: Progressive 11-1513 fork springs
Satisfaction: A little and seemingly a bit stiffer than the stock springs. Overall ride seems a bit tighter with these springs. No real instructions for installation provided.

LED light module NA Superbrightleds.com 10 Mark W. 25772 04/03/07
Description: 4 bulb LED light module
Satisfaction: 4 very bright LEDs in a plastic module with about 4' of provided wiring. Consistent in color over many modules. Easy to mount with double sided tape, or mounting holes in the module. Low amperage makes it possible to use them by tapping into existing lighting wires without worry of over-drawing circuits and blowing fuses. I've installed in hard bags and the trunk of my car - all work very well.

LED accessory light SBL Luxart Superbrightleds.com 8 Mark W. 25772 04/03/07
Description: LED module
Satisfaction: Nicely encased in plastic, mounted on strong aluminum plate, with about 6' of wiring. Very bright, good solution for engine lighting, bag lighting, etc. This gets an "8" only because 2 of the 6 LED modules I received were far different color than what I expected. The vendor offered to replace them... if I sent them back at my expense.

Luggage Rack Jardine Viking Motorcycle (ridevmc.com) 10 Mark W. 25772 04/03/07
Description: Sissy bar mounted luggage rack
Satisfaction: Deep, shiny chrome, strong mount. Label says it's rated for under 10 lbs. I put almost 100 lbs leaning on it (not riding!) to test. The only criticism is that one set of bolts is too short to engage the nylon in the provided nuts.

Light bar with lights Big Bike Parts Viking Motorcycle (ridevmc.com) 9 Mark W. 25772 04/03/07
Description: Billet aluminum light bar with lights, wiring, relay, etc.
Satisfaction: I gave this an "9" because the provided wiring that is provided with the lights should be long enough to reach into the headlight housing without having to make a connection. The aluminum, lights and chrome are all great. The adjustable position of the light bar allows use of the Hondaline windshield without modification.

Reservoir switch Kuryakyn Viking Motorcycle 10 Mark W. 25772 04/03/07
Description: Three switch reservoir cover.
Satisfaction: Love it. Nice chrome piece. The bottom plate of the switch replaces the OEM reservoir cover (either clutch or brake side). This makes it possible to remove the switch housing without removing the reservoir cover. There is just enough black sheath to cover the wiring that runs along the handlebar. If one tried hard enough, it might be possible to run the wire in the stock looms. I simply zip tied the sheath along the existing wiring. The LED lights in the rocker switches are just barely visible in daylight, and not too bright at night. The only drawback is that you have to take your hand off the bars and reach for the switches, but that is not Kuryakyn's fault.

trigger wheel na na 1 sadddletree 24684 04/01/07
Description: trigger wheel
Satisfaction: na

Motorcycle saddlebags and motorcycle luggage Viking Bags home 10 manamatrix 27078 03/29/07
Description: Viking Bags produces top quality motorcycle saddlebags and luggage
Satisfaction: Yes great bags

shocks na na Not Rated Goat 6523 03/29/07
Description: 440
Satisfaction: na

exhaust Ernie Schuster Ernie Schuster 9 David Massey 21497 03/23/07
Description: Dragonpacks
Satisfaction: Very satisfied. Ernie is very easy to work with, the pipes sound great, and were easy to install.

Motosens Gauges for Valkyrie Motosens http://www.motosens.com 10 Bill 23758 03/17/07
Description: Gauges for Valkyrie
Satisfaction: WOW, just what I was lookig for. Had to pay attention to the instructions. Took an afternoon, I purchased the Classic chrome; clock, oil pressure, temp and volt meter. (clocks pointer is a little different, otherwise matching in size) They look like they came with the bike. Amber Led maybe too intense at night but a variable resister fixed that. Looks great & works great. German Valk owner / engineer owns the company. Purchase the installation fittings and harness, study the site and a smooth installation.


Brakeaway Brakeaway www.hondadirectlineusa.com 9 757mech 25023 03/07/07
Description: Cruise Control $$184.95 Free Shipping.
Satisfaction: High Qualty Manufactured. Installation takes patience and some to lots of rigging. Instuctions are not very clear with the pictures. But once everything is installed and rigged, It works great. and looks good.

Brakeaway Brakeaway www.hondadirectlineusa.com 9 757mech 25023 03/07/07
Description: Cruise Control $$184.95 Free Shipping.
Satisfaction: High Qualty Manufactured. Installation takes patience and some to lots of rigging. Instuctions are not very clear with the pictures. But once everything is installed and rigged, It works great. and looks good.

Windscreen/sheild Honda www.motorcitypowersports.com 10 757mech 25023 03/07/07
Description: (P/N:08r80-mz0-100)
Satisfaction: I had Memphis Shades Windsheild. Installed the Honda windsheild. Hands down 10 time better. No turberlance etc. Must have, Well worth the $456.

Rivco Center Stand RIVCO Honda directline 10 Iggy 26581 02/18/07
Description: Great product but a pain in the neck to install. I did not jack up the bike, just had a buddy hold it upright. I first installed it and then tried to attach the spring. Big mistake... Installing it before hooking up the spring is no problem, however hooking up the spring afterward is virtually impossible. I had to take it off again attach the spring and then reinstall it. The problem with the spring on is that it applies torsion on the end which bolts onto the existing sidestand bracket bolt. In order to compensate I jammed a wrench between the two spring attachments to hold the spring apart. I also used a car jack to apply pressure on the bottom of the centerstand bracket to line up the bolt with the attachment point.
Satisfaction: Very useful product for maintenance and for plugging a tire. I do think the stand points could have been a little wider to increase stability. I had a ST1300 and felt it was more stable on its centerstand

Backrest UTOPIA UTOPIA.COM 10 Santa 22023 02/03/07
Description: Utopia backrest for Valk STD
Satisfaction: Great quality,shipped when they said it would be. Only took 10 min. to install easy as can be to put on my STD. Great adjustments front back and up and down. would buy again paid $180. with shipping

luggage rack ? j.c. whitney Not Rated little dennis 25896 01/20/07
Description: chrome luggage rack for interstate trunk
Satisfaction: the shape and size were excellent but all the weld joints rusted in a matter of weeks.

seat corbin valkyrie store 2 mike zubal 23350 01/19/07
Description: 4-piece leather seats w/ backrests
Satisfaction: First the good news, these seats are beautiful. Butt, beauty is only skin deep! I got the basic "you just need to let it break-in" speech from Corbin. Well it's been 3 years and 20k miles, this seat is 200% better than stock, but still uncomfortable after one hour.Using "Bead Riders" (purchased @2005 Honda Hoot) helped a lot on longer rides.

Dragon Stack Exhausts Ernie Schuster at Ernie's garage 10 Tim Powell 26654 01/03/07
Description: I had looked far and wide at all the options available for aftermarket pipes for my '99 Valk standard. I finally saw and heard the ones I really wanted while attending the '06 Honda Hoot and VOAI Ride-In in Tenn. They were the 36"x4" Dragon Stacks on a Valk from Mich.. I later talked to Ernie, and he installed a set for me at his garage. Ernie was great to deal with- honest, knowledgeable, courteous and professional (plus he also shared his lunch with me). After listening to the louder 12" paks, I chose the 18" ones for 2-up, long-distance touring. This combo was exactly what I wanted. Great looks, high quality, awesome (but not annoying) sound and better performance. The 130 mi. ride home seemed way shorter than the ride over-sooo much more fun! And Ernie cares enough about customer satisfaction that he has called a couple of times to follow-up with me. Thanks Ernie!
Satisfaction: Completely satisfied with the looks, quality, sound and performance of the exhaust system. Also, perfectly satisfied dealing with and working with Ernie Schuster.

Dragon Stacks Erinie (Dragon Exhaust) Schuster Dragon Exhausts 9 Bullkamm 26644 12/31/06
Description: 36" Slash cut Dragon Stacks, 9" Dragon Paks
Satisfaction: Excellent exhausts, if your looking for a truley unique sounding exhaust. I was looking for a set of real screamers, but these pipes don't scream they Roar. Great looking, very easy instalation and stacks are replaceable to change sound. Ernie does quality work, with step by step communication through out the whle process.

Tank Panel The Heritage Saddlebag Co. Heritage Saddlebag Co. BC. Canada Not Rated Beck 24287 12/28/06
Description: Thick leather with velcro gas cap cover, plus large pocket, super easy to install .. gets rid of that gas cap reflection in the windsheild.
Satisfaction: I got it for Christmas so I haven't been on the road with it yet, But sure looks good on it :)

Formotion clock Formotion Formotion.com 1 jonmako 22927 12/16/06
Description: Small white faced clock with handle bar mount
Satisfaction: Listed as built to last a lifetime but the hands vibrated off with only 3000 miles of use

tank panel Iron Horse Accessories International (internet) 10 Stan 26390 11/12/06
Description: Description: Two pocket leather tank panel with braded edge. Thick leather. Two small pockets, one ideal for glasses plus another for cell phone.
Satisfaction: Great Fit and easy to install.

Luggage rack Hondaline Direct Line, Inc (internet) 10 Stan 26390 11/12/06
Description: Luggage Rack for Valkyrie
Satisfaction: Excellent

Valkyrie Dragon Exhaust ValkyrieDragonExhaust by Ernie Schuster valkyriedragonexhaust@yahoo.com 10 fantsybikr 26284 10/26/06
Description: Custom glass pack exhaust with chrome stacks
Satisfaction: This is the best addition to my bike, the look is super and the sound is awsome! This is the way the Dragon should have from the start. There is no way anyone should be riding around with factory exhaust with this upgrade available. I have slash cut pipes with the slash out and it really sets off my standard, I love it! I was showin off when I met up with a pack of crockrockets at a four way, I dont think they had any idea what a Dragon could do, they came looking to see what beast I was riding! These pipes are totally worth the price and more! I think they are far superior to the Cobra 6x6, The dont blue and the sound is so much better! I have the 9 inch packs and slightly modified baffles it sounds great with the baffles and totally radical without them wont have to back down from and noisy Harleys with these babies. Get the Dragon in it power band and these things sing like a sweet V8. What ever you have throw them away and get these!!! Good riding!

Mild2Wild Gasspack Exaust Horseapple Ranch Enterprises na 10 ROD 12481 10/19/06
Description: Mild2Wild glasspack exaust with trombones and silencers.
Satisfaction: Top notch exaust system. I ordered his complete package and it enables me to go from harley hunting sound all the way down to silencers for the long tours. I have a 1999 Intersstate and the 38" slash cuts looks great. Installation instructions were complete and went together the way he described. No nasty blueing, no rejetting and you can tune the sound to how you like. don't waste your money on Cobra pipes!! You can get more info on his site at www.horseapple.com

1800 Wing Chrome Levers (for Valkyrie) Kuryakyn Hondaline 10 Loghousenut 23699 09/15/06
Description: Adjustable chrome clutch and brake levers for the Valkyrie.
Satisfaction: I HATED the stock levers! Clutch release point was too far out and I HATED the black oxide that they left on my fingers. I suppose I coulda clearcoated the stock levers but the engagement point of the clutch woulda still been at the wrong point. I tried these levers and they are AWESOME! Much wider than stock and ADJUSTABLE! Had to do a small mod to make them fit the Valk (Hacksaw one invisable piece off of one lever) but ended up with 100% satisfaction level. Only thing that coulda made them better is if they gave them away for free. Omly one problem. A friend of mine just bought his first Valk and I owed him a favor. I snuck my chromed levers on to his Black Valk and now am waiting for my new ones.

Carolina Leather Works - DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM! na Carolina Leather Works of Fleetwood NC 1 James 22695 08/30/06
Description: Ordered a pair of riding boots from them because of good price and they offered free shipping within 24 hours of order. After a month, they cancelled the order rather than deliver! Complaint is on Carolina Leather Works
Satisfaction: Here is the summation of our communications. You can determine the rest :-) ----- Original Message ----- From: James R To: sales@carolinaleatherworks.com Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 9:56 AM Subject: Recent order follow up Order Date: 08/08/06 Order Number: carolinaleatherworks-147XX Shipping Method: UPS Ground Residential Can you tell me if my order has in fact been shipped yet? From: Cranberry Wood/ Carolina Leather Works [mailto:sales@cranberrywoodworks.com] Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 10:16 AM To: James R Subject: Re: Recent order follow up It has not shipped. The size XX are on a truck coming from Charleston, S.C. I'm not shure how long it will take to get them here and unloaded. Pete ----- Original Message ----- From: James R To: 'Cranberry Wood/ Carolina Leather Works' Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 1:47 PM Subject: RE: Recent order follow up Keep me posted please. From: Cranberry Wood/ Carolina Leather Works [mailto:sales@cranberrywoodworks.com] Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 2:02 PM To: James R Subject: Re: Recent order follow up OK - they should be in in a day or so Pete Email I sent on 8/29/2006 to Pete: How about putting out an All Points Bulletin out on the truck that has my shoes on it…and find out where they are. Tomorrow makes TWENTY-TWO days with no shipping of my boots. I need the boots, that’s why I ordered them. Here are your options: 1. Ship them this week (That would be the option I prefer and insures a repeat customer and good press.) 2. Apply a reasonable discount or ship using a 2-day maximum ship method to compensate me for my aggravation if the boots continue to be delayed. (That would be an option to soothe me and to prevent me from expressing negative comments to all my riding friends on the bike message boards that I constantly post to, about this company failing to ship my order in a timely manner that I paid for with my hard earned money immediately and of my resulting aggravation. I can get real long-winded when I complain…) 3. Refund my money so I can do business with an outfit that can actually deliver the product ordered. (Free shipping means nothing when the item does not get shipped! Sorry, but negative comments are a guarantee with this option so that my buddies do not chance suffering through the same frustrations with the company as I have.) Please advise me what option you choose to exercise no later than September 6th. I figure that a month has been plenty of time to produce. Otherwise, we’ll need to exercise option #3 right away. Jim R From: Cranberry Wood/ Carolina Leather Works [mailto:sales@cranberrywoodworks.com] Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 9:15 AM To: James R Subject: Re: Recent order follow up I have cancelled your order 14760 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Folks this is PI$$-POOR customer service! I am following through with my promise to warn others to STAY AWAY from Carolina Leather Works of Fleetwood, NC. I have wasted a month waiting to get a pair of riding boots that apparently were never on 'the truck'. Spend your hard-earned dollar elsewhere!

Seat Ultimate IZ 6 10 Geezer 18610 08/25/06
Description: Ultimate Big Boy King riders seat and pass seat.
Satisfaction: AAAhhhh. Distance is no longer an issue. Same for passenger.

Boogie lights na na 10 sixpax 4370 08/18/06
Description: I have the NEON kit "Boogie lights"
Satisfaction: Bought this bike used and the lights(neon) quit last summer. Well I remember the guy who sold it to me said they were Boogie lights. Low and behold while in Rapid City HD dealer at Sturgis rally last week I happened upon a company by this name and they said the bike was in their computer and they'd have a look. 20 minute later the lights worked and I was all smiles when they said NO CHARGE, I would have expected to pay 50.00+ Hats off to the Boogie Lights crew and company...:)

Radiator Side Air Deflectors Hondaine VRCC Classifieds (NIB) 8 Max 2941 2941 08/04/06
Description: Air deflectors for I/S that help pods direct radiator heat.
Satisfaction: Satisfaction: The install is not for the faint of heart! It involves cutting a couple of slots and drilling a couple of holes in the inside face of each I/S pod. The instructions are pretty minimal (but you can figure it out if you take your time). My legs are much cooler (and in this heat, that's quite an endorsement!). They act as an extension of the pods- forcing the hot radiator exhaust further out, away from the legs. I've reached over and touched the outer edge while riding and you can definitely tell. I imagine they'll also be nice in cooler weather to deflect hotter air in. They blend in nicely with the lines of the I/S (I never cared for the looks of the Baker wings!) Glad I got em!

Radiator Side Wind Deflecor Hondaline VRCC Classifieds (NIB) 8 Max 2941 2941 08/04/06
Description: Air deflectors that attach to an I/S radiator pod. They help direct the hot air coming from the radiator.
Satisfaction: The install is not for the faint of heart! It involves cutting a couple of slots and drilling a couple of holes in the inside face of each I/S pod. The instructions are pretty minimal (but you can figure it out if you take your time). My legs are much cooler (and in this heat, that's quite an endorsement!). They act as an extension of the pods- forcing the hot radiator exhaust further out, away from the legs. I've reached over and touched the outer edge while riding and you can definitely tell. I can imagine they'll also be nice in cooler weather to deflect hotter air in. They blend in nicely with the lines of the I/S (I never cared for the looks of the Baker wings!) Glad I got em!

Dragon Packs & Stacks Dragon Exhaust - Ernie Schuster, Valley City, OH Ordered direct 10 TrickRick 24223 07/28/06
Description: Modified stock head pipes, 12" and 18" flo-thru glaspaks, and chrome 4" stacks. Got 'em on both my Valks.
Satisfaction: Increased performance without need to re-jet. Excellent workmanship and quality of chrome and fasteners. A class act and a good guy.

Dragon Head Radiator Grille and Carb Covers Waynes World Ordered direct from Wayne's World 10 TrickRick 24223 07/28/06
Description: Radiator grille self-explanatory; carb covers cover up the unsightly rear ends of the #5 and 6 carbs
Satisfaction: Fully satisfied. Fit and finish are as good as they can be. Great "theme" dress-up for my dragon. Plan to get the side plates to match.

Dragon pack exhaust Ernie Schuster na Not Rated Tumbleweed 18190 07/25/06
Description: Valk exhaust
Satisfaction: I want to BUY a set from him ??? How can I get in touch with him ????!!!

Lightbar Big Bike Parts Honda Direct Line 10 delucaj 20210 07/25/06
Description: Really superior quality lightbar. Chrome is flawless. Looks terrific on the bike. Real beefy appearance. Price is a great value compared to some other manufacturers. Instructions are really just a diagram, but for anyone with some experience will not be a problem. Adjustable mounting allows use of Hondaline windshield, and with slight modification to windshield bracket this can be made removeable in about two minutes. Highly recommended!
Satisfaction: Estatic

Cobra 6 X 6 pipes na na 8 Van 25850 07/05/06
Description: Installation was not all that hard and I did the recommended carb kit at the same time.
Satisfaction: Improved throttle response and sounds like a nasty european muscle car. Throaty at all rpm ranges but when you twist it up... it is nasty LOUD. I may wrap the baffles with some glass pack material to take some of the loud out of it.


Dragon Pack Exhaust Ernie Schuster of Dragon Pack Exhaust Read above, Knucklehead 10 Darren in KC 20470 05/17/06
Description: 36" Slash Cut with 12" Glass Paks
Satisfaction: I have heard and seen some Valks with aftermarket pipes or various mods. I didn't care for any of them. I researched Ernies product and emailed him. He called the next day and told me what he could do for my 03" Standard... and the price was reasonable. Long story short. Had my pipes modified with about a week turn-around from here in Kansas City to Ohio and back. The pipes arrived in easy to assemble pieces with thorough instructions. They fit perfectly. They look great. And most of all they sound great! It nice to be able to ride my Valk and be able to not only hear that massive engine, but also feel it! I have done some nice customizations to my bike and am always being asked about it. Then the question always come up.. "Start it up!" I always hated that because they always expected a "ballsy" sound. Not some puttering Yugo! Now when asked to fire her up, I don't hestitate. The Dragon Packs give the distinct sound the Valk has always needed. So if you are looking at some balls for your Valk... give Ernie Schuster a call and he'll set you up ala carte!

Exhaust Ernie Schuster Ernie Schuster (valkriedragonexhaust@yahoo.com) 10 valkrider00 25512 05/07/06
Description: Dragon Packs Exhaust 30" Slash down 9" glass pack
Satisfaction: RELEASE the DRAGON !!! Chalk another one up to Ernie. Very Satisfied! Great customer service. The Dragon Packs were very easy to install (I'm not much of a mechanic) there are couple of notes; 1. remove your engine guard prior to starting. 2. remove the left footpeg, prior to starting left side. The only regret I have is I didn’t make the change sooner! Nice Deep GROWL ! Yea the Harley Riders still give me crap (my wife included) but its just crap. LOL RIDE ON!!!

Dragon Stacks Exaust Dragon Exaust na 10 Danny 25469 05/01/06
Description: 36" slash cut with 9" packs
Satisfaction: Very satisfied the sound is awesome the quality is excellent Ernie is great to work with he calls to see how installation went. My wife said they sound awesome also I would recommend these to anyone how wants a great sounding exaust and a good quality exaust Ernie is a great person to work with .

Dragon Packs Exhaust Ernie Schuster Ernie Schuster [valkyriedragonexhaust@yahoo.com] 10 DaveD 14073 04/29/06
Description: 36" Slashdowns with 12" glasspack
Satisfaction: I decided to call Ernie based on the reviews his exhaust system received on this message board. I'm glad I did, because now my 99 Interstate is no longer a tame kitten but a fire breathing MONSTER. The 12" packs make it sound more like a pro stock dragster or an Italian sportscar. Best mod I did to date without a doubt. Ernie's customer service is great, he called to see if I had any problems and installation was a snap. Highly reccommend. I'll be in Baldwin, MI Blessing of the Bikes this May (every May) if you see me there you can hear them.

corbin seat Corbin Ebay 4 Ken 24830 04/22/06
Description: Corbin two piece seat with backrest for cruiser
Satisfaction: Seat looks great , slopes forward too much, Backrest too far back to be very useful , not adjustable , Poor customer support, Sure glad I didn't buy it new.

Dragon pack exhaust Ernie Schuster Ernie Schuster 10 Allibaba 24287 04/22/06
Description: 40 " 4" straight stacks w/ 18" glass packs, they have a sound like a sports type car with a comfortable rumble......I like it!!
Satisfaction: Very satisified, fit and product second to none, instructions easy to follow . Ernie is very accomodating and is willing to help if needed..

Rattlebar kick shifter Rattlebar na 10 Allibaba 24287 04/22/06
Description: I use this with the Rattlebar peg lowering kit and it sure makes a bif difference... no more missed shifts, easier in the toe...very pleased
Satisfaction: EXCELLENT

Dragon Pack Exhaust Ernie Schuster Honda Direct Line Website 6 THEAIR 23585 04/19/06
Description: 36'' Straight Stacks with 18'' Dragon Paks
Satisfaction: I had a 1997 Valk with Cobra 6 into 6 pipes on it; I just liked the look of them vs stock pipes. The 6 into 6 pipes had a good low growl sound to them and for me a perfect sound w/o the baffles in not being excessively loud. Unfortunately, the Cobra 6 into 6 pipes took away 5/6 hp from the bike ( my fault for not better research - didn't think any exhaust pipes would decrease hp, live & learn). Looking on the Honda Direct Line website (where I buy my parts/accessories) under Exhaust, I saw the Dragon Packs and called Ernie. He gave me the phone # of a person in another state who had bought his pipes with the 18'' Dragon Paks; I called the guy and he liked his DP 18'' Pak pipes & he said the sound was a bit loud for him, but bearable (I listened to the sound of his bike idling over the phone, not the best, but all I had. I did not want to get the 12'' Paks for fear of them being too loud and sounding like a dragracer). I ordered the DP pipes with 18'' paks and Ernie was very workable and communicated well during the whole process. Got the pipes installed and also put on a Lamonster 6 degree trigger wheel at the same time. POSITIVE 1 - The 36'' Straight Dragon Stacks really add depth and are impressive looking, well pleased with the quality workmanship! 2 - The bike is now full of zip, especially the low end is lighter and on a short 90 mile test trip, I have picked-up 2 mpg when on the interstate ( 32 mpg 70 mph 3000 rpm ). How much increase of hp & gas milage is due to A) The 6 into 6 pipes off. B) The Dragon Packs on the bike. C) The 6 degree Trigger Wheel --- I can't say, but the hp is back & I am getting better milage! Negative - I have to say, concerning my bike, I am disappointed with the sound of the 18'' Dragon Paks. At idle, they are less sounding than the Cobra 6 into 6 pipes and when riding thru town, 35mph, they are very timid/quiet; in my opinion for my bike, the 18'' Paks are NOT 3 - 4 times louder than stock. Get stopped next to a Harley at a red light and you cannot hear the 18'' DP. 2 - On the interstate at 70 mph the pipes have a low hum, but no growl or bite as I had anticipated. I realize everyone hears sounds differently and I am just passing along my viewpoint. From reading remarks on the VRCC many DP 18'' Pak riders are extremely pleased with their pipes -- I really like the look, but had hoped the DP 18'' Paks sound would be at least equal to the Cobra 6 into 6 pipes or a bit louder.

Badlands Illuminator Badlands Badlands 10 NoWill 20507 04/19/06
Description: Turns the OEM tail lights into running / brake/ turn lights (must replace the amber lenses with red)
Satisfaction: Completely!!! very well written directions and easy to install. Mine went under the seat and accessed the wiring at the clear boot under the right side cover.

Dragon exhaust Dragon exhaust (Ernie Shuster) Ernie Shuster (valkyriedragonexhaust@yahoo.com) 10 John Peebles 23385 04/18/06
Description: Had the dragon exhaust installed by Ernie Shuster along with some other work and I am very satisfied. His quality of workmanship is superb. Very fair pricing and the pipes sound great.
Satisfaction: Very satisfied

Exhaust Valkyrie Dragon Exhaust Ernie Schuster [valkyriedragonexhaust@yahoo.com] 10 Keith Miller 22506 04/15/06
Description: 40" straight cut stacks with 12" packs
Satisfaction: WOW!! These are awesome! I had Cobra 6 into 6 pipes on my 2000 Valkyrie Interstate when I bought it used. The Cobra pipes sounded good (much better than other stock pipes I heard), but I really liked the look of the dragon pipes on the bikes posted on Ernie's web site. Once I installed them, I saw how cool they look on MY bike. Then I started it up and couldn’t believe the sound coming out of these pipes; a nice deep, throaty, growl. Much better than the sound of the Cobras I had on before. I highly recommend these pipes to anyone. Service from Ernie was fantastic; he called to see if I had any problems installing the pipes and was genuinely interested in my satisfaction of his product. If you live somewhere in the Pacific Northwest (WA, OR, ID) and want to hear these, drop me an email because I may, on a ride sometime, be passing through your town. Keith Miller keith.miller@charter.net

Custom Pipes Dragon Exhaust Vally City ,Ohio 10 george 25342 04/11/06
Description: Custom exhaust pipes for Valkyrie's
Satisfaction: Dragon Exhaust pipes are by far the best set of pipes out there for Valkyrie motorcycles. By using your stock pipes and customizing them the look and the sound you would think only Honda could achieve. Since the purchase of my pipes many people comment on the look 4" stacks a couple of inches past my hard bags gives a look not hard to miss. With many choices of sound you can even fine tune it to your liking, I have a couple of different sets depending on the mood that day, it only takes a few minutes to go from mild to "CRAZY".I think all Valkyrie owners should own a set of these great pipes. Thanks Dragon Exhaust

Leather chaps Fox Creek Leather na 10 Geezer 18610 04/07/06
Description: leather chaps
Satisfaction: Fit, Finish and craftsmanship all top notch!!

Exhaust Dragon Pack Exhaust Ernie Schuster 10 Ron 25084 04/04/06
Description: 38" stacks with 12" and 18" packs on a 99 Touring
Satisfaction: Product and service was excellant. Ernie uses stock headers and adds on 4" truck stacks that are easy to install and remove depending on the pack you put in. Both 12" and 18" packs sound great. The 12" pack has a crisper sound, and the 18" pack has a softer/quieter sound. Everybody that has heard the pipes are totally impressed and can not believe the sound that is coming from the bike. The 38" straight cuts look great and that extra 2" past the bags realy shows off the pipes. Ernie is great to deal with and like others have said before "service & product exceed expectation" Best modification I have done and I would highly recommend this product.

Venom R, 418 Progressive Shocks and front springs Avon and Progressive Shocks Honda of Tulsa 10 quirkyguy001 24196 04/01/06
Description: Left the Dark Side
Satisfaction: Time to put new rubber on the front and rear. The Dark Side was just fine for tire wear and expense, but you can't compare the handling when you get aggressive with your riding. Plus my insurance agent said it could bite me on the butt if I had an accident. Was totally blown away with the 418's on the rear and the new front springs. Wish I had changed them earlier. Bought everything at the dealership. They were pretty fair on the price. Wish I had the time to do the work myself

Clearview Windshield Clearview Shields Clearview Shields 9 Airetime VSSS 13720 03/24/06
Description: Alternative to the pricey Hondaline shield
Satisfaction: UPS delivered the new style Clearview Windshield for my Valkyrie the other day. I had removed the turn signals when I installed the Kuryakyn LED Turn Signal Mirrors with Arlen Ness Halogen strips. This was the first production shield that is specifically designed without the cutouts for the stock turn signals. I had spoken with John at Clearview about making a custom shield without the cutouts. John mentioned that Clearview had been getting other inquires about making them without the cutouts so they decided to start making them. Asked if I wanted to be first to try the new design and of course, I said I would. The first thing you notice taking it out of the box was that the shield is twice as thick as the OE shield, heavier in weight but contoured similar to the original Hondaline but not exactly the same. I had already removed the original shield and cleaned the hardware and bolts in preparation for the exchange. One note here is the bolts will fit, “if” you don’t mix them up as some bolts are longer than others for good reason. Some are tight, but fit. The original Hondaline shield was shortened a bit as I am 5’10” and I have a Corbin seat, which is about an inch lower than stock. I ordered the 19” Clearview, about the same height as my old one. Once installed and sitting behind the shield, I can see over the top, yet I am able to duck my head down a little to avoid things such as road debris, rain or hail. There is very little distortion in the material, so looking through it isn’t a distraction. Like most Riders, I am always concerned with excess buffeting, but there was even less than before. There appears to be a little less noise as well, I don’t know why, but this shield does not seem to magnify the wheel and wind noise as much as before. Perhaps it’s because of the increased thickness or that there is more area covered with no turn signal cut-outs? Whatever it is, every little reduction of wind and noise is appreciated. Quality construction throughout should make these shields last a long time. The shield does not come with the Lexan coating, therefore polishing out light surface scratches is possible, something that couldn’t be done with the Hondaline shield. Clearview makes them the way you want and you have a choice of heights, width and tint depending on your needs and the size of your wallet. This one was the 19 inch clear and cost me about $163.00 (2005 prices). If you order this new design, you must tell them that you do NOT want the stock cutouts done. No extra costs now. Overall assembly took about 15-20 minutes. My overall impression is positive. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give it a 9. Good Work Clearview! To reach Clearview… Clearview Shields 303-838-0886 800-798-6089 info@clearviewshields.com Note: Not employed by nor associated with Clearview Shields. You results may vary. This review was based on my opinion and your opinion may differ, but I doubt it. http://www.valkyrieforum.com/forum/general.cgi?read=825485 6611828039

Mark T's Highlighter Mark T Mark T 10 William 24472 03/20/06
Description: "V" design LED running and brake light insert for the backplate
Satisfaction: Greatly increased rear visibility at eye level for cagers. Looks like it should have come on the bike. Easy install. I inadverdently blew out a diode and contacted Mark. He immediately sent a full replacement. Great service. Reasonable price. I love it.

Battery Conditioner PulseTech Mail order 10 Manco 2310 03/02/06
Description: Battery charger/conditioner uses pulsating electrical current to remove sulfation from plates in automotive battery. 1.5 amp low charge rate and reconditioning of old battery has now restored my five+ year-old battery to new condition. At $69.00 it really beat the cost of replacing the older battery.
Satisfaction: Extremely satisfied. Well made, worked as advvertised, installs easily, and saved me the cost of a new battery.

Battery Conditioner PulseTech Mail order 10 Manco 2310 03/02/06
Description: Battery charger/conditioner uses oulsing electrical current to remove sulfation from plates in automotive battery. 1.5 amp low charge rate and reconditioning of old battery has now restored my five+ year-old battery to new condition. At $69.00 it really beat the cost of replacing the older battery.
Satisfaction: Extremely satisfied. Well made, worked as advvertised, installs easily, and saved me the cost of a new battery.

Windshield Tri Pouch J&M Corp Ebay 9 Bill 24472 02/23/06
Description: Black Vinyl Tri pouch w/2 larger outer pockets & velcro closures.
Satisfaction: Fit perfectly, does not block gauges, perfect size pouches for glasses etc., very convenient. I previously tried the Hopnel tri pouch which is leather and very attractive. But it was a poor fit and poorly designed. It blocked the gauges and was very difficult to install. This J&M would be better looking if it were leather. but the vinyl is not unattractive. It also allowed me to keep my Formotion clock & thermometer mounted below it between the speedo & tach. The design is the best that I have seen. I paid a premium price for it because they are hard to find but it was worth it.

Works Shocks Works Performance Products Direct 10 Curmudgeon 10302 02/01/06
Description: Gas heavy duty adjustable rear Shocks
Satisfaction: After 2000 miles (2 distance trips) Coulden't be happier. Eqasy adjustment just move the lever on the shocks for 1 or 2 up configuration. Great chroming. Great riding with 1 or 2 up. Called them and gave weights of driver & passenger they set up shocks for our weights. They then called to make sure I was happy. Easy install!

Excellent Customer service by Metric Thunder! na www.metricthunder.com 10 sgt236 22695 01/25/06
Description: www.metricthunder.com On Christmas Eve 2004, I placed an online order for a Kuyakyn brake pedal pad and a pack of those little locks for vest pins. Now, it's like 4:59p on Christmas Eve and as soon as I hit the send order button, I realized I needed to have ordered TWO packs of the pin locks. I dialed their tollfree number hoping to leave a message that someone might here before they shipped the goodies. A PERSON ACTUALLY ANSWERED! Not only did they correct the order,but they refused to charge me for the extra pack of pin locks! They just said, "Merry Christmas!" It does not stop there...read on: OVER ONE YEAR LATER on January 19, 2006, I rode my Valkyrie down to Fort Lauderdale. I had noted that the brake pedal pad felt odd and when I was cleaning up the bike, I found that the larger rubber insert had fallen off of the pad. I decided to go back through my receipts and see if I could gain some sort of satisfaction from the seller. (My cob-webbed brain was thinking I had only had the pad a few months...) I located the receipt from Metric Thunder dated December 24, 2004. I sent an email explaining the issue and asking for a replacement or a refund, fully expecting that I'd get the standard, "ARE YOU CRAZY?" response, if any response at all. To my pleasant surprise, I received a response within an hour! Here is the correspondence I received: Hi Jim, We have already arranged for Kuyakyn to drop ship a replacement pad directly to you. Just so we are clear... The part is well over a year old and no manufacturer will warranty a part for that long You did not pay retail for the part because we don't sell anything on our site at retail, we are a discounter An Ebay seller would not resolve your situation Virtually no other retailer or online store would either, that is what sets Metric Thunder apart from the rest, we stand behind what we do Any part that is used as frequently as a brake pedal is subject to wear and tear We appreciate your business, Bob Osias Metric Thunder - Motorcycle Parts & Accessories 866.744.7900 www.metricthunder.com
Satisfaction: Product is fine. Customer service is THE BEST!

LED LIGHTS Swint LED Lights direct from www.swintledlights.com 10 The General 10943 01/21/06
Description: easy to install bright LED light kits in 9 colors
Satisfaction: I saw an ad in the back of my ROADBIKE magizine for these light kits. I'd been wanting to ligfht the lady up so I thought I'd try them. The price was right for what they were offering so I went to their site. They had a holidy special offering 12 lights instead of the 10 for the same price. The business owner , Jerry, contacted me by e-mail thanking me for my order and informing me that he was in short supply of the extra lights he was offering in the "holiday special" so instead he was sending me a total of 15 lights and extra extentions and connectors at that price. I live in Florida and I received my kit from California, where they are based, in a few short days. The "SWINT SPINE" made it easy to place the lights on the Valk in a darkened garage until I got just the right effect. the peel and stick adhesive is top shelf (use masking tape to hold them while you're deciding where to stick em). The LEDs throw a brite light causing a nice overall glow (I chose purple). As soon as I figure out how to post pictures I'll put them in photo stash

Dragon Packs Exhaust Ernie Schuster Ernie Schuster Valley City, Ohio 10 steve smith 24506 01/20/06
Description: 36" straight cuts with 12" Packs
Satisfaction: Awesome sounding pipes for the Valk. Lets the SOUND of the Valk match the SIZE of it. I recommend these pipes for everyonr with a valk. Ernie will "Prep" wour originals to accept the Dragon Packs and send them to you. Detailed instructions are included and no hassles involved in installing. Not only is Ernie a great guy to work with, he called me a few days after I picked them up (I live near-by) and wanted to make sure I did not have any trouble with the installation. You just dont get service like that these days! I will be taking the Valk to him in the spring for a carb Sync. will keep you posted on that as well.

Avon Venom "R" Tires Avon mawonline.com 10 Swubba 19961 01/11/06
Description: Upgraded tires from stock Dunflops.
Satisfaction: After much research I went with the Avon Venom "R" tires. I own the 2003 basic Valkyrie which came with the Dunflops. As I am sure everyone knows the stock Dunlops wear quickly even if proper tire pressure is maintained. My rear tire started to show a flat spot at 2500 miles and was really showing wear by 5000 miles. I took it on the chin and purchased the Avons hearing great things about the performance and the milage benifit you can get out of them. Regardless of the milage benifit, the handling is very much improved so that in itself is enough reason to switch to these tires. I have noticed a slight increase in gas milage as well. I now have about 4000 miles on them and little if any sign of wear. I bought mine online for about $300 for both front and back including shipping. A freind helped me put them on since the local Honda dealer wouldn't put them on unless I bought the tires from them. Some kind of insurance policy or something which is really BS. Well, they wanted $550 for the pair then another $150 to put them on. I told them what they could do with that idea since you could get a pair online for $300 not that they really seemed to care. Just like most bike shops I have been to, they act as if working on these bikes is some sort of magic and you have to pay the premium for it to be done right. Well, perhaps with some motor or carb work it may benifit you to have them do it especially with work that may void your warranty but with as much info available on this site about how to work on your bike, we just went by the directions provided by other members and they went on just fine. Friend happened to have a balancer and they feel great even at high speeds. So, do yourself a favor and stop letting bike shops rip you off with tire deals on tires that will not last. Go with Avon and shop for the best price and try to either put them on yourself of find a place or mechanically inclined freind that will help you out. You will be glad you did.

Remote Garage Opener For Motorcycle Taiddan Ebay- Seller ID name is "Infuror" 10 Swubba 19961 01/11/06
Description: Open/Close Garage Door by flashing high beams.
Satisfaction: Product is awesome. Opens and closes garage by merely flashing high beams. Product about the size of a box of matches and installs in minutes. I mounted mine under removable plastic cover just under front of tank and ran wires through neck into headlight. Only two wires to install. They supply you with tester to see which wire comes on when you go to high beam. That is the wire the positive goes to. The other is a ground. There are different models available to work with rolling code technology or older systems. I have a Craftsman with rolling code and it works great. No more backing out of the garage, hopping off the bike to use the keypad and the same when I return from a ride. I also tried a key chain remote for my system which worked ok but it is so much nicer to keep both hands on the handlebars. Only cost $40.00. Well worth it if you ask me.

Kuraylen ISO grips Kurayken Hondadirect 9 phildude 22059 12/31/05
Description: Large,soft grips.Makes long rides much more comfortable.Only complaint is the chrome can tarnish after long use.
Satisfaction: I have had these with two other bikes but they came with the bike.First time install.On a 1800 Wing I carefully removed OEM grips with a flat screwdriver.I then used my wifes extra hold hairspray and sprayed inside throttle side grip as well as the bar itself.Slid grip on and Let it dry overnight and grip is perfect.On left side I barbershopped electrical tape on the bar and used the hairspray again.The glue was thrown away.If I sell the wing the OEM's go back on .If you use glue,there's no removing them without damage to the grips.

pegs mick o pegs mick o pegs 3 phildude 22059 12/29/05
Description: highway pegs
Satisfaction: I got the KD with heavy duty springs.It doesn't come with pegs so I used my Kurayken ISO pegs.The pegs are too heavy for the wimpy spring.The mechanism is flimsy.Looks OK.Poor instructions to install.Apparently it is the only pegs that won't drag on a 1800 wing or I would have returned them.You would think for over$200 you would get a quality spring.

Thunder exhaust system w/heat shields and needle kit Thunder Mfg 21408 N. 11th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85027 Thunder Mfg 10 Bill 24472 12/17/05
Description: Performance exhaust with ceramic coated headers. Same length as stock w/ slash cut down. Unfortunately I bought the last pair that will be available.
Satisfaction: Fairly easy install. Looks better than expected. The best Valk sound that I have ever heard not overly loud just deep and mellow. Adds 10 HP and 10 ft lb of torque. Love this pipe.

Muffler Tips Airflo Airflo 8 fsixer 20724 12/08/05
Description: 4" x 18" chrome stacks
Satisfaction: pricey but good fit and finish. only drawback is you need to drill 3 holes on each part. exhaust tone was a bit louder even with no mods. exhaust tip almost lines up with the rear fender tip now and looks a lot better.

Heel and toe shifter MC Enterprises J C Whitney 1 Matt 24701 12/08/05
Description: Heel and toe shifter with driver's floorboard
Satisfaction: Non existent. It didn't fit. I returned it for a replacement and that one didn't fit either. Where the floor board was supposed to fit in place of the stock foot peg, the block of metal was too large; I would have had to grind or file it down. I don't have the tools or the inclination to reward a manufacturer for a poor product!

Dragon Pack Exhaust Ernie Shuster - Ohio Ernies Place 10 Stealth Rider 24365 11/04/05
Description: Dragon Pack Exhaust by Ernie Shuster. 12' glass packs, 40' flush cut chrome pipes. Installed by Ernie Shuster on my 2002 standard Valkyrie.
Satisfaction: Rode my stock tame sounding Honda Valkyrie from Shelby MI. to the rolling hills of mid Ohio mid. Sep. '05. To meet a very proffessional and hospitable Ernie Shuster and wife. A couple of hours later I left the rolling hills of mid Ohio riding 'A Fire Spewing Dragon. Heads turn to find a monster sound they have not heard before. I Love the chromed pipes that look like Howitzers. And I like the option of choosing several interchangable glass packs. You choose your sound, from a tame dragon sound to a fire breathing monster on the prowl. Thank you Ernie. J&D S.

Memphis Shades memphis shades honda direct line 8 bfn 13449 10/26/05
Description: air deflectors
Satisfaction: should have done this years ago - no more wind blowing up into my chest and face - jacket doesn't billow up anymore, trucks passing doing rip my face off - l may even take up smoking again, haha - not really. But the installation instructions are practically useless - it was a tight fit and l reversed the front bolts for appearance and airodynamics

Dragon Pack Exaust Dragon Exaust Ernie 10 JKen2 6764 10/25/05
Description: Modification of stock Exaust, 38" straight cut with 12" packs
Satisfaction: These pipes exceeded my expectations. They have a sound all of their own. Ernie was a pleasure to deal with and was very accommodating. Very easy to install. Great product!!!

cobra 6 into 6 valyrie exaust Cobra Came on Bike 5 Catfish 21055 10/17/05
Description: They were on my IS when I bought the bike, I thought they looked better than they sounded. I had the dealer put the original pipes back on so I hear the sterio on the bike. Maybe I did not give them as long of a run as I should. I have heard the Vipers and like them better, I might switch to something else.
Satisfaction: na

Exhaust Pipe Flames firemanjoes.com Fireman Joe 9 TrickRick 24223 10/15/05
Description: CNC cut polished stainless flames that bolt to the very end of your bike's exhaust, and hang out the end. Very cool effect on the right bike. Finished off the chrome flames theme on my '99 I/S show bike in style, protruding menacingly out of Ernie Schuster 40" Dragon Stacks! Flames come in 1 3/4" for those with less than 6 cylinders, as well as 2 3/4" (tall) for those of us who pilot the world's best supercruiser.
Satisfaction: Overall very satisfied. To be anal about it, the CNC cuts could have been a little finer in some areas, and I had to run a 1/4" drill thru the 2 mounting holes to open 'em up, but no big deal. They look great, and Joe called me personally to let me know he'd ship the next day, which he did. Great product, great service, and made in America by an American! Ck out his website.

Dragon Pack Exhaust Dragon Pack Exhaust na 10 valcrazy 23520 10/15/05
Description: 40 in Truck Stacks Straight Cut with 18 glass packs
Satisfaction: The fit was perfect. The chrome was excellant. The sound was a better rumble than I had expected. Ernie was extremely helpful & nice to deal with. I would recommend his product to anyone. Ernie -- Thanks very much for the help with trigger wheel install.

Audiovox CCS 100 Electronic Cruise Control Audiovox JC Whitney 10 Bullgoose 24053 09/29/05
Description: Electronic cruise control modified for the Valkyrie.
Satisfaction: Absolutely love it. If you travel, you gotta have it. So much better than a throttle lock. Just set it and forget it... and try to stay awake! LOL! If you do your own mechanical work, it's a piece of cake to install. Just follow the instructions in shoptalk for de-smogging and cc installation. I suggest de-smogging first to give yourself plenty of room to work. Label your hoses as you remove them. The only drawback is how it looks. I've temporarily solvled that problem by putting a large Heineken can ($3.00) over it till I can make a chrome cover for it. Give your wrist a rest and improve your mpg's.

ride-on ride-on distributor 2 merle 3852 09/07/05
Description: tire sealant
Satisfaction: My first set of Avon venom r's gave me 22k miles even after 2 rear tire plugs. My second set, I filled with this ride-on stuff that claimed it would (in addition to various other miraculous things) increase my tire life. I'm at barely 15k on my Avons and they are down to the bands. I strongly suspect filling them with this stuff has something to do with the dramatic decrease in mileage. My riding habits and inflation maintenance are no different than they have ever been. At my age you tend not to change your ways a lot. Next tires, I ain't puttin' anything like this in them unless the tire has actually gone flat and needs to be plugged, and then it will only be temporary until I can get a repair or replacement.

j&m audio system and roady 2 xm radio j&m -- delphi j&m -- soundtrack 10 dennis 24225 09/02/05
Description: j&m amplifier, headset, and delphi roady 2 xm radio
Satisfaction: i bought the amp and headset from john over at J&M in arizona, and bought the radio at soundtrack. the amp fit into the tool carrier under the seat perfect. the radio mounted on a 4 X 6 plate i made and used a couple footpeg brackets to attach it to the handlebars. there just aint anything out there as good as J&M electronics, and nothing works on a bike as well as xm radio.

Jardine exhaust Jardine J&P 7 Blademaker 24129 08/28/05
Description: six into two
Satisfaction: Sounds like a V-8 when you get on it. A little on the noisy side but not as bad as straight pipes

Two Brothers 6 into 2 carbon fiber exhaust Two Brothers Green Country Honda Tulsa, Ok 10 quirkyguy001 24196 08/27/05
Description: Complete exhaust system. Tried rejetting, but Two Brother's was right. Don't need to rejet. Looks different. A dark exhaust cannister instead of chrome or stainless. Sounds like a mini muscle car. Added ten hp, Like advertised
Satisfaction: Have had them on a year now and just as tight as when I put them on. Headers turn a nice golden yellow. Noticed that Two Brother's has dropped product from their sitee

Ghost Brackets Ghost Brackets Green Country Honda Tulsa Ok 10 quirkyguy001 24196 08/27/05
Description: Brackets that make saddle bags quickly detachable
Satisfaction: I didn't deal with Ghost Brackets, I bought them from a local honda dealership. They fit tightly after one year and make it easy to take off and put on. Wanted to see them before I bought them. They are a very heavy duty product.

Ghost Brackets for Saddle bags www.ghostbrackets.com www.ghostbrackets.com 1 Smack_Dabb 24174 08/24/05
Description: Ghost Brackets quick disconnect for Saddle bags. COMPLETE JUNK. RIP-OFF!!!!!!!!
Satisfaction: Complete junk and I had to mfg the parts to the proper specs. I waited 3 Mos for them and now can't get a single person to answer emails. COMPLETE JUNK DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!! Don't expet a refund either because they will not return calls or emails.

Ghost Brackets for Saddle bags www.ghostbrackets.com www.ghostbrackets.com 1 Smack_Dabb 24174 08/24/05
Description: Ghost Brackets quick disconnect for Saddle bags. COMPLETE JUNK. RIP-OFF!!!!!!!!
Satisfaction: Complete junk and I had to mfg the parts to the proper specs. I waited 3 Mos for them and now can't get a single person to answer emails. COMPLETE JUNK DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!! Don't expet a refund either because they will not return calls or emails.

Air Horns Rivco HondaLine Direct 10 John 19384 07/20/05
Description: Front mounted horns
Satisfaction: Couldn't be happier. Dead easy to install: got 'er done in less than 30 minutes and would have been less except I dropped a lock washer on top of the engine and had to fish it out. Look and sound great and makes me feel much safer knowing the next time some schmuck starts to turn left in front of me I can give him a massive blast on the horns!

Robo Cap Robo Cap ROT Rally 10 super dave 23645 07/05/05
Description: denim and leather motorcycle caps. Can get different hat bands that customer fit the caps. Website at http://www.robocap.net/
Satisfaction: I am a hat fanatic. I have more hats than Carter has liver pills! This is the best fitting, best looking, and most versatile hat. Can be worn at 80+ MPH and stays on. Very comfortable & stylish. Check it out!

ACE SUPERTANK Advanced Composites Engineering Advanced Composites Engineering 1 Original Ghostrider 427 06/13/05
Description: extra compacity fuel tank.
Satisfaction: None: Bought first tank in Jan. 04, returned it 4 times for repairs, kept leaking. July 04 manufacture replaced the tank. After several weeks it started leaking. Manufacture wouldn't return emails or calls. Finally had to seak legal action to get refund. Same story as other post manufacture refuses to accept responsibility for his product and tries to put the blame on the purchaser. I would not recomend this product and wish I never bought it.

Dragon Packs Exhaust Dragon Packs Ernie Schuster 10 Bruce B. 23730 06/11/05
Description: 36" stacks with 18" Packs on a 2003 Standard.
Satisfaction: Totally satisfied. Outstanding product and excellent service. The stacks look a lot better than the stock system and the quality is excellent. The sound is awesome without being offensive. As others have said, it's what a Valk should sound like. Even my Harley friends are impressed. Ernie was very helpfull in helping me with my order and shipment was prompt. Installation was straight forward and hassle free. Ernie even called to make sure that all had gone well. Can't ask for more that that. The stacks and service exceeded expectations. Highly recommended.

cobra 6 into 6 valyrie exaust blue creme shade tree 10 jim 19216 05/28/05
Description: i installed these pipes on my 2003 valkyrie and coated the inside header section with three coats of blue creme, the pipes have not discolored.
Satisfaction: wonderful product and it works, follow directions and i used a hair dryer to help set it up.

cobra 6 into 6 valkyrie exhaust cobra maw 9 jim 19216 05/28/05
Description: valkyrie 6 into 6 exhaust, I hve installed this on my 2003 valkyrie, and it was a little loud so i wrapped the baffles with exhaust fiberglass, the system now is amazing. It is basically a 6 twelve inch glasspack system, the glass took the ringing out of the pipes and left the sound of the cylinders firing, pure music a any rpm. The installation was a breeze and the pipes fit perfectly, yes perfectly.
Satisfaction: perfectly satisfied, i would recommend this system to anyone, in fact, without this system you are missing a great experience.

Dunlop Elite 3 Tires Dunlop Honda Dealer(unfortunately) 10 chris 14688 05/25/05
Description: These are not your fathers Dunlops. In fact you will not recognize them as Dunlops. They more resemble AVON Venom tires as far as shape and sorta the same tread design
Satisfaction: I broke this new back tire in at Deals Gap and the Smokys...it requires a fraction of the energy to turn than any other tire I have tried. Its like its connected to your brain, think turn, its doing it! Smooth, quiet, sticky, and rated at high mileage. I love it

Sophie's light bar Sophie's Motorcycle Shop Sophie's 10 Yukon 22677 05/20/05
Description: a kit made by Sophie's with chrome mount that goes under the triple clamp, two 35W spots, and wiring
Satisfaction: A well-engineered and manufactured kit. The instructions are just a little vague, but not a problem.


Sophies custom brake and clutch lines Galfer http://www.sophiesmotorcycleworks.com/html/honda_parts.html 1 Mark 20067 05/17/05
Description: Custom made brake and clutch lines
Satisfaction: In my opinion RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY!!!! The lines were improperly built, and missing fittings. I was offered a full refund but only given half once I returned them.

dragon exhaust dragon exhaust ernie s, oh 9 wild thing 23563 05/08/05
Description: gutted and re-welded exhaust and modified airbox
Satisfaction: i notice more air volume and louder exhaust tones along with increase in hp and trq.

Dragon Packs Exhaust ,Dragon Pack exhaust Ernie Schuster 10 Jimmy 23532 05/02/05
Description: 36"Slash Cuts with 18" packs
Satisfaction: Mounted on a 1999 Interstate,great looks,awesome sound. Ernie was great installation went without a problem. Did not touch carbs and runs perfect. Ernie even called me to follow up and see if I had any problems or concerns.IMHO a must add to any Valyyrie

Cruising light kit Sophies Motorcycle Works Jim Harmon @ Sophies 10 BluValk 19007 04/27/05
Description: light bar for Valk standard or tourer
Satisfaction: Excellent product. Jim had the kit shipped to me in no time. Install fairly easy. Lights up and looks great.

cock and lock cruise control madcorider online 8 BIGBLOCK 23254 04/26/05
Description: mechanical cruise control
Satisfaction: I would give it a 10 on looks and design and a 7 or 8 on function. Not a real positive engagement or disengagement have to fiddle a bit. The guy at madcorider real nice and a vrcc memeber very easy to install, takes longer to read instructions than to install the piece. only useable with stock grips.

handlebar risers Deuce (Harley Davidson) E-Bay 10 John 12271 04/23/05
Description: Just installed a set of "deuce" risers without much trouble. Drilled out holes in the mount to 1/2 inch and rerouted throttle cables.
Satisfaction: They look great! Chrome! Low price - available on E-Bay. They bring the handlebars back about two more inches.

Dragon Packs Exhaust Ernie Schuster - Valkyrie Dragon Exhaust na 10 Mark Burkett 8127 04/12/05
Description: 36" slash cut stacks with 18" packs.
Satisfaction: The exhaust looks and sounds great. Dealing with Ernie was definitely a pleasure, and everything was delivered as promised. I would recommend this product to anyone in the market.


Dragon Paks Exhaust Dragon Paks Ernie Schuster 10 Tom Schwarz 3195 04/02/05
Description: 36" Truck Stacks w/slash cut on Valkyrie Tourer.
Satisfaction: Great looks, quality, & sound. Pipes were affordable in comparing against whats out there from others. Installed by Ernie Schuster who is a great guy to work with.

Dragon Packs Ernie Schuster na 10 Phil Ehlers 23336 04/01/05
Description: Custom Exhaust system for Valkyrie, 36" chrome stacks with 18" glasspack
Satisfaction: Easy installation,quality workmanship,good price,great person to deal with,showed much concern for my satisfaction. Keep up the good work Ernie, Maybe I will see you enroute to Sturgis.

King Big Boy Seat Ultimate Seats na 9 Stuart 22679 03/28/05
Description: Seat for Valkyrie Interstate
Satisfaction: At 6'6"-235# I replaced the Ultimate Lowboy with a King Bigboy w/ backrest. The new seat has a great intial feel. The new stitch pattern is a nice touch. I prefer the rear cut of the LowBoy. I think this seat would be great for a tall, bigger person but someone on the skinny side might need to ride it for a test.

Floorbords Cobra Purchased at time of purchase 3 blewdragon6 5180 03/26/05
Description: passenger
Satisfaction: Really dissapointed as chrome started peeling off after only a couple of months.

J C Whitney Folding Passenger Foot Platforms Unknown--unmarked J C Whitney 1 Geezer 18610 03/25/05
Description: Poorly chromed stamped steel platforms which, when folded expose the supporting brace and associated bolts/brackets.
Satisfaction: Will keep for use--remove when not. Poorly made and ugly as hell.

Steel Braided Throttle Cables Barrnett Cables Phat Performance Parts 10 Duey 20588 03/23/05
Description: Steel braided 4" over throttle cables
Satisfaction: Cables are 15 on a scale of 1-10... Time to get them through Phat Performance is a 2!! Next time i will see about trying vrcc sponser Viking!!!

Ride Like A Pro Jerry Motorman From Palladino www.ridelikeapro.com 10 Duey 20588 03/23/05
Description: 1 hour Cd or tape instructions on how to ride like a pro. shows how to turn your Valkyrie in a 24 foot circle without putting your foot down -- never worry about downing your bike again -- slow speed riding in the friction zone.. several different exercises that will make you ride lke a pro. learn to ride like a motor cop. several other cd's or tapes. both for men and ladies..
Satisfaction: I love the tape - for me it is a refresher of the advanced riding courses i took in the military.. got the cd's for my boys and wife.. you should she the smiles on their faces when they turn my Valkyrie as easy as a bicycle. men and ladies -- get it and practice -- it will change your riding into way more fun, and your skill and confidence will soar!!!!! Endorsed by full throttle magazine.

Valkyrie Interstate Armrests na Big Bike Things Not Rated Steve 14545 03/23/05
Description: Armrests for ths Interstate.
Satisfaction: Armrests installed in know time. Easily taken on and off. My wife loves them. Does not look to bad either.

LED light Strands Superbrightleds.com above 9 CATTMAN 14868 03/23/05
Description: 8 lights of 2 bulb sets with 3" between sets. Easy to mount with attached double sided tape. Bright light, as I mounted on the bottom of the frame rail under the exhaust, and on hitch brackets.
Satisfaction: Very satisfied.

TIRE'S METZLER Honda Direct Line 9 Dusty 22926 03/16/05
Satisfaction: Had Avon Venom's Couldn't stand them,all kinds of road noise,and the bike handled like a D-8 CAT !! The Difference is like day & night,I can hear my engine,rather than my tire's slappin the road ! and the Steering,and cornering has been improved so much my "Fat Lady" feels like a "sport bike" in comparison! I was nowhere near the "wearbars" but couldn't deal with the Venom's anymore. I have now put 2500 miles on the Marathons and just love em,I will never switch brands!! Chris Greenlee at Honda Directline was great too shipped the tire's right to my mechanic,all I had to do was ride over,& read motorcycle mags,while he put them on for me.

peg relocation kit Rattlebars on-line 5 Cholla 7578 02/24/05
Description: Lowers drivers footpeg for better comfort
Satisfaction: Really like the design and how it relieves the position of the legs better than factory. I'd give it a 10 if the chrome on the LH piece had been better - very thin and is flaking off (had it on for a year now). Might have to take it off and paint it instead.

SafeBET Trunk from Alan @ Custom Cycle Gear SafeBET VIP Custom Cycle Gear 9 taz1967 22659 02/22/05
Description: Aftermarket trunk for the Valkyrie (or any other bike with a luggage rack).
Satisfaction: I really love this trunk for the value. It was $115 plus shipping when I bought it off of Ebay. Alan at Custom Cycle Gear (customcyclegear@yahoo.com) was very helpful. I think the black one I purchased was a perfect match for the Honda black color on my Valkyrie. I would reccomend to anyone needing some additional storage for a ride.

Lower Radiator Hose Two Brothers Racing www.hondadirectlineusa.com 8 Kuhjay 21402 02/21/05
Description: lower radiator hose w/stainless steel braided cover & chome end tips
Satisfaction: Satisfied. TBR puts electric tape aound both ends of the assembly to keep the stainless steel braid from fraying. It's a lot easier to install when you remove the tape, push the hose on, then retape before you tighten the hose clamps.

5.25 inch Amplified Speakers Pioneer www.motorcycletunes.com 10 Swubba 19961 02/18/05
Description: 5.25 inch amplified speakers from www.motorcycletunes.com
Satisfaction: I bought the 5.25 inch top of the line which was only about $190.00. They claim to sound better and louder than the Rumble Road brand with Blaupunkt Speakers at speeds up to 90 MPH. I decided to buy and test on my own. My first concern was the 5.25 inch may look gaudy compaired to the 4 inch Rumble Road. I mounted them on the handlebars about 3 inches from the bend on each side. They are fully adjustable to your liking on the angle and pitch. I must say, the bulk of the Valkyrie balances nicely with this bigger speaker. From the back and front they look awesome. They are housed in what looks to be spotlight housing with good quality chrome complete with a wire mesh grill. They sound great too. I use a MP3 player with a bass setting so I can pull some pretty good sound from. They come with everything you need to mount and wire them including a 300 watt petite amplifier which fits snug but well in the tool/manual holder in the back of the battery box (after a little drummel work to remove the plastic divider). They sound great at speeds even over 100...not that I sustained that speed for long before I ran up on traffic or ran out of straigh pavement. I would suggest you invest in a decent MP3 player though. I have one that has a wired remote so I can mount it on my billet cover (with velcro) and run the wire up the back side of the left handle bar to operate while riding. The whole thing works great. You can power it right from the battery but I would suggest you invest in a $3 on/off toggle switch from Autozone. This will ensure you have a charged battery the next time you decide to start your beast. You could probably power it from a switched powerlead so it only has power when the key is on but I didn't want to hunt and peck for a safe one to use or cut in to any wires on the wiring harness. I would definately recommend. Sure makes riding a whole lot more enjoyable. Oh...and I usually turn it down at stoplights. It is pretty loud and I would rather stand out because of the beauty of the valkyrie than my loud chatter.

LED lights Custom Dynamics Web site 10 Yeah, Just Dale 14136 02/18/05
Description: LED light kit - six 3 LED "step" lights and one 4 LED "courtesy" light. Kit included lights, wiring, wiring diagram, switch and auto tape/adhesive. Approx $85.00
Satisfaction: Very fast delivery. Quality was excellent. Excellent value.

CB/Intercom/Audio Center J&M Audio, Arizona I wouldn't buy it there again 10 VRuss 7460 02/16/05
Description: This is the CB brought out by J&M in 2003. Possibly the best combination on the market. Hi and Lo power transmitting, great audio quality over the CB. This unit gives you the ability to plug in you MP3 or XM radio with great sound quality. The units controls are good size for ease of use.
Satisfaction: My wife and I are very satisfied with the unit. The only down side is the music doesn't cut out when using the intercom. Now that can also be considered an up side because you can sing along and still hear the music. Great for Karyoki

Big Shot Sportshield Memphis Shades Thru my Mechanic 9 Dusty 22926 02/14/05
Description: 21 inches wide by 20 inches high , gradient black Sportshield , with quick disconnect mounting brackets . with 9 inch headlight cutout .
Satisfaction: Went on easy , everything was there and fit well good quality , good looks , would buy again . Been up to 120 MPH and its still there , cant be all bad !

RC Components Smoothie Custom Wheels RC Components Viking 8 Black Dog 7111 02/09/05
Description: After market wheels for the Valk in the solid disc style (like the HD Fat Boy) in 'Polished Aluminum'.
Satisfaction: Very nice wheels. Balance, with new tire, was spot on. No weights needed, which is good, on a custom wheel. Not overly happy with the polishing job. Looks like they could have done a bit more finish polishing, on the front wheel especially (lots of swirls... almost a 'foggy' look to the flat polished surface). While I understand that this is not chrome, I expected a better finish. Took the wheels to a friend that polishes metal for a living, and he had them looking like I expected them to look from the beginning, in no time. For the price of these puppies, I should not have had to do the finish polishing I needed to make them look nice. Andy and Justin were great at keeping me informed as to when they would arrive, and I understand that there is nothing Viking could have done to make the finish better. RC Components needs to be a bit more picky with their quality control.

Mc Cruise MC Cruise of Autralia http://www.spoiledbiker.com/ 9 joeseedoo 23013 01/24/05
Description: Electronic Cruise control Made for the Valkyrie. All wiring and brackets are made to fit.
Satisfaction: Took a while for the install but works and looks great.

Driver Rest for Ultimate KING Big Boy seat Ultimate Ultimate 10 James Rhyne 22695 01/19/05
Description: Ultimate backrest to fit the King Big Boy! It's NEW!
Satisfaction: When I ordered my Ultimate King Big Boy custom seat, custom passanger seat and passanger backrest in November 2004, they didn't make the backrest for the King Big Boy. I called and talked to Des a few weeks ago asking if another type of backrest would work...and that's when he told me that they just mow started producing them for the King. I was elated! He shipped me one right out, and it bolts on perfectly. What a relief! The great seat is perfect now:-)

Progressive 416 Air Shocks Progressive Suspension VRCC Classifieds 10 James 22695 01/19/05
Description: Air shocks to replace the stock shocks on the Valkyrie Standard
Satisfaction: I am very pleased. Installation took around an hour. I bought the kit as new from another member who had purchased but decided not to install. After putting the Valk on the lift, I removed the seat and bags. Then I removed the left side stock shock. I unwrapped the new Progressive and fitted one of the enclosed sleeves into the lower bushing and mounted just like the stock, with the air inlet pointed forward towards the overflow jug. I then repeated the step on the right side. The right side lower bolt was a little tougher to deal with, and it took a much thinner sleeve, but it was also supplied. It is just a tight fit into the shock slot, so I recommend making sure the slot is clean and get the bolt it and started before pushing the top of the shock onto it's pin. I also had the air inlet facing forward. Installiong the airlines was pretty simple. Follow the instructions by putting the cap on the line first, then the cinch, and then the two o-rings. I used a dab of pure silicone grease just to lub the o-rings so they would slide good. Do NOT use oil! I cut the entire length of line into two pieces, putting the air fittings on one end each. These I screwed into the main air valve under the seat. I then ran each length behind the frame where it came out by the inlet on the shock. I cut off the excess, leaving a little excess to allow to put the fittings on the end and screw on to the shock and allow a little slack (maybe an inch or so...you can tuck it back up with the valve, but do not kink. Did the same on the right. Pumped them up to 50 lbs. (It doesn't take much! Perhaps a two second burst) Did the soap water leak test...TIGHT!) Took a ride and they felt wonderful! Cushions the bumps! You need a 75 lb. air gauge, as the max recommended is 75 lbs, and it doesn't take much air to pressurize them...I set them up to 60 lbs. to see how they ride. Progressive recommends getting a feel for them, but never below 25 or above 75. I am now packing an air gauge with a dial and release valve. It is easier to pump them to 75 and bleed down, than the other way...as it seems to take 10 lbs out just checking with the gauges. The shocks look great! Ride great! All parts necessary included. And I bought them for around HALF of the new price! I am a happy biker :-)

dragonpack exhaust Ernie Shuster dragonpacks@valkyreiriders.com 10 valkrazy 22785 01/09/05
Description: 18"&12" glasspack glasspack system with 36" straight cut stacks
Satisfaction: the sound is awsome!! the quality of workmanship and ease of installation make this system a 10+

Dragon Packs Exhaust Ernie Schuster, Valley City, Ohio dragonpacks@valkyrieriders.com 9 Scotch 9123 12/26/04
Description: 38" truck stacks straight cut with 12" and 18" glass packs
Satisfaction: Very satisfied! The workmanship that went into the welds thru to the packaging for shipping (to Ontario) was excellent. The fit and finish are superb. Now, if I could get a dozen or so degrees to road ride them, all would be right. Since I rec'd them, I have let about 15 people hear them, both with the 12's and 18's. The consensus is the 12" packs would be more fun and the 18's more sensible. Either way you cannot lose.......Much Thanx To Ernie.

Corbin Beetle Bags Corbin www.cruisercustomizing.com 9 Stuart Murdoch 22744 12/21/04
Description: Hard bags
Satisfaction: Great looking, good finish, relitivly straight forward fitting. Only issue I have with these bags are the lights Corbin supplies. For $1000 I don't realy expect to have to imediatly start looking for replacements. Some help in the supplied fitting instuctions on how to wire them in would also have been nice.

Baker Air Wings Baker E-Bay 10 James Rhyne 22695 11/19/04
Description: Upper and lower air deflectors - adjustable
Satisfaction: Took less than 5 minutes to install both sides. Took a ride on the Interstate...no more head rattle! With the lowers fully closed, the engine heat kept my legs toasty warm. Angled them open and was able to adjust the flow to where cool/warm mixed quite comfortably. The uppers adjust too, so if I want a little cool breeze around my face, I just tilt one out a little. I could easily adjust the wings, and could see where they would help deflect the engine heat during the hot riding months. These are great. Better than I expected.

Ultimate King Big Boy seat, passenger seat and backrest pad. UltimateSeats, Canada From the Manufactuer 10 James Rhyne 22695 11/19/04
Description: Custom-fitted motorcycle touring seat.
Satisfaction: I received my Ultimate King Big Boy seat with the passenger seat and backrest. I opted to have the Blinker Buddy installed when I ordered it. When I opened the shipping box, I was impressed at the efforts to insure that the products were not damaged. Each piece was meticulously packaged in bubble wrap, and once I removed the layers, I gazed upon absolute works of art! I grabbed the Blinker Buddy wiring harness and hooked it up in about 5 minutes. I then removed the stock Honda seats and installed the Ultimate seats and backrest. My Valkyrie Princess became a Queen. The studded seats really look great. I couldn't wait to try it out. All this advertisement and talk about how comfortable this seat was supposed to be...I had heard such claims before and I had dropped some serious cash on a Mustang seat for my Shadow, and was sorely (literally) disappointed. I didn't want a repeat disappointment. The first thing I noticed was that the seat moved me up in height several inches, and also back several inches. It felt odd, but not bad... I hit the road, and the instant I pulled my feet up from the pavement, both feet dropped into a very natural position right on the driver footpegs! So THIS is what it feels like for an average-sized rider!!! At 6'4", 300 lbs., I was always cramped on any motorcycle, but a little less so on the huge Valkyrie. My hip flexors were constantly reminding me of my size by cramping up... But not now...THIS IS GREAT! My legs are at the correct angle, no more butt burn or tailbone torture. My thighs are supported, my back is better supported..it's like sitting in my favorite chair. Firm but not hard. I took a 25-mile test ride and was so comfortable, I could have taken a nap. I arrived back home and met my wife in the driveway as she was pulling in from work. She took one look at her new throne and said, "Let's take a ride!" She climbed on the back and off we went. We took the long route around town and when we got back home 20+ miles later, she was making plans to take a longer ride over the weekend. She also mentioned that she was shelving the idea of getting her own bike, because she says she'd rather ride on this seat than ride on her own bike. That's just fine by me! I realize that Des says to give the seat a 100 miles to test it out. Des, it only took me 1/10th of a mile to know that I had gotten exactly what I was needing! I am impressed with the construction, the style, the quality and the ease of ordering and fast shipping. Total time from ordering to riding was around 10 days. I've no complaints about that. The price was also much better than I expected for such quality. The Blinker Buddy is awesome too! This is the REAL DEAL!

ISO Grips and Throttle Boss Kuryakyn CruiserCustomizing 10 James Rhyne 22695 11/16/04
Description: Grips
Satisfaction: I have big hands and these grips help reduce the numb thumb! The feel good and are very easy to install! Follow the directions and clean the old glue off before installing. A 15 minute job but expect 30 if you're exceptionally anal about these things :-)

Electrical Connection Turn Signal Conversion Kit Electrical Connection CruiserCustomizing 10 James Rhyne 22695 11/16/04
Description: Converts turn signals into brake and running lights too.
Satisfaction: Used the Tech support on the VRCC site for the install, but followed the printed instructions and glued the LEDs to the inside of the Lens, NOT to the lamp bulb. Installed along with the Dual LED license plate frame and the Back-Off brake light pulsator. Took a few hours to do it right, but works GREAT! Was able to keep most wiring connections in the taillight assembly! It is GOOD to be seen from the rear!

light bar sophies vrcc list of venders 10 uncle lar 22636 11/12/04
Description: light bar and lights for standard or tourer
Satisfaction: at least $100.00 less than others and great quality.

Dragon Paks Exhaust Dragon Paks http://groups.msn.com/VALKYRIEDRAGONPACKS/valkyriedragonpacks.msnw 9 Beastie 21135 10/13/04
Description: 36" Chrome Truck Stacks
Satisfaction: I love these pipes. They are very throaty and command attention of those V-twin riders. The chrome finish is great and the Dragon Pak master himself installed them for me after I rode 210 miles to get them. Great pipes, good value, no re-jetting, awesome sound. What more can I say?

Dragon Packs Ernie Schuster Ernie Schuster Valley City Ohio 10 Jim 19566 10/12/04
Description: Exhaust System with a fantastic sound.Cosists of truck stacks with glass packs.Two beautiful four in dia. canons to do justice to that six cylinder engine
Satisfaction: These are a quality product. They are easy to install. I decided to go with the 40 inch length because I wanted to customize an Interstate(you know;remove the trunk and go with a solo seat etc.)These pipes attract a great deal of attention not only by their looks but the beautiful sound that they produce . Depending on the length of glass pack you choose, you can customize the sound. Ernie was very good to deal with.

HondaDirectLine Numerous na 1 Allan Brizzell 22528 10/02/04
Description: Have been internet shopping for bike bits from USA for 15yrs. Ordered about $400 worth of stuff. They wanted a faxed copy of my credit card and photo ID. I'm in New Zealand for gods sake. Plenty of other bike warehouses to deal with. I cancelled my order
Satisfaction: Never found out

Driving Lights Cobra E Bay 8 Geezer 18610 09/19/04
Description: those that clamp to forks.
Satisfaction: Excellent. Replaced missing parts for no charge. Improvement to 10 would require 50 watt sealed beams.

Baker Air Wings Baker Built Honda Direct Line 10 Biker Bob 20773 09/14/04
Description: upper and lower set
Satisfaction: OUTSTANDING! If you ain't gottem, gettem!!

Kuryakyn Highway Pegs Kuryakyn www.hondadirectlineusa.com 9 Swubba 19961 08/22/04
Description: Highway Pegs
Satisfaction: Directions for install are poor but not hard to figure it out after some tinkering. The thing that is impressive is the quality of not only the chrome but the mass of these pegs. Anti rotation is correct. Use to have a cheaper set of pegs on the vertical bar which they would rotate so I could never get comfortable because I could not put my full weight of my legs on them. Now, no problem. These pegs are rock solid. Bought them at Hondadirectlineusa.com for $149.95. Worth every penny. Have a back rest from utopia installed as well. The combo makes for a major comfort. I am 6'1" with at 32 inch inseam. I have these mounted high and a bit forward. Keeps your legs up and away from that engine heat on summer rides. These fold in so in the fall when you want that heat from the engine by using your stock pegs these are folded back out of the way neatly.

Ulitmate Passenger Backrest Ulitmate Ultimate Seat Co 10 Dandy 10218 08/22/04
Description: Studded Passenger Backrest for Sissy Bar
Satisfaction: Dean worked with me to get a passenger backrest with the V stitched into it without the Ultimate Logo so it would match up with the Corbin seat, it sits up higher on the sissy bar and is much bigger than stock. The wife loves it, and you know if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Seats Ultimate From manufacturer 10 Robert 22138 08/11/04
Description: Big Boy for Interstate 4pc.
Satisfaction: Great seats, wife and I both love them. Very well made. I checked the reviews before I purchased and figured that the people that gave the bad reviews both had bought the low rider seat when they should have purchased the big boy. I also ck'd the warranty. It was better to buy direct from the dealer. When you purchase from the dealer you get to ride the seat for 14 days. If you dont like it send it back and your money is returned. Cant do that with Corbin, Mustang or any of the others as far as I know. So if you bought it and didnt like it why didnt you send it back?

backrest utopia direct from utopia website 7 phil 22059 08/07/04
Description: Backrest for driver 2000 valkyrie Interstate
Satisfaction: Very comfortable.Fairly easily to install.Better to push rod up from bottom of seat while pushing down on boot to meet it.The protective covering on rod under seat fell off scratching my rear fenden down to the bare metal.Poor quality adhesive used for a $169 backrest.Bought $3 Goop at home depot to secure it on.Maybe Utopia could spend some of their profits on better glue.

Hondaline Direct Hondaline Direct Hondaline Direct 10 none 19574 08/04/04
Description: service from Hondaline Direct
Satisfaction: I ordered a waterpump from Hondaline Direct. The order got messed up. I told them I needed to get it today as I was on my way to Sturgis tomorrow. They overnighted one to me at no charge!! What a company. They get my business from now on! Thanks, Hondaline Direct!

205/55r16 michelin aquaedge na na Not Rated roadrunner 15186 07/31/04
Description: rear tire for valk
Satisfaction: i didn,t like how me baby handled and it rubbed when riding two up. solution? Buy the right tire first time. Cost of trail? $625.00 cdn. And a lot Of heartache.

Mirrors Custom Chrome Dennis Kirk 7 Hogg 17464 07/30/04
Description: Custom Chrome Stealth Mirrors
Satisfaction: Look great, stem is stylized with milled design, back of mirror has milled grooves. Hard to get them lined up, mirror surface is small, view is restricted compared with stock.

Mustang Seat Mustang Catalog 10 Hogg 17464 07/30/04
Description: Mustang seat, studs, backrests
Satisfaction: Looks great on bike. Very comfortable,after 750 miles in one day, felt fine. I'm 6'2", 210lbs.

Light bar Big Bike Parts Honda Direct Line 9 Wildstar 21063 07/30/04
Description: Driving Lights
Satisfaction: Technically, these are driving lights and not a light bar but if you want to add spots to the front of you Valk (w/windshield) these do the trick very inexpensively. Two of us locally have this set-up and we're very happy. Spots mount to OEM windshield using existng bolt holes on windshield trim. Includes separate on/off switch which we've added to the top of our side covers. Gives a light bar look for half the money. I never give anything a 10 else this product would earn one from me.

SEATs ULTIMATE SEATS DIRECT FROM DES 10 The General 10943 07/28/04

Kick Shifter na Rattlebars Mfg. 7 Blu 16329 07/19/04
Description: Valk Kick Shift
Satisfaction: Good: The fit and finish is great. I used the relocator kit on my I.S. an everything went together nice. My only issue is that it lowered my foot boards and they drag while in the the twisties. Or turning onto a uneven road.

kick shifter rattlebars direct from rattlebars online 8 phil 22059 07/18/04
Description: heel toe shifter
Satisfaction: makes shifting much easier especially since I have footdrop and can't lift my foot.A little hard to get my big boot to downshift.Need a little extra room there.Hope3 the single bolt holds up.

SignalMinder SM3 Kisan na 3 MadDog 10680 07/10/04
Description: Automatic turn signal cancellation module.
Satisfaction: I really like the turn signal cancellation feature. Howerver, if you have a CB radio, AM/FM radio, or intercom, you can hear the module pulse in your headset each time the turn signal flashes. You can also forget using the running light option. In this mode the device generates a tremendous amount of RF interference and it is also transmitted into your headset. Calls to Kisan provided no help. They suggested I contact the manufacturer of my radio and add a noise filter to my system. When I told Kisan I already had a noise filter they had a total mental breakdown and could not offer any solutions. Is the safety feature of having your turn signal shut off worth hearing the module pulsing in your headset? Not for me! and I am pissed that I can't use the other features that I paid for. Since I have been a Electrical Engineer for more than 20 years, I am designing an add on noise filter specifically to fix Kisan's poor design. However, if you don't have any type of headset I would recommend installing the device.

Valkyrie Spark Plug Valance Kuryakyn Honda Dealer. 10 JohnnyB 21158 07/08/04
Description: An excellent finish to an otherwise less-than-satisfactory look to the engine compartment and the somewhat messy spark plug and wire appearance.
Satisfaction: This product is excellent ... finishes-off this part of the engine compartment brilliantly ... easy to install. Recommend it whole-heartedly. JohnnyB




PROGRESSIVE IAS 440 SHOCKS Progressive Progressive (Mail Order) 10 VALK BOY 19680 06/29/04
Description: Rear Shock Absorbers
Satisfaction: These Shocks are a 10 - but I would caution people when the order on the advise of the Progressive Web site. I weigh 235 on a good day, and ordered Heavy Duty according to Progressiv Web Site. The HD springs were too stiff, and transferred every pebble on the road to my back. Now this might be okay for a 25 year old, but not me. I e-mailed the company, and Josh and Larry personally handled my account, and made me happy. I can't thank them enough. The shocks have a life time warrenty, and are almost infinately adjustable. Save your pennies and spring for a pair of 440's EWI

Satisfaction: 100% SATISFIED. I find that I feel as if I have more control of the bike, with my arms controlling the front wheel, and my butt controlling the back of the bike. The Back rest takes stress off my arms, and relaxes my back bacause I don't have to tense up to try to stay on the bike. The backrest is adjustable up and down, and fore and aft, the padding hits you right in the lower back. Installation was very easy, but I hit a snag when I found the head of one of my stock hex head bolts to the fender was stripped out, and I had to cut a notch in it, with a rotary tool, and use a ratched and screw driver tip to urge it out. The rest comes with longer installation bolts that have a regular head of maybe 7/16's and they go in very easy. I had communicated via e-mail, and phone with the owner, Bob, and he is very informative, and helpful. The rest looks STOCK, no bars show, there is a nice pouch that comes with it, and I would not ride without the backrest. EWI

Spotlights Big Bike Parts DNK Accessories 10 delucaj 20210 06/28/04
Description: Windshield mount driving lights
Satisfaction: Excellent. These 55 watt lights are BRIGHT. Really improves even daytime visibility. I have them wired to run all the time. Super easy install. I bought some generic chrome visors to complete the look. Nice!

Dragon Packs Ernie na 10 maddo 17658 06/27/04
Description: Custom Exhaust/9 inch packs w 36 straight pipes
Satisfaction: Just returned from Laconia Bike week and these pipes were the talk of the town. Even the custom bike fabricators were dazzled by the awesome sound. Ernie is a pleasure to do business with. These pipes are the real deal!!

Flyscreen Windshield National Cycle Viking 8 Puff's Daddy 17242 06/24/04
Description: Small egg shaped flyscreen covers the instruments. Comes in tinted and clear versions.
Satisfaction: Excellent fit and finish. Doesn't provide much wind protection but takes a bit of wind off the chest. Looks good and that, of course, is what really matters.

Dragon Pacs and Stacks Ernie DragonPacs 10 maddo 17658 06/14/04
Description: 9 inch pacs w/straight stacks
Satisfaction: Just returned from Laconia Bike Fest and the sweet sound from these pipes were a hit, even the custom bike fabricators were impressed. This exhaust modification is the real deal! Ernie is both a great guy and an honorable business person

tires metzler Honda Dealer, Killeen Tx. 9 desert rat 5431 06/08/04
Description: Valk Standard 1999, tires front and rear
Satisfaction: I had a relatively poor result with the stock Dunlops on my 99 Standard (I replaced them at 5800 miles) however, I must admit I was not as careful as to tire pressure as I should have been. In any case I then switched to the Metzler Marathon tires. Now that I have replaced the Metzlers, here's my opinion about them. First of all I was very, very, careful to keep the pressure at 38 lbs in the front and 40 lbs in the rear. This pressure may not be right for all riders, but it seems right for me. I was completely happy with the handling of the bike using these tires and replaced them after 11,000 miles. There was still tread left, I would guess about 2500 to 3000 more miles, but that is just a guess. I did notice a slight cracking in the tires between the treads when I replaced them. Nothing to cause alarm, but I am an older (but not bolder) rider and would rather avoid problems than deal with them; especially when it comes to SAFTEY! I replaced them with Avons (I was on the road, Killeen Texas, and that is what the Honda dealer had in stock. If he had had Metzlers I probably ould have gone with them again) So far the Avons are very satifactory, but I only have about 1500 miles on them, so check back in a year or so and I will give my review of Avons as well. Ride safe and enjoy.

Seat Ultimate Seat Online from Des 10 Pretz 20863 05/29/04
Description: Three Piece Lowboy in leather
Satisfaction: First off, when I pulled them from the box I didn't know wheter to put them on my bike or hang them on the wall. These seats are works of art. Installation was no problem. Now for the ride...The first thing I noticed was I felt like I was sitting IN the bike as opposed to ON it. I feel way more in control in this position. The comfort is a step up from stock. I ride in Florida and the overly soft vinyl clad was terrible in the heat. This is a huge improvement. I'm a little stubby (5'-5") so I'm going to add highway pegs and pullbacks to help ride position even more. Appearance:10, Quality: 10, Customer Service: 10, Comfort: 8.5, Installation: 10, Overall: 10. Looking for a seat? Look no further. Thanks for a great product Des!

M2W Packs & Stacks Mark T Mark T - www.horseappleranch.com 10 White Rat 19344 05/26/04
Description: Mark T's Mild-2-Wild glass packs and truck stacks
Satisfaction: I researched and researched before making this purchase. I did the ragnar cut and it wasn't near enough, but I didn't want to go too far. I went with the M2W system because you get the options of the trombones to go louder or the silencers if momma wants them. How could you possibly go wrong? You can't! Fit and finish are excellent and Mark is a class act.

Ultimate Big Boy Seats Ultimate Seats Ultimate Seats 10 White Rat 19344 05/26/04
Description: Ultimate Big Boy w/backrest, passenger seat w/backrest
Satisfaction: Outstanding. I have put about 3,000 miles on the new seats and couldn't be happier. I got the leather seats and to me they just say 1st class all the way. I have washed the bike several times and driven in some rain with no problems on the leather seats. Comfort is fantastic and my wife never asks when we're going to make a stop any more. As a matter of fact, she said her new seat is so comfortable, she almost fell asleep!

Custom Leather Fork Covers Ups N downs Farm "Tracy Lanham" Highbinders Wife, Tracy 10 sixpax 4370 05/26/04
Description: Fancy Leather Fork Covers made in black w/colored inserts and Fringes Very nice Quality; A real neat acc...
Satisfaction: Excellent fit and finish. Really a neat idea and color coordinated to fit your bike. E-mail Highbinder or drop him a memo on the General Board, he visits often...

Custom Leather Fork Covers Ups N down Farm "Tracy Lanham" na 10 sixpax 4370 05/26/04
Description: Fancy Leather Fork Covers made in black w/colored inserts and Fringes Very nice Quality; A real neat acc...
Satisfaction: Excellent fit and finish. Really a neat idea and color coordinated to fit your bike. E-mail Highbinder or drop him a memo on the General Board, he visits often...

Kick Shifter Rattlebars Rattlebars 10 Jim 20335 05/26/04
Description: Heal toe shifter
Satisfaction: The product leaves your foot a little cramped but it works great and I understand they do make a fix for that. The best thing is the service. When I ordered it, it came minus the standard peg I understood it came with. When I told them they sent me the better one without charge. Also after having it for about two months, some of the chrome started to peel. I was at their site one day looking at their other products and decited to let them know. To my suprise they wrote me back and said it happened to about 1% of them and they would send me a new one. Now thats taking care of your customers. I will buy from them again and agian. Jim

Kickshifter Rattlebars na 10 Whitebeard 21574 05/23/04
Description: Heel/toe shifter
Satisfaction: I had a '99 ACE T with the stock heel/toe shifter which I traded in for a '01 Valk Interstate April 30. After 4 years with the heel/toe shifter, I missed being able to shift that way. I did a search here & found the reviews & recommendations for the Rattlebars "Kickshifter". Thank you very much for the product review site. I got & installed the "Kickshifter" & rode over 200 miles with it yesterday. LOVE IT. Thanks for the recommendations and I'm glad to add my recommendation: A++++

Dragon Pack Exhaust ERNIE SCHUSTER na 10 98Tourer 20964 05/20/04
Description: 38" Dragon stacks with 18" Dragon Packs.
Satisfaction: I was very undecided which modified exhaust to go with. I have done extensive research on each and every one. Since I have done all the work for you I will tell you, there is only one place to get your pipes and that is from Ernie. What a sound!! I can not say enough about them except this is how a valk should sound!!

SEAT HONDA HONDA of NORFOLK 10 David McGill 20902 05/05/04
Satisfaction: as some of you know the 2k seat is much better than the earlier one. It is and the price new is less than $90 I finally got a bargan!

memphis shades memphis shades from dealer 3 kowasu 20463 05/03/04
Description: 21 inch sheild with hardware
Satisfaction: It does not fit correct. The brackets are not adjustable so it feels like a sail. Will not buy anything else from these guys if this is their quality.

memphis shades memphis shades from dealer 3 kowasu 20463 05/03/04
Description: 21 inch sheild with hardware
Satisfaction: It does not fit correct. The brackets are not adjutable so it feels like a sail. Will not buy anything else from these guys if this is their quality.

sándor na na Not Rated szanci 20394 04/30/04
Description: lkflklk
Satisfaction: na

Mild2Wild Trombone Packs&Stacks Horseapple Ranch Directly from Mark Tobias' Horseapple Ranch 10 Dale Beckmann 21566 04/29/04
Description: A Valk exhaust system that sucessfully meets all my needs, unlike any others. Run straight-off drag pipes, throuty/bold around-town nasty, or "silent" touring. Quick change nonbluing AND more horses to boot!
Satisfaction: I'm glad I waited to find an exhaust system that solved all the problems I had with the nationally known brands-bluing, one note sound, rejetting, lack of tip selection, and reductions in horsepower. This glass pack stainless steel system reveals Honda's quality chrome. It's TERRIFIC!

Avon Venom R Tires AVON Dealer 10 BadAss 6 11831 04/28/04
Description: Tires for Valk
Satisfaction: I wore out (2) sets of Dunlops on my Valk in just 16,000 miles, which I was not very happy about. Then, I discovered Avon Venom R's. I currently have 11,000 miles on the Avon's and am only showing a slight wear band on the rear tire. I bet I'll get at least 16,000 miles on this set. They definately have me sold!!! No more Dune-flops for me! Handling is every bit as good as the Dunlop's and the wear is double................ that's a no-brainer, where I come from. I just hope they keep making them and don't change anything!!!

L.E.D Accent lights j.d lighting Toronto bike show. 10 Bruce 8711 04/21/04
Description: 3 small lights in a water tight holder. small and easy to install,can be hidden almost any place.
Satisfaction: very saticfied,with product and price.14 dollars each.9 dollars for lighted switch.also come in lots of colors.

seat rail big bike things Barry 10 H-2 18760 04/20/04
Description: solo seat double rail
Satisfaction: Very nice product fit and finish is perfect. I would highly reccomend this product


k&n air/fuel monitor k&n viking motorcycle 2 James 19470 04/08/04
Description: gauge that measures amount the of mixture of fuel and gas
Satisfaction: no messages returned from viking motorcyle,k&n sent me another as the first 1 didnt work properly,2nd still doesnt read right,gauge is supposed to blink a couple times to confirm its reading properly

Cruise Control Break Away Products breakawayproducts.com 10 Ron White 21382 04/07/04
Description: This is a throttle lock type control unlike anything you have ever seen before.
Satisfaction: I would not have another bike without this product being added to it. It is not only a superbly designed unit, it is smart looking, very easy to install and use and most of all it's safe. There are no thumb screws or knobs to fumble with. Easy set with slight thumb pressure and releases by touching the front brake lever or a slight press on a thumb release lever. See Brians web sight for complete details. Tell him Ron sent you.

Vista Cruise Vista Cruise na 7 Ed Apelian 21337 04/04/04
Description: Throttle lock.
Satisfaction: Overall I am pretty satisfied with the product. It works well and in a good value at $30. The installation is a bit of a chore and you may have to fiddle with the parts to make it fit. The insturctions are pretty poor but since I had one on my last bike I knew how it should install. Once installed it works great.

V stacks Aeromach Used off VRCC board 10 98Tourer 20964 04/04/04
Description: The most incredible accessory you can add. Took a little installation time, but well worth it. Looking for something that stands out? Buy these.
Satisfaction: Very satisfied

cruise control AudoVox ccs100 internet 9 Bob 7246 03/28/04
Description: Automotive cruise control adapted to the Valkyrie
Satisfaction: great product - fairly long install time D Sproul's instructions were essential

Dragon Stack exhausts and packs by Ernie Schuster Ernie Schuster Dragonpacks@Valkyrieriders.com 10 Gary 20817 03/28/04
Description: I was looking for an exhaust for a Valkyrie that i had bought and found it to be difficult to get something really nice or at all. I live in Scotland and you don't see a lot of these bikes here it is mostly Harley's. I found this site and investigated, out of all the systems i saw, i thought Ernie Schusters Dragon Stacks were the only ones that had class and looked like they were made with the style of the bike in mind. Decision made now i had to ask if they would ship them to Scotland from Ohio, the reply was, "no problem if it can be done i'll do it. Ernie Schuster went well out of his way to get me sorted with everything i needed and i thank him for this. This exhaust system is second to none. The workmanship is excellent and everyone that has seen them has said the exhaust system is beautiful. My system has 38" stacks and the full range of adjustable packs (thanks Ernie).
Satisfaction: It just looks and sounds THE BUSINESS.

Dragon V Radiator Grill na Waynes World 10 Paul 20964 03/27/04
Description: Great quality and covers the top as well as the front.
Satisfaction: Great item that really makes a difference to the front of the bike. Covers the large black hole in the front that is always an eye sore.

Highway Pegs Kuryakyn D&K Motorcycles 9 Sensei 16852 03/18/04
Description: Kuryakyn 7966 highway pegs
Satisfaction: I cannot believe how much more comfortable my bike is with the addition of these footpegs and my Utopia backrest. I mounted the footpegs to the curved portion of my engine guard. They mounted quickly and easily with nothing more than an adjustable wrench and a hex key. They are incredibly adjustable and should suit almost any size rider.

Driver Backrest Utopia D&K Motorcycles 7 Sensei 16852 03/18/04
Description: Driver backrest for Valkyrie Standard.
Satisfaction: This backrest is incredibly comfortable. I installed it in about 10 minutes with very little effort. I have read that you need to make an incision in your seat, but this backrest did not require any cutting (thank goodness). The only minor problem I had is that the adhesive boot doesn't really stick that well to the passenger seat. This doesn't cause any huge issues--it is just a little annoying (and may change over time as the boot becomes a little more flexible).

Ultimate Seat Ultimate Seats VRCC web site 10 Ron 8418 03/15/04
Description: Big Boy Driver seat- Black
Satisfaction: Should have added this 4 years ago. Really makes riding "the dragon" more comfortable.

mild2wild valkyrie glasspack mod exhaust system horseapple ranch enterprises,llc horseapple.com Mark Tobias 10 richard 20385 03/08/04
Description: glasspack mod 40"stacks pair of trombones and silencers
Satisfaction: excellent workmanship great sound everything I expected, Mark was a pleasure to work with.

Rotating Tail & Pulse L.E.D. Brake Light na Ebay or JC Whitney 10 Windman69 21029 03/04/04
Description: The replacement of the rear tailight bulb #1157 w/an equivalent LED rotating & pulse brake light. Definitely, a safety and eye catcher for vehicles approaching from the rear. As with any tail light-the major difference is in the evening where the factor is of most critical importance. In addition, less power consumption for the battery.
Satisfaction: Guaranteed for years. Cost approx $10 on Ebay or $25 from JC Whitney

chrome swing arm covers kuriakyn(spellin is wrong) Touring specialties 9 don nowell 21105 03/01/04
Description: highly polished chrome covers for the painted swing arms
Satisfaction: love the product but before you pull off the backing pre-fit it to the swing arm.

Kickshifter Rattlebars Rattelbars 10 Larry Combs 17290 02/15/04
Description: Heel and toe shifter
Satisfaction: I am very satisfied. I purchased about a year and a half ago. Makes shifting easy. Looks great. Install was easy. The only problem and it was my fault was I didn't have as much room on the foot peg. It seemed that my heel didn't set back enough. So after a year and a half I looked on the rattlebar site and noticed that to give you more heel room all I had to do was adjust the main shifter height. Plenty of room now! I noticed that another review had the same problem. A very easy adjustment a notch either way makes a big differance. Well worth the money. Haven't missed a gear shifting since installed. Anyone with any questions should contact Chet at rattlebars. He is very helpful.

Trigger Wheel Lake Ebay Motors 10 Windman69 21029 02/14/04
Description: Advances Timing 6 Degrees
Satisfaction: Excellent Product for the Valkyrie. Significant noticable differences in both power/torque performance. For the dollar; the cost is well justified!!

kick shifter rattle bars na 10 SILVERBACK 19060 02/13/04
Description: I don't know how anybody could do without it the shifting is so much less effort the only time I miss a shift know is if I kick the wrong way which generaly never happens. This looks good and is better than the stock shifter
Satisfaction: na

kick shifter na na 10 SILVERBACK 19060 02/13/04
Description: I don't know how anybody could do without it the shifting is so much less effort the only time I miss a shift know is if I kick the wrong way which generaly never happens. This looks good and is better than the stock shifter
Satisfaction: na

Hyper-Lites Hyper-Lites Honda Hoot Knoxville, Tenn. 10 Muddauber 20902 02/06/04
Description: Flashing led aux brake lights
Satisfaction: When installed the unit failed to operate, I called the company and they sent the needed part that day. The lights work as advertised and seem to keep the cages back. Great product and great company.

Rear trun signal conversion kit The Electrical Connection www.electricalconnection.com 10 Captain Skippy 15526 01/31/04
Description: Converts rear turn signals to running & brake lights
Satisfaction: Very satisfied, but installing was a pain. I'm not a wrench and got my son-in-law to help. Also got directions off this site, but those showed the older signal housings with a reflector cup. Went to my dealer cause my 2000 Tour doesn't have any and found that the cup was discontinued some time ago. Had to glue the led's to the inside to the lens. Also had to take the turn signal stalk and housing completly apart for the wiring. But if you go to the trouble, you'll be pleased, and the extra lighting might save your butt!

PASSENGER FOOTBOARDS Rivco Honda Direct Line 9 Satch 16189 01/31/04
Description: Adjustable and fold uppable
Satisfaction: Adjustment is achieved by spring loaded pins that locate in any of a series of holes.A great method, but I could have done with one more hole to make 'em that little bit lower.I may drill it myself.Really heavy billet,flawlessly chromed. Luv 'em so far. Let's see how they stand up to a Welsh winter.

Beetle Bags Corbin Hal 8 Slowride 8499 01/28/04
Description: Stylish hard bags w/ turn signals
Satisfaction: Great looking bags, pretty easy install. Negatives: Forget about towing a trailer unless you fabricate your own bracket, you *will* need to replace the weak turn signals.

Mark T Trombones Horseapple Ranch Horseapple RANCH 7 Slowride 8499 01/28/04
Description: Glass packs w/ bones and stacks
Satisfaction: Mark's reputation is indesputable. Having said that, I'm sorry to report that I'm dissapointed in the sound. Not much difference w/ bones in or out and not much louder than the piggy/baffle mod. Try to hear a set before you buy.

Hondaline Rear Carrier Honda Honda of Troy, Troy, Ohio 8 BoBo 14260 01/28/04
Description: Chrome rear square tube carrier
Satisfaction: I'm very satisfied with it. It's exactly what I was looking for.

"Cock and Lock" Motorcycle Cruise Control Motorcycle Accessory Design 12/15/03 9 Jeff Darrow 6593 01/21/04
Description: Designed and built to match the Honda OEM Aluminium throttle body housing it is exactly as it is advertised. Fit and finish excellent; easy to install - 5 mins.; easy to use.
Satisfaction: na

Exhaust system Dragon Packs Ernie Schuster 10 Randy 14698 01/20/04
Description: Dragon Packs 36" straight cut with 18"packs
Satisfaction: Material and workmanship the best.Installation very simple.Sound fantastic,makes Valk sound like the muscle cruiser it is .


Large fuel tank Advanced Composites Eng. Advanced Composites Eng. 3 Wendell 1907 01/13/04
Description: Gas cracks the epoxy coating & it pulls off . Then the gas will pass through wall of the tank, pushing the paint loose from the back side. There reply is there tank does not leak. They are done
Satisfaction: I did find some one that can fix the Tank. I think they should have repaired the tank & repainted it.But they did not. The customer has to find a way to repair there mistake & cover the cost.

Dragon Pack Exhaust Dragon Pack Ernie Schuster Dragon Pack 10 jkuhn 6304 12/11/03
Description: 36" Slash cut with 18" glass packs
Satisfaction: t product. Fits perfect and instructions were easy to follow. Ernie was very helpful with questions. He called to follow up to make sure that I didn't have problems installing the pipes. They sound great wish I had changed the exhaust years earlier.

Ultimate Low Rider Seat Ultimate Seats Direct thru internet (Des) 6 Cloud Hopper 18454 12/08/03
Description: Aftermarket seat for the Honda Valkyrie. The Low Rider will lower you by about an inch from the stock unit. This is good in that it allows for better footing on the ground. However, if you have longer legs to start with you may feel a bit cramped in relation to the foot pegs. I installed a peg relo-kit and got back the inch of leg room that I had lost.
Satisfaction: Construction is good. Leather quality is very good. Looks very nice. The rider's backrest works quite well too. The passenger's seat and backrest are a big improvement over the original. The problem is the rider's seat comfort. Great for short rides, fantastic around town. The seat really has a nice pocket to keep you in place. Everybody is different, but I find I start squirming in the seat after 11/2 hours of steady riding. I did find that the peg relo kit and a pair of Lamonster risers helped a bit in this regard by allowing me to distribute the weight more evenly over my butt and upper thighs. I now have over 5,000 miles on the seat. If I were to do it all over again I would look for a 2000 or newer OEM seat first, if that didn't work I would try the Russell Daylong seat.

kickshifter rattlebars rattlebars 8 ELMOT 20120 12/07/03
Description: heel,toe shifter
Satisfaction: I like the product,and mine is very well made,it definatly aids in speed shifts,and makes regular shifting easier.the only complaint I have is that it cuts down on the area on the peg for foot placement.I only have a size 9 foot,and have not seen anyone else with this complaint,so I may somehow be to blame,but it still is a problem for me,or I would have given this product a 10 plus.

ultimate seat ultimate seat 09/03 10 ELMOT 20120 12/07/03
Description: lowrider seat
Satisfaction: I was a little leary about purchasing this seat late in the year because of the 14 day return policy,didn't know if I had enough time left to get a feel for it,well it only took one 95 mile ride for me to be sold,I'm 5'8"and it feels like a new bike,not only comfortable,but I seem to have more low speed controle.I like this seat a lot,and the service was great.

Valkyrie grab rail Custom World Value Accessories 10 19989 12/02/03
Description: replacement sissy bar allows removal of Honda backrest and still leave stock backrest supports in place for quick and easy replacement
Satisfaction: quality chrome, mounting bolts and nuts included, installs and fits well

Cock & Lock Motorcycle Cruise Control Motorcycle Accessory Design http://www.madcorider.com/motorcycle-cruise-control.html Not Rated Swubba 19961 11/20/03
Description: Cruise Control
Satisfaction: Very satisfied. This product installs in about 5 minutes with the provided allen wrench. Very well designed for the Valkyrie matching perfectly with the OEM throttle housing. Upon install, I noticed that it had a tendancy to stick ever so slightly upon release. It states in the directions that it was designed to never need any lubricant. I just shot a bit of WD40 between the throttle bell and the Cock & Lock and it has worked wonderfully for months. This product cost about $73.00 with shipping and turnaround is very quick. I had mine within one week. Full money back if your not satisfied. Pretty straight forward company. This product has really saved my right hand as we all know how numb and cramped your hand can get riding a highway for hours. I really love this thing because not only can you tell it is on the bike (because of it's very neat design) but it even has about a quarter inch of throttle travel when engaged in order to allow for hills and different traffic speeds. Would definately recommend this product. Will disengage easily. Much better than a cheap palm lever or a big bulky ugly crank down model.

thunder exhaust system Thunder MFG. PHoenix, AZ Handy Cycle Wilmington, DE . 1-302-656-6896 10 robert kinderman 6462 11/20/03
Description: 6/2 exhaust w/chrome muffler and ceramic coatedheader pipes that WON'T turn blue
Satisfaction: Finally a set of pipes that make it sound like a 68 camero and run like one too, I'm through the roof happy after 3 other exhaust systems this is the real sh..list$700. Pais 625. at handy cycle

thunder exhaust system Thunder MFG. PHoenix, AZ Handy Cycle Wilmington, DE . 1-302-656-6896 10 robert kinderman 6462 11/20/03
Description: 6/2 exhaust w/chrome muffler and ceramic coatedheader pipes that WON'T turn blue
Satisfaction: Finally a set of pipes that make it sound like a 68 camero and run like one too, I'm through the roof happy after 3 other exhaust systems this is the real sh..list$700. Pais 625. at handy cycle

Various Accessories Viking Motor Cycle Online direct from Viking Motor Cycle 10 GEORGE 18802 11/19/03
Description: Engine hanger covers (chrome) Horn relocation bracket "Special Stud Kit" Viking M.C. exclusive item makes installing the engine hanger and horn bracket on left side of bike a piece of cake. "Solo" rail for use when passenger seat and backrest are removed (temporarily or longer)
Satisfaction: The products were all great but the main thing was the customer service and advice I received from Viking M. C. specifically ANDY. I didn't make a tremendously expensive purchase but with the servie I received you would think I bought 2 or 3 turnkey bikes. Andy gave me a few free pointers and then informed me of the "STUDKIT" they make for attaching the engine hanger and or horn bracket to the left side of the bike, what a terrific little product. SERVICE IS EVERYTHING AND VIKING MOTOR CYCLE DELIVERS! "GREAT GUYS"

V-STACKS AeroMach Online order direct from AeroMach 10 GEORGE 18802 11/19/03
Description: Velocity Stack Style Carb Covers.
Satisfaction: Installation is reasonably straight forward but you must use care and pay close attention to carb linkage disassembly and reassembly and exercise extra care when removing o.e.m. carb covers in order to hold the diaphram/springs in position until you attach each "stack". YEAH! they don't do a damn thing except get an awesome amount of attention.

6 into 6 exhaust pipes Two Brothers Racing Honda Dealer 10 GEORGE 18802 11/19/03
Description: 6 into 6 performance exhaust pipes
Satisfaction: Tremendous sound; straight forward installation (bought from my dealer but installed myself) Bike runs very well no "popping" Two Brothers recommends leaving stock jetting in palce and so far after 1000 miles bike runs well. I had my dealer give the bike a workout and he agrees the bike runs terrific and jetting should be left alone. Chrome seems good so far, Two brothers should engrave their insignia on pipes

W2M Pipes Horseapple Ranch / Mark Tobias Horseapple Ranch / Mark Tobias 10 Airetime 13720 11/19/03
Description: Mark Tobias glasspack mod with Silencers and Trombones.
Satisfaction: Top notch quality in fit and finish. Sounds better than I thought it would and now have 3 options: . 1. Run with just the glasspacks (GGrroowwwll) 2. Run as straight thru pipes, Here HD(Trombones) 3. Run quite for long trips (Silencers) Mark goes out of his way to make sure that you are satisfied, even after the sale. Got a problem, just pick up the phone and call him! that's service!

Two Brothers 6 into 6 exhaust Two Brothers Kickstand 10 SIR BUCK 2625 11/12/03
Description: Complete exhaust system
Satisfaction: Man I can't say enough about this system. The exhaust note sounds like a V-8. And the rumble that you hear when you decel is too sweet. The v twins can't touch it. I have put around 1000 miles on these pipes in 2 weeks. The only blueing is on the 3rd pipe on the left side of the bike.

solo bar LaMonster direct line 4 JAYHAWK 15203 11/03/03
Description: Replaces sissy bar for that "cool" solo look!
Satisfaction: For that price - Not very... LED lights are really rinky dink. The solid bar without it probably much better. Very light colored orange stain on top of bar. Hard to see, but I can see it. Perhaps LaMonster has lost control of his quality control, just glad I didn't buy a blower!

Truck Stacks Exhaust Dragon Exhaust Dragon exhaust from the VRCC site. 10 Ken Wood 14566 10/17/03
Description: 36" Stacks with 18" Packs
Satisfaction: Very satisfied! The install was a piece of cake and changing packs for more or less volume just as easy. Found the 18" packs to be just right for the highway and getting comments, but not to loud for the long haul.Nine or twelve inch packs can be bought depending on how much volume you want.These pipes really improved the looks of the back of my standard over the stock ones.I get a lot of compliments on their appearence.

Mick-o-pegs Mick-o-pegs Mick-o-pegs 8 bigSteve 20107 10/14/03
Description: Highway pegs
Satisfaction: Really a good product, very rider oriented. Not as appearance pleasing but a great set of pegs at a slightly high price.

Throttlemeister cruise control Throttlemeister Throttlemeister 9 bigSteve 20107 10/14/03
Description: Cruise control
Satisfaction: So far I really like it, looks great, works good, priced satisfactorily. Really a big help on the highway as I have a problem with getting numb hands after about 20 minutes.

Passenger foot pegs Kuryakyn Honda Direct Line 7 Doc 16378 10/05/03
Description: Passenger foot pegs
Satisfaction: The pags look good now that they are installed. However, the instructions that came with the pegs were wrong and did not explain how to install them. Installation was a bit tricky with the shims you need to install with that third hand you always seem to need and don't have. I have ordered several items from Kuryakyn and they are generally very good, but not this time.

Chrome handlebar switch housings Big Bike Parts Honda Direct Line 3 Doc 16378 10/05/03
Description: Chrome handlebar switch housings
Satisfaction: First of all, now that it is installed (by the local cycle shop)it looks great. However, the people at Big Bike get a F for not milling down the housings before chroming them. This was a nightmare to install. Everything had to be custom ground and hand fitted to make it work. Think twice before you order one and be prepared for several hours of work.

sheep skin seat pad Winter Woolies Winter Wooly website 10 Scott 16378 10/05/03
Description: Black sheep skin seat cover
Satisfaction: I am very satisfied with these seat covers. I got it because my passenger ( the lovely Renee)was getting a sore posterior after very short rides. Now we can goas long as I want and she rides in comfort. Nick at Winter Wolly is a first class guy and will treat you right!

440 shocks Progressive Honda Direct line 10 Doc 16378 10/05/03
Description: Shock absorbers
Satisfaction: This is the second best chnage I have made to the Valk (Avon Venoms where the first)! If you haven't chnaged those standard buckboard Honda shocks do it now. These make the bike ride and handle like a dream.

Avon Venom tires Avon Honda Direct line 10 Scott 16378 10/05/03
Description: Tires
Satisfaction: These are one of the best changes I have made to my bike. Gone are the spongy old wandering Dunlops and on are the new stable corner huging Venoms! Get em!

Chrome valance Kuryakyn Honda Online 10 Scott 16378 10/05/03
Description: Chrome spark plug covers.
Satisfaction: Really looks good! This gives the Valk a very finished look.

Offset dually # 7976 Kuryakyn Viking 2 Alex Fraser 19134 10/03/03
Description: Driver highway pegs
Satisfaction: I love the look of this product and with my 32" inseam, it's just barely able to fit me on the highway. The trouble is that they don't grip the engine guard as they're suppose to. They slip down no matter what I've tried. So far I've had no response from Viking as to what I should do with them. They look real good sitting on my guest bed waiting for Viking to write me. Very nice looking piece of junk.

Air Wings w/Uppers Baker Built Products, Inc.. Direct from the manufacturer 9 Terry 1404 09/27/03
Description: Dark Smoke acrylic air deflectors with Black finish mounting brackets. Draws cool air to the legs and torso when open,deflects cold air while pulling warm air up from the engine when closed.
Satisfaction: Excellent product! Mounted on a Standard with a Memphis Fats bugscreen. Dramatic reduction of updraft/buffeting. Should help extend the riding season here in the Midwest. Looks decent, fast service.

Satisfaction: na

Windshield Clearview http://www.clearviewshields.com/ 10 Bogrider 16892 09/23/03
Description: Extra tall windshield, fits standard Honda bracket
Satisfaction: At 6'4", the standard tall Honda windshield was too small. This windshield is the tallest manufactured that I have found, being a good three inches or more taller than Honda. Very good service also. Fit on my Honda standard Valk bracket.

k-drive rigedmount saddlebags k-drive by varatex internet 9 run62 20092 09/20/03
Description: quick conect disconect saddlebags
Satisfaction: good customer service quick free shipping high quality good looks.

Dual Saddle with saddle gel Travelcade/Saddleman ordered from their Plant in Calif. 10 Mac 10871 09/17/03
Description: Custom Leather motorcycle Saddle made to riders and pass.spec I have used their seats on Gold Wings.1200,1500,&1800 and this is the second Valkyrie I had them make,realy a great Seat and look great to.
Satisfaction: 100 Percent

Tank panel Heritage Saddlebags na 10 Buckly 20014 09/13/03
Description: Tank bib or panel and gas cap cover
Satisfaction: A quality product and the best looking panel on the market.I would suggest buying the gas cap cover to elimlnate the glare on the windshield that is common on the I/S

Signal Minder SM3 Kisan Technologies Honda Direct Line 10 MacD 19948 09/13/03
Description: Adds a signal counter to shut off turn signals. Allows for converting all signal lights to running lights. Allows for brake interrupter for signal counter.
Satisfaction: This bike saves my life. I ride a lot at night, some times late at night on some fairly empty roads. This product gives me the visibility I want for approaching traffic. EASY install and the manufacturer's support is great.

Driving Lights and LED Turn Signals WHODIDIT Inc. Unfortunately from Crossroads Accessories 9 Norm 19948 09/13/03
Description: Great addition to the Valk. Low profile, functional and great lighting at night. The LED turn signals are great. Especially the "side" signal addition. Easy to install
Satisfaction: VERY SATISFIED

loud horn Unknown JCWhitney Not Rated Love2Ride 20150 09/12/03
Description: Twin Electric Horns SKU#88ZX8357A $19.99
Satisfaction: easily installs in place of old whimpy meep meep valkyrie horn.just have to be careful not to block the oil filter for removal.

National Cycle Windshield National Cycle www.hondalineusa.com 8 Swubba 19961 09/12/03
Description: N2250 - Heavy Duty
Satisfaction: Overall, very satisfied. Could have bought the Memphis Fats 21" for less, but have done much research and saw too many compliants about it not being strong enough and flexing at the gauges and splitting. Not had that problem with the National Cycle shield. I am 6'1" tall with a 30" inseam. Tried the National Cycle Streetshield EX before this sheild. Though it fit and looked good, it was not functional as the wind buffeting was horrible. Now with the N2250 the wind buffeting is almost non-existent at speeds up to 80mph. Struggled with getting the honda line, but glad I went with the N2250 as it is made especially for the Valkyrie and the VTX. For the money, this is your best deal. Good quality sheild, good optics both day and night and the mounting hardware is heavy duty and well chromed. It is a bit tricky to put on in order to get the shield straight and level, but anyone can figure it out. It just takes some trial and error. Only bummer is that the rake isn't adjustable, it is like pushing a vertical piece of plastic throught the air. Cuts down on performance at high speeds so for those of you that are use to just pulling back on the throttle to pass, I would leave about an extra 300 ft between you and the oncoming car. Shield looks great on the bike though. I think for the money, the NC N2250 is the best buy.

Peg Relocator w/Kick Shift RattleBars Direct via Internet 9 Big Jim 20103 09/10/03
Description: Brackets to lower and move forward rider pegs, while changing from toe to heel shift - for 6'8" rider.
Satisfaction: Very satisfied with service, value, installation, performance, construction, and finish.

Brake Pedal Cover Kuryakyn Hondaline Direct Valkyrie Store 2 Honda Joe 294 09/02/03
Description: Rubber and "chrome" Brake Pedal Cover
Satisfaction: For those of you who may have forgotten, KURYAKYN is Taiwanese for CRAP. This is a cheaply made inferior product that cannot be assembled according to the instructions and one of the bolts that comes with it is too short. That plain little standard brake pad does need a cover though. Look for a better product from a different manufacturer.

Muffler Exhaust Tips Cobra Honda Direct Line Valkyrie Store 9 Honda Joe 294 09/02/03
Description: Slash Down
Satisfaction: I read here in earlier reviews that some members had trouble lining up the mounting holes. Some said that only two of the three holes lined up.I had no trouble at all, the fit was perfect and all three holes lined up on each side. There is a right and a left side as indicated by the engraved part number on the pipe. I wonder if possibly the folks who said they don't fit have them on backwards. As for performance, I notice a smoother airflow with a slightly quieter and smoother sound. Less reverberation and no popping. I am pleased with the fit and finish and overall performance...Hojo

Shuberth Concept helmet Shuberth Helme, Germany , Intersport Fashions U.S. distributor Intersport Fashions West 9 King Karl 14882 08/31/03
Description: High tech, German engineered and built, Full face, DOT approved Flip face helmet. $450 price tag.
Satisfaction: This is a great helmet! I have other full face helmets but this is the one I use all the time. It is fairly lightweight, quieter than other similar helmets, and quite comfortable. It has a removable inner liner you can hand wash or I just throw it in the washing machine with my clothes then take it out to air dry. It has a pretty decent ventilation system and the clear visor has several detent postions including an "urban cruising" position that lets you get fresh air to your face without haveing to open and shut the visor at every stop light. AND it has a very cool F-16 pilot style flip down sun visor, separate from the clear visor, built into the helmet and operated by a lever on the side. Flip it down for sun, up for night, no need for changing visors or sunglasses. Speaking of flipping, the face flips up for entry and exit and locks down in place for driving. The helmet face lock control is easy to get used to, as is the adjustable locking latch chin strap. (No D ring fumbling, just press a button.)This is a quality, carbon fiber/Aramid German built helmet, made by the same company that makes helmets for BMW, and the German police and military. The price tag reflects this. But If you like trick, high tech head gear, check out the website http://www.schuberth-usa.com/. these helmets are available in several different solid colors.

Rattlebars Kick Shift Rattlebars Mfg. Rattlebars Website 8 King Karl 14882 08/31/03
Description: Heel-toe shifter for Valkyrie
Satisfaction: Upside: A great idea and a great improvement over the short stock toe shift lever (which remains fully functional). It allows faster, easier shifts (especially upshifting) and pretty much eliminates the "missed-upshift-into-second gear" problem. It looks very correct on the bike when installed, installation is fairly easy, and the included instructions are good. Learning to use it is simple and quick. Try it and you'll wonder how (or why) you every rode without one. Downside: The $100 dollar price seems a bit high. I wear size 13 boots and the rear shift peg sort of constrains my foot when in the normal riding position. I wish I could move it rearward about an inch. It is probably perfect for more standard sized feet (8-11). After 9 months of use, the chrome plating has rusted through along the edges- and not just in the wear areas- every corner or edge has rusted including areas that receive no wear or contact in use. If this item were made of polished stainless steel it would be great.

Rear turn signal conversion kit Electrical Connection Manufacturer 9 Tim 20003 08/29/03
Description: Adds red LEDs to the rear turn signal housings.
Satisfaction: The end result is well worth the $50 for the kit, but a bit of a pain to install. The wires that come off the LEDs are much smaller than the wires in the rest of the kit and the splices that they have to go into are too big for that size wire, requiring you to strip extra insulation off and then doubling the wire for a resonable fit. If I had to do it again, I'd probably take the time to strip sections of the wire and solder them instead of using the slices. Takes up less room and it would be more reliable. Lastly, my turn signal housing have the cover screw on the bottom of the housing instead of the two screws on the front of the lens. For this type if light, the instructions say to RTV the LEDs onto the back of the lens instead of mounting them inside the housing itself. The RTV came with the kit, and works fine but I wonder how hard its going to be to remove the LEDs once they start burning out. Not something I'm going to do for just two or three burnt out bulbs. Overall, I really like the results, more nighttime rear visibility and look cool when the turn signals are used.

Exhaust Mark Tobias Horseapple.com 10 Tulsa Tom 20039 08/25/03
Description: Stock pipes converted to glasspacks with removable bypass tubes.
Satisfaction: Good product. Good service. Put the tubes in for a "straight pipe" sound, pull them out for a distinctive sound you can live with on the big road.

Throttlemeister Cruise Control for Motorcycles Marker Machine Inc. since 1968 directly from the manufacturer 9 PUMA 4669 08/24/03
Description: These matching bar end caps, Valkyrie Model "FVD", are machined from billet stainless steel. The one on the throttle side has a bronze piston which is installed inside the handlebar (the mechanism is internal) and it engages the throttle tube, not the hand grip. The cruise control is engaged by turning the entire bar end in the same direction as opening the throttle. Disengaged by turning in the same direction as closing the throttle.
Satisfaction: Everything as mentioned in their web site: www.throttlemeister.com Complete easy to follow instruction sheet with warning precautions on the use of product. Professional personnel willing to assist.

Mick - o - Pegs mick-o-pegs INZAN 3 10 The Wolf 11469 08/22/03
Description: Highway Pegs
Satisfaction: Best pegs money can buy,I did 900 miles with them in one day,I am very happy with them.

Stainless brake line kit Russell E Bay 2 Steve 16722 08/19/03
Description: Braided stainless brake line kit (front)
Satisfaction: Junk. Lines not long enough. Took it off and put the stock lines back on.

Mick-O-Pegs Jim Mick at http://www.ridingiswonderful.com InZane III from the mfr. 10 John 17747 08/18/03
Description: Spring-loadede road pegs
Satisfaction: Never had any pegs this comfortable. Makes long distances a snap. No more "boot on the peg, boot on TOP of the peg, boot back down, then repeat..."

Hondaline Windshield Honda Viking Motorcycle 10 Florida Tom 17793 08/08/03
Description: Clear lexan with mounting hardware
Satisfaction: Very easy to install, perfect fit and appearance as expected. Very good protection and low wind noise level. Replaced a National Cycle windshield. Hondaline's miles ahead of the National shield in every catagory.

Seat Back Emblem and Plate Hondaline Viking Motorcycle 10 Florida Tom 17793 08/08/03
Description: decorative plate and emblem that attaches to the back side of the passenger seat back.
Satisfaction: A beautiful and impressive addition at a reasonable cost.

Oil Temperature Gauge Tel-Tru Viking Motorcycle 9 Florida Tom 17793 08/08/03
Description: Analog gauge to indicate engine oil temperature
Satisfaction: A nice looking and useful addition to the bike. Oil level markings are not present. I simply remove the unit and check my oil level with the OEM dip stick. No problem. The real negative, and it's no issue with the gauge, is its location directly underneath the ignition switch. From the drivers eye perspective, when I look down at the gauge I can only see a key ring. The gauge face is directly underneath the keys. Bummer! To view the gauge face while riding or at a stop light, you must remove your hand from the front brake lever and push the keys to one side so as to view the gauge. It's not a show stopper but an annoyance.

Oil Temperature Gauge Tel-Tru Viking Motorcycle 9 Florida Tom 17793 08/08/03
Description: Analog gauge to indicate engine oil temperature
Satisfaction: A nice looking and useful addition to the bike. Oil level markings are not present. I simply remove the unit and check my oil level with the OEM dip stick. No problem. The real negative, and it's no issue with the gauge, is its location directly underneath the ignition switch. From the drivers eye perspective, when I look down at the gauge I can only seek a key ring. The gauge face is directly underneath the keys. Bummer! To view the gauge face while riding or at a stop light, you must remove your hand from the front brake lever and push the keys to one side so as to view the gauge. It's not a show stopper but an annoyance.

Rivco Driving Lights Rivco Viking Motorcycle 5 Florida Tom 17793 08/08/03
Description: Driving Lights
Satisfaction: The look is great. That's what sold me on the Rivco's. However, the installation is a bit of a challenge since I found an important drilling in a light arm to be undersize. I had to drill it out breaking the chrome in the hole and introducing an opportunity for corrosion to begin. The light wire leads were both too short to reach the on/off switch. I had to splice both wires. Instructions called for a specific hole size to be drilled in the headlight nacel to mount the on/off switch. The hole called for was several drill sizes too small; what if the specified hole had been too big!!! The lights are not adjustable in the up/down direction contrary to the instructions and when mounted the lights blind oncoming driver. I know because I get continuous challenges from oncoming drivers. The adjustment is a comprimise between getting the lights too high or having hard contact between the signal lights (both sides) and the radiator side trim. Lastly, the spotlights themselves have an issue with the bezel/nacel fit. At night the fit is so poor that there is a "halo" of light shining back toward the rider which is quite annoyin. I called sent Rivco an e-mail regarding these issues and in their favor I did get a return call but happened to be away from the phone when it came. A message was left to call a named person which I attemped to do several times but I got no response. I phoned their office and got a technician who was less than useless in fixing my problems. I would buy anything else before I would buy Rivco again.

Floorboards Cobra Viking Motorcycle 8 Florida Tom 17793 08/08/03
Description: Chrome and Rubber Floorboard
Satisfaction: The quality and appearance are terrific! Fit is something else. Both sides go on pretty well but there are issues with brake pedal and shifter pedal position in relation to the floorboards. By adjusting the brake pedal to it's top limit the brake pedal position is good. The shifter, however, is not adjustable to suit my tastes. Even when following Cobra's instructions the pedal height is too high to get a boot tip between the pedal and the shifter. If you adjust the pedal height lower than OEM fit, you cannot get a boot tip under the shifter pedal Without contorting the foot down at an accute and uncomfortable angle. The best, but poor, position is to leave the pedal in the OEM position where the shifter pedal can be operated but with some difficulty.

Hondaline Windshield Kit Unknown Viking 10 Florida Tom 17793 08/08/03
Description: Windshield
Satisfaction: Perfect fit and appearance. Just as I expected it to be

Fork mounted wind deflectors with lights Waynes World WaynesWorldcycle.com 10 Sherwood Moulton 11961 07/31/03
Description: Fork mounted wind deflectors with lights
Satisfaction: I've bolted a lot of stuff on my 1999 Valkyrie Interstate. Without doubt the biggest bang for the buck is Wayne's fork mounted wind deflectors with lights. The dragon design always draws ooo's and aah's. But the lights, the lights are powerful and the perfect complement to the stock lighting. for night time fog or roadside "deer hunting" this package is an essential add-on.

Avon Tires - Venom R Avon Local Dealer 10 Steve 19194 07/25/03
Description: Front and Rear
Satisfaction: Excellent handling with these tires

Progressive Shocks Progressive Local Dealer 9 BubbaSteve 19194 07/25/03
Description: 440's
Satisfaction: Great Ride!!

Ultimate Seat Ultimate Des 10 Steve 19194 07/25/03
Description: The bigboy 4 piece
Satisfaction: Man I love this seat.. Well worth the money

Big Boy seat from Ultimate Seat with Blinker Buddy inside. Ultimate seat From Des at Ultimate Seat 10 Big Dog 9154 07/24/03
Description: Aftermarket seat for the Valkyrie with optional Blinker Buddy turn signal monitoring device pre-installed.
Satisfaction: Everything you read about it being so unbelievably comfortable is true. Very well made and conforms perfectly to you. My wife says the passenger seat is wonderful too. A definite 100% improvement over a year 2000 stock seat. I can't say anything about the Blinker Buddy, because I own the company, but... Des does a great job pre-installing them in the seats. It's just as much fun now to have an Ultimate Seat as it is to own a Valkyrie! Now... if Des would make some hand grips too...

Saddlebag rails na vikingmotorcycle.com 10 Flash 2959 07/11/03
Description: Chrome dual rail that protects hard saddlebags
Satisfaction: This is actually a single piece that surrounds both bags and goes under the license plate and protects the rear fender. Install required removing saddlebags but was really a breeze and it looks great!

Chrome Seat Rail Big Bike Things Barry at bigbikethings.com 10 Rick 6023 07/07/03
Description: Chrome solo seat rail for Corbin brand seat
Satisfaction: Fantastic double "V" rail, mount to shocks and passenger seat point

Exhaust Dragon Packs - Ernie Shuster From Ernie 10 Stephen Moore 17755 07/06/03
Description: 36" Slash Cuts
Satisfaction: I can Harley hunt with my 12" glass packs. Ernie's a prince to do business with - even though his two Valks are not solid black - black is the fastest and now my black sounds like it runs. Best add on for a Valk!!!

Seat Corbin Homecoming 2002 7 Walt 16797 07/03/03
Description: Front, Rear, with Backrests.
Satisfaction: Bought these after riding to Homecoming last year after suffering from sorebutt on the oh-so-hard stock seats (500 miles). After a year and several thousand miles I'm still waiting for them to "wear-in". They look great, the backrest is great, but for the money should be more confortable. Recently did a 300 miler, couldn't wait to get off the bike. And I love to ride. No word from Corbin on my request for adjustment.

dunlop tires 206 elites dunlop Honda Dealer 10 Miles 18098 07/02/03
Description: front/rear tires love these better than stock 206 be sure to get 206 elites
Satisfaction: Lovew these tire feel great handles very very nicely

Dragon Pipes Dragon Stacks Direct from Vendor - Ernie 10 Stephen Moore 17755 07/02/03
Description: 36" Slash Cut with 12" glass packs
Satisfaction: Valkyrie now sounds like it should. Pipes are quiet enough at freeway higher speeds. Really sounds off when you hit it at slower speeds. You can hunt Harleys with these pipes! Ernie is super to deal with.

led lights hyperlites na 10 hockeypuck 15420 06/29/03
Description: brake light and running light
Satisfaction: Had a problem,one bulb went out and the dealer sent a new one to me and had it in 3 days no questions asked. Couldn,t be happier!!! Great product great people to deal with!!!

Seats Ultimate Seat Manufacturer 6 Sooner Dynoman 6428 06/24/03
Description: Low-Rider & Passenger Seats for Valk Tourer
Satisfaction: It's OK, but not great. Bought them several months ago but wanted a long trip to pass judgment. Rode to Hoot from Houston & put 2700 miles in 9 days. After the first day could not go from tank to tank without a break. Did find solution. Martha Stewart kitchen chair cushions from K-Mart. For single day rides, the Low-Rider & passenger seats are just fine. But for long trips, consider additional cushion.

Tires Avon Excel Motor Sports, Coon Rapids MN 10 David 19239 06/23/03
Description: Avon Venom R's 180/70 R16 rear and 150/80 R17 front
Satisfaction: Very satisfied. Riding home from the dealership was the smoothest ride ever. Looking forward to echoing all the great reviews about these tires after my next long ride through Michigan's U.P.

Peg Relo Kit Rattlebars Rattlebars 8 Flash 2959 06/17/03
Description: Lowers and moves forward drivers' pegs.
Satisfaction: The kit did the job well. I have a rattlebars' kickshifter and called them for specifics regarding installation with the peg kit. They were very helpful and even sent me a new set of instructions for the kickshifter and necessary replacement hardware. The directions were clear and understandable. The only figure difficult to see was the photostat of the brake side-it could be much clearer. The toughest part of the job was replaciong the chrome cover on the brake side. Altogether a very nice install and highly recommended.

Passenger Armrests and Double Trunk Rails Big Bike Things Direct from Big Bike Things 9 Seeker 14391 06/16/03
Description: Passenger Armrests and Trunk Rails for the Interstate
Satisfaction: Very satisfied with these products, passenger loves the armrests, and the rails look good. Well made and god value for money. Only downer is that the Arm Rests must be removed (2 Seconds) to open the trunk

Mustang Seat Mustang Hal 10 DenDenDenny 12122 06/12/03
Description: Studded with conchos. Includes backrest.
Satisfaction: Best looking seat on market for standard Valkyrie. The backrest is easily put on and taken off. Very comfortable because me because I don't have a fat ass. At 6'3", the legs have slightly more room to roam.

Waynes World Lighted wings Waynes World Waynes World 2 LT 9870 06/12/03
Description: Light bar option. Uses Hondaline lower wind deflectors as template and framework to hold polished stainless copies that have integrated lighting.
Satisfaction: Good reviews (posts) found on this board are what led me to purchase Wayne's lighted wing product. I found I could not adjust these lights up high enough to be useful for anything other than visibiltiy to others. These Lights had to be pointed at the ground to avoid "High" beam stabs from oncomming drivers. Come to find out the inexpensive bulbs Wayne uses are 12V track lighting bulbs! Not an automotive application! This explains the inability to use these lights to light the road, the beam is refracted all directions not focused low as it should be. Wayne does not mention this fact on his web site. I tried several times to contact Wayne about this issue and never received a reply, poor customer service. Honestly, I expected more for my $280.00!

Leather Lyke Saddle Bag Leather Lyke Direct from Manufacturer 10 EKMoe 18721 06/11/03
Description: Leather Lyke Cruiser Bags (contemporary style)
Satisfaction: After agonizing over what bag to buy like a girl shopping for a prom dress I finally chose this bag and could not be happier. Installation was about as complicated asputting gas in the bike. The bags look great, have lots of room, and come off in a snap with no ugly harware stuck on the bike. I may never have bought a better accessory than these bags and endorse them for everybody.

Mick-o-peg (highway pegs) Mick -o-peg www.ridingiswonderful.com 10 robert 18026 06/10/03
Description: chrome retractable highway pegs for the valkyrie and goldwing
Satisfaction: a little pricey but well worth the dough. Really helps out with my sore hip. Craftmanship superb.

Mick - o- pegs (highway pegs) na na 10 robert 18026 06/10/03
Description: retractable highway pegs for the Valkyrie
Satisfaction: Jim came out to my place and installed em. A little pricey but they look great and really help out with my sore hip.

Tank Bib The Heritage Saddlebag Co. Viking Motorcycle Co. 10 BIG Z 8089 06/09/03
Description: Tank bib with studs and concho for valk Standard
Satisfaction: Beautiful,heavy leather with high quality studs and bright "silver" plated (not chrome) concho. The pouch is very roomy and it fits perfect. Most important, IT FITS WITH THE ULTIMATE BIGBOY SEAT!!! Nicest Bib I've seen so far.

Ultimate Seat Ultimate Seats DES, of course!!! 10 natedog 11665 06/05/03
Description: Studded four piece "bigboy" with drivers and passenger backrest
Satisfaction: In a word.....HellyeahthisseatshouldhavebeenonwhenIboughtthebike!!!!!!!!!! Been on it for about 1000 miles and worth every, and I mean every penny! Best money I have ever spent on an assessory! Took a friend riding and they didn't complain not one mile (went 150 miles)! To everyone who is contemplating purchase......What the hell ya waitin' on!! Des is a class act to work with!

solo fender rack big bike/show chrome honda line direct 2 B.C. 18719 06/05/03
Description: chrome rack over rear fender
Satisfaction: very poor fit, the rack looks like it was made to fit a different make of fender. it sure sucks on the valk.

Luggage Rack Custom World Crossroads 3 Big E 17269 05/31/03
Description: Custom World Luggage Rack
Satisfaction: It's a good-looking rack...but...the installation is a little tougher than it needs to be. It installs inside of the sissy bars, very tightly, almost too wide to fit. You have to take everything apart to spread the sissy bars enough to squeeze it in. I've seen racks that just slip around the outside of the sissy bars...a lot easier to install that way. Also, since it installs inside, you lose the use of the threaded holes in the sissy bars. The longer bolts that are provided are almost too long, due to the fact that you now have to put nuts on them. They end up just a hair off of your paint job. Then the insides of the allen bolt heads turned orange from rust after about two weeks. Finally, the rack itself extends too far down below the bolts...again just off the paint. When I removed the rack after two months, there was a small gouge in the paint where the rack rubbed it when the weight of a rider was applied (I ain't skinny).

THH half helmet Motorcycle Specialties, Inc. helmetplanet.com Not Rated DRAGON RIDER 17415 05/28/03
Description: Maybe I can help some other bikers avoid the same treatment and problems I have had with them.
Satisfaction: Just wanted to everyone know about the problems I have had with helmetplanet.com. And maybe I can help some other bikers avoid the same treatment and problems I have had with them. They also go by (Motorcycle Specialties, Inc.), and bill with (paysystems.com). I ordered a motorcycle helmet for my wife from their company on Feburary 28, 2003. It was a THH half helmet, black XSM. What they sent me was a low quality Bikers Choice half helmet SM. Also, it was cheaper than what we paid for. And, since it was not the same size or brand we ordered I feel like we should get a full refund. We had to go out and buy one from the Honda dealership in Decatur who now had her size in stock. I have been given the run around for over 12 weeks and still nothing has been done. I first had talked to Nattaly, and she said that she had an employee who was no longer with their company mess up a lot of orders. Nattaly said she would give me a full refund and send me out shipping labels. But I had to keep calling for three weeks before I was finally faxed the shipping labels. Now this company has had the helmet back for over two weeks and still no refund has been issued. Every time I call I just get the run around or, “Oh, we’ll have to call you back and they never do.” I know I have had to send over 10 emails and called over 30 times in all this time. Yes, I have a big problem with Motorcycle Specialties, Inc. They state on there web site: “We want you the customer to be 100% satisfied with your buying experience therefore we offer a no questions asked money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your product simply return it to us for a full refund”. Bull, don’t fall for this.

Driver's Backrest Utopia Internet 10 flyboyric 18768 05/28/03
Description: Adjustable driver's seat backrest
Satisfaction: This is the greatest! Easy to install, well-made, great customer service, right price. Don't have to pay $600 or so to replace factory seats.

Cruise Control MAD Internet 8 flyboyric 18768 05/28/03
Description: Mechanical cruise control that locks the throttle grip in desired location.
Satisfaction: Very clever, well-made, easy to install (don't need to remove grip). You have to be careful when using it, it's quite a subtle device, can't necessarily tell by looking if it's locked.

Ultimate Seat The Ultimate Seat Company Online 10 Charles 16650 05/27/03
Description: Driver and assenger seat with dragon emblems embroidered on drivers seat.
Satisfaction: After reading many god reviws in this forum, I ordred and installed the UltimateSeat. I orderethe Driver and passenger seat so far, and plan to order the backrests for both. This seat is EXCELLENT! I am very happy with it and cannot say enopugh good. It looks great, rides beautifully and my passenger is very happy as well. She used to complain afr 50 mils, but has not complained once so far with the new seat.

Double Trunk Rails Barry Fick/ Big Bike Things From him Directly 10 SWOPPIE 11083 11/30/17
Description: Chrome Double Rail Trunk Rails for Valkyrie Interstate
Satisfaction: Awesome Chrome, nice beaded weld work of the tubing Shippment was like RIGHT AWAY Very Pleased and Barry is so cool to work with.

Mustang Seat Mustang Dr. Mudspringer Inc. 2 Dave 19239 05/27/03
Description: Driver and passenger seat/w backrest
Satisfaction: After more than a year and 4,000 miles, the driver's seat has never felt "broke-in". I could ride all day with the stock seats, but they lacked style. I was looking forward to something really special with the Mustang replacements. However, right from the start I could tell the driver's seat lacked the comfort and robustness of the OEM. The left and right front edges of the seat are shallower than the OEM and will eventually cut off circulation to my legs at mid-thigh. The driver's seat also angles downward towards the front and feels as though I'm always inching forward. The front of the seat actually sits 1 inch lower than the OEM. And after the long-haul I feel as though I sitting on a slab of wood. It's all style and no substance.

Motorcycle Lift Dunwell Colorado Power Sports 10 505thPanther 2568 05/27/03
Description: Model 2000
Satisfaction: It is the best tool I have ever purchased for any motorcycle I have ever owned. Makes rear tire replacement a snap as well as anything else I have to do to the bike where I used to have to lay on the floor...but no more.

6-into-6 exhaust with recommended carb kit Cobra VRCC Store 10 JessH 19234 05/27/03
Description: This is a follow-up on a pevious review I did on a set of Cobra 6-into-6 exhaust with recommended carb kit dated 10/13/00
Satisfaction: These pipes make the bike complete! And now I have over 34,000 miles on them and there is only a very little blueing up near the heads. (a VERY little) I also have taken the baffles out over a year ago, I can't believe I haven't gotton a ticket yet!

pipes viper creation na 10 Rick 12302 05/26/03
Description: 36"slash cut stage 1 exhaust pipes
Satisfaction: took awhile to get them cause he wanted only the best from his plating supplier and when I saw them it was worth the extra week. I put them on and was blown away by the fantastic sound, perfect. he even polished up the chrome that I sent him better then I sent to him.

440 Shocks Progressive HondadirectlineUSA 9 Road Rage Ralph 877 05/21/03
Description: 12.5" Heavy Duty Rear Shocks
Satisfaction: Ordered the HD springs for my '98 Tourer as they recommended for riders over 200 lbs. and/or a lot of 2 up riding both of which I qualified for. Initial impression was how stiff they felt, but after riding, especially 2 up, they felt great! They are stiff but not "hard", no more jolts over big bumps, much better feel of the road, very solid feeling to the bike. Matching front springs are next!

Mustang Seat Mustang Direct Line 3 Ken 3127 05/17/03
Description: Driver/passenger seat with driver backrest for Valk Interstate
Satisfaction: Just returned from a 1,900 mile, 4 day trip. I'm not pleased at all with this product. It took 2 days for the soreness in my backside to subside. I rate it comparable to the OEM seat for seating area comfort. The backrest, however, is well engineered, supports the small of my back as it should, and pivots forward.

Leatherlyke saddle bags Leatherlyke Factor direct- online. 8 f6sf01 18397 05/15/03
Description: A hard black saddle bag that has a faux leather look. The bags also are lockable.
Satisfaction: Have use the bags for over a month know and they work fine. Installed on the bike in about 30 minutes. Easy to remove for cleaning. Bags mount on a stud that replaces the rear fender bolts.

Cobra 6 into 6 exhaust Cobra Internet 10 Kurt 18410 05/13/03
Description: Cobra 6 into 6 exhaust system for the Valkyrie.
Satisfaction: 100% sounds great. Treated pipes with no blue liquid before installing so that the pipes will not blue. 1000 miles and still no blueing.

seats ultimate honda direct line 2 TENGOAL 18572 05/12/03
Description: lowrider seat with passenger seat & sissy bar pad
Satisfaction: I bought this because they were advertised as setting you about 1-2 inches closer to the road. They must have thought anyone with a short inseam wouldn't have such a big but. After only about 30 miles, I put on the oe seat. I'm sure someone likes these, but they aren't for me. My wife said the back seat was quite an improvement, but she's not on it as much as me.

RattlerBars Kickshift Rattlerbars Rattlerbars 4 Steve Morgan 18990 05/10/03
Description: Chrome kickshift for the Valkyrie
Satisfaction: Okay, certainly not worth $100, maybe $30. Not a very customer oriented business as they "urge" you to take insurance because they want no responsibility. I wouldn't buy anything else from them. Did receive item promptly though.

Cobra light bar Cobra Viking 2 Ringwood 18130 05/10/03
Description: 2000 Standard Light Bar
Satisfaction: I was totally disappointed with the whole experience of this Cobra product! I ran into the problem with the couplings. The crimped on connectors that came attached to wires pulled right off. The switch didn't work. The wires were barley long enough to reach the connectors inside the headlight. The push on connectors for the turn signals were the wrong size. The driving light bulbs were much lower quality than expected. The driving light bolt is almost impossible to tighten without pinching the wires or scratching the bar. All in all, if this had been a $129 item from Kmart, I could have expected this crap. But $349? Who does Cobra think they are? There has to be much better value and quality out there. I'll never spend another dime on a Cobra product.

Seat Ultimate Seats Viking Motorcycle Co. 10 BIG Z 8089 05/09/03
Description: 4 piece BigBoy with custom stitching color and embroidering. Vinyl material
Satisfaction: Looks like a piece of artwork on the Valk., and extremely comfortable. As far as I'm concerned, this is the best seat, by far, available for the Valkyrie. A bit pricey, but after having it, it's a bargain at twice the price. Andy at Viking, and Des at Ultimate were great guys to do business with. They both went the extra mile.

Mustang Seat Mustang Miller's Daytona 3 Deerslayer 2949 05/07/03
Description: Two piece replacement seat with backrest
Satisfaction: The seat is an improvement over staock but BEWARE!!!! If the easily removable backrest is stolen, Mustang WILL NOT sell you another backrest. You have to buy the entire $600+ seat just to replace a backrest. I wrote this warning to Cruiser Magazine and RoadBike Magazine. Art Freedman at Cruiser contacted Mustang and they lied tohim, saying the backrest was available. Sorry, but the company does not tell the truth and, when you have been ripped off once by a thief, they rip you off again in your time of need. I will definitely never buy another Mustang product.

Speaker set MH Instruments Wayne's World 10 Beer van Huet 7609 05/02/03
Description: Two speakers with amplifier and handlebar clamps. Wires and (elecrical)noise surpressor included.
Satisfaction: Tried earphones first, not to my liking. I mounted the speakers on my fork, behind OEM Honda Windshield (Std Valk). Wayne's speakers are basically MH Instrument speakers with Wayne's dragon front added. Sound is awesome...I was very sceptical at first (windblast, etc) but the output & quality of the speakers overcomes this easily up to 90 mph (OEM pipes). If the wind doesn't put your hair on fire, the sound of the speakers will. The speakers are mounted in the housing with thick rubber rings, so water cannot easily enter the housing. It brings a whole new dimension to riding. I attached the speakers to a MP3 player, which I snapped with a leather bag on my tankpanel so I can adjust the volume while riding. Connected the powercord of the speakers to the battery with a fuse. I also installed a separate speaker on/off swich to the handlebar to eventually prevent the battery from depleting. I liked the forkmounting better than the provided handlebar mounts. Took some improvisation to get them there nicely. I drilled a hole in stainless steel rings (like ballbearing rings) of the right size and tapped a bolt with thread on both sides in it. Then mounted rings to fork at the top windscreen mounts. The speakers are quiet heavy, so I drilled a larger hole than the windshield thread. The result was excellent. The fuse and on/off swich are not included. The brake- and throttle cables had to be routed a little closer to the handlebar to avoid the cables sliding over the right speaker with maximum handlebar defelction. Very nice, clear and comprehensive (hardcopy & online) installation instructions. Very satisfied with the set.

Ross Spoonland Ross Spoonland Ross Spoonland 10 Steve 14545 04/21/03
Description: Lift bracket for Larin Lift.(valk I/S).
Satisfaction: Simple to set up and us.Direction are good with pictures.

Ultimate Seat Ultimate Seats Direct from Des 10 Rudy 11107 04/17/03
Description: Finest seat made for the Valkyrie
Satisfaction: I love this seat - got to be the best made - first rate style, construction, and customer service second to none. I originally bought the lowrider model which made me feel cramped in the legs, and Des took it back in trade for the Bigboy model even though I had some custom embroidery done on it. My first ride of the season was on this seat, and it was 220 miles WITH NO NUMB BUTT! Passenger seat is just as cushy, the wife took her first ride, and I can usually feel her squirm in the seat at about 50 miles. With the Ultimate, she asked for a pitstop at about 100 mi., only because she needed a potty break! Thanks, Des!

Any and all parts Wayne's World Wayne's World 10 natedog 11665 04/16/03
Description: Chrome pieces for the Valk
Satisfaction: Absolutely love the fit and finish on all of the chrome pieces that he sells. I am complemented with the look and the customer service is second to none. Wayne should give a class (Customer Relations 099) to some of the larger vendors who say they want our business, but don't act like it, at least on the phone!!

Honda Valkyrie Case Gaurd Highway Pegs Big Bike Parts Hondaline 3 Passthejelly 8397 04/15/03
Description: Cruiser Foot Pegs that mount to the Valk's Engine gaurd.
Satisfaction: Thumbs down. The backing plates used pitted out WAY before the pegs did. Must use a different, cheaper chrome plating process for this part of the item. I called them to see if I could just buy the backing plates to replace.. they said they would research, took my number, and never called back. They must not be too interested in their customers or their reputation. So there you have it fellow Valk riders. The truth as you deserve it.


Dragon Backrest Plate Wayne's World Wayne's World 10 Six Pack 3738 04/12/03
Description: Polished stainless steel backrest plate with a laser cut image of a dragon.
Satisfaction: The quality of this product is excellent just as I stated in the previous review about the "Dragon Grill." It's the same image that is on the radiator grill except a little smaller. You can also choose a colored backing plated to go behind the backrest plate to enhance the dragon.

Dragon Radiator Grill Wayne's World Wayne's World 10 Six Pack 3738 04/12/03
Description: Polished stainless steel laser cut raditor grill with a dragon inside a big 'V'.
Satisfaction: This is a top quality product and the look of this grill on the front of the radiator is simply awesome. The design, artwork and manufacture of this grill is excellent. Since it is made of polished stainless there is no chance of chrome peeling off. I plan to mount some lights behind the grill to really enhance the dragon artwork. I am also very fortunate to live near Wayne so I had a chance to meet him. He takes great pride in his work and his Ladies. Beautiful machines.

windshield National Cycle valkyrie online store(honda direct line) 9 H-2 18760 03/31/03
Description: national cycle heavy duty valkyrie windshield
Satisfaction: windshield ia a quallity product a little spendy compared to the memphis shades but cheap compared to the Honda o-e windshield

Turn Signal Mirrors Kuryakyn Viking motorcycle 8 Airetime 13720 03/31/03
Description: LED Turn Signal/Rrunning Light Mmirrors. Item #1432 purchased from Viking Motorcycle.
Satisfaction: PLEASE NOTE: Save yourself a lot of time and check to make sure that the right (R) circuit boad is in the right mirror and the left (L)is in the left mirror. Unscrew them before mounting and wiring and look for the letter stamped on the board. I spent way to much time trying to adjust them when all along Kury had switched the LED lens/Boards. No matter how the mirror was positioned you could either see what was in back of you and the LEDs were barely visable or visa versa. The lens/Board. The lens are angeled upwards, not down. Once swapped they work well and are outstanding at night. Can be wired as a replacement for OE Turns or in addition to. Can use as turn lights or running/turn combo. Good quality and purchased from Viking. Andy also provided detailed wiring diagram for the Valkyrie. As said, save your time and frustration as Kurakyn does make a good product, but their quality control is lacking.

EXHAUST DRAGON EXHAUST DRAGON EXHAUST 10 jim voegerl 17913 03/28/03

Radiator Top Kit Rattlebars na 1 Redhawk 6275 03/28/03
Description: $13, and not even worth that!
Satisfaction: Two small pieces of chromed sheet metal, and a short strip of car door edge trim. Everything from Rattlebars has been top notch, but this wasn't worth the effort. Buy the Bike Bike Parts version.

HJC Helmet HJC Helmet City (on the net) 10 JIMBOB 17979 03/25/03
Description: HJC full face " Symax" Helmet
Satisfaction: Went to local dealer, priced and tried on different sizes. I knew when I ordered, what size fit for the helmet I wanted. The biggest plus, I saved $60.00 by ordering over the net. Service was great, I received information on the day it was to be delivered, and all information needed to make me feel comfortable. This was my first order over the net, and a very good experience. And best of all, it's a great helmet.!!!

Full Face Helmet HJC Honda Dealer 3 Chuck 9365 03/18/03
Description: HJC CL12 Full Face Helmet
Satisfaction: I purchased a replacement for an identical helmet I had before this one. There is a big difference in fit, this helmet is so tight I can only where it for short periods of time. I get headaches almost everytime I where it. I tried to reach an HJC customer service rep with no success. I have left a phone message and email message with no response. I have purchased my last HJC product because of lack of customer service.

Lower Radiator Hose Big Bike / show chrome Directline Honda 2 Wassa 18593 03/11/03
Satisfaction: Not much thought went into this design.I t will leak everytime regardless of the clamp arrangement and how tight you do it up. After many attempts to get it to seal and dropping my coolant down the road on several ocassions I looked at the part and began to use some forsight . Went to the local radiator shop and had him Braise on some ends to the supplied chromed hose as per the originals on the oem Radiator . This worked extremely well, then cut the original hose to fit both ends and clamped them to the newly fitted endson the chromed hose supplied with the kit. This has worked well but should never have been the case in the first place as this part is sold for the Valkyrie as is and is said to work.?????. Upon looking at the notice board I see that it has happened to other purchasers of this part. Would I buy the part again you ask "not likely" I would go to Rattlebars and get thiers , for the money you pay for the part you would at least expect it to work and not have to re-engineer it yourself.

Radiator Cap Cover Big Bike Parts Motorcycle Accessory Center Not Rated David 15729 03/11/03
Description: Radiator cap cover.
Satisfaction: Installed radiator cap all the way into cover and then it wouldn't go back on the radiator. Had to cut it off. Just a heads up.

Cobra Lightbars Cobra HAL 1 Beer van Huet 7609 03/08/03
Description: After two years....
Satisfaction: Chrome is the worst I ever seen...Bike has been sitting in heated garage most of the time. Exposed only to an inadvertant rainshower during trips. Always dried and cleaned after use. Now the chrome starts peeling off everywhere. One of the worst jobs I've ever seen. Save your money and buy something else.

Powerlet accessory outlet from Jastek Jastek Jastek - eBay 9 Britman 11845 03/08/03
Description: Well made, clear instructions with unit. Great help on the phone. Now I have Mp3 tunes as I ride.
Satisfaction: Very

6 into 6 exhaust Two Brothers Racing Adventure Motor Sports 10 Jerry 6950 03/07/03
Description: 6 into 6 exhaust system
Satisfaction: Very satisfied with it. It was a piece of cake to install and it sounds great.

exhaust pipes Two brothers racing same 10 Captain Craig 10813 03/06/03
Description: 6 into 6 turn out drag pipes
Satisfaction: Great product. Have had on bike about a year now. Chrome on pipes is still excellent. Makes the Valk sound like it looks, a true hot rod. P.S. dont forget the Aeromach "V" stacks with this conversion.

Maier universal small windshield. Maier J C WHITNEY 5 Slowride 8499 03/02/03
Description: Universal fit, attatched to handlebars w/ two clamps.
Satisfaction: Bought a year ago because it was cheap and I didn't want a big windshield. Looks o.k., and blocks a little bit of wind blast. I'm lookin' for a bigger shield now though.

Big Bike Parts solo rack for Valk B B P J C Whitney 7 Slowride 8499 03/02/03
Description: Fits in place of passenger seat
Satisfaction: It's a nice touch to the back of the bike, but you can't really carry much on it. Chrome is good and looks good.

Cycle graphics re-usable decals Cycle Graphics direct www.cyclegraphics.net 9 Slowride 8499 03/02/03
Description: Cool looking decals that are removable and re-usable
Satisfaction: These look awsome, almost like a air brush job, however, they do tend to peel off in mid-ride so be careful with em.

Color-rite paint 11 0z. spray cans color-rite direct 8 Slowride 8499 03/02/03
Description: factory colors matched and put in spray bombs.
Satisfaction: Your supposed to use these for small repair jobs, but I did my whole bike with very good results. Paint can be brittle so you have to be extremly careful befor you clear. The touch up pens are great too.

Aeromach risers Aeromach direct 8 Slowride 8499 03/02/03
Description: Chrome upgrade, slightly pulls bars up and back
Satisfaction: Very satisfied. Took the crimp out of my back, and looks good too.

Tank Panel Tank Bib Tank Bag Boss Bags Purchased used in VRCC Classifieds 8 Puff's Daddy 17242 02/21/03
Description: Leather tank panel with pocket.
Satisfaction: Excellent thick leather. Very large pocket. Flap can be fastened forward to cover glare of filler cap. Panel fits underneath filler cap housing so installation is a bit more complicated than with other brands and removal more of a hassle. Excellent quality makes up for it. Purchased the product used. I found when I received it that one of the grommets was broken. Sent email to Boss Bags to see if I could purchase a replacement. They sent me a complete set priority mail free of charge. A VERY classy company.

Dragon Packs Dragon Packs (by Ernie Schuster) Direct from Dragon Packs (Valley City, Ohio) 10 Bill Robinson 16012 02/18/03
Description: Exaust system for the Valkyrie
Satisfaction: Super pipes. Hot topic at big bike show in florida. I won first place in the cruiser division. Every body kept looking at the pipes. I say, a must have for your Valky.

Dragon Pipes Dragon Pipes Direct from Dragon Pipes 10 Bill Robinson 16012 02/18/03
Description: Exhaust pipes for Valkyrie's
Satisfaction: Dragon Pipes (hot topic) at big bike show in fl. I won first place in the cruiser div. They all kept looking a the pipes. I sure think they are cool, and a must have on your Valky.

seat mustang dealer 5 shorty 17036 02/17/03
Description: with drivers back rest
Satisfaction: Very comfy on short rides, but after an hour i get butt burn from it. I think it is too firm.

Ultimate Lowrider seat Ultimate Seats Ultimate Seats 10 Mildwild 18356 02/10/03
Description: Aftermarket seat for Valkyrie
Satisfaction: Good fit, well made, prompt service.

Powerlet power outlet Jastek Engineering Jastek Engineering 10 Mildwild 18356 02/10/03
Description: 12 volt power outlet kit for Valkyrie
Satisfaction: Very satisfied, good product.

Dragon Packs Exhaust Dragon Packs Ernie Schuster, Dragon Packs 10 Mildwild 18356 02/09/03
Description: "shorty" 21" exhaust.
Satisfaction: Very satisfied. Simple to install. Well made, fits perfectly, sounds great. Ernie is very helpful.

J&M Speakers J&M Sierra Electronics (never again - price tricks) 4 Chola 7578 02/04/03
Description: Replacement speakers for stock Honda Valk Interstate Fairing. They are the same size / fit as used on the Gold Wing GL1500 (part # JM_RSK_GL1815)
Satisfaction: Fit just fine, but sound the same as Honda factory, maybe a little more tinny. I'm putting my factory speakers back in and selling them to a friend with a Gold Wing.

Forward Floorboards Show Chrome Viking 1 fldale 17923 01/31/03
Description: Highway type floorboards that attach to the case guards of an INTERSTATE had buy special mounts which do not work, good for a Standard Valk
Satisfaction: Very poor design does not work, sent it back with no problem.

Tank Bag Boss Honda Directline 9 Ranger 1899 01/30/03
Description: :eather Tank Bag with studs/concho. Single large compartment with clear map pocket.
Satisfaction: Looks Awesome. Compartment may be a little too big. Concho hits the gas cap when latched in the open position to use clear map pocket. I will be switching conchos. Boss sent wrong bag at first, sent correct bag 2 weeks later (was drop shipped for Directline from Boss)

metzler 880's Metzler oline 10 Richard 10923 01/26/03
Description: tires
Satisfaction: They handle much better than the original Dunlops, or at least give me the impresson they do. There is a drawback though, that is noise (apearantly tire noise) when the bikeis leaned off center axis, even slightly. Any change in tire preasure makes this more pronounced.

metzler 880's Metzler oline 10 Richard 10923 01/26/03
Description: tires
Satisfaction: They hnde much better than the original Dunlops, or at least give me the impresson they do. There is a drawback though, that is noise (apearantly tire noise) when the bikeis leaned off center axis, even slightly. Any change in tire preasure makes this more pornounced.

Tank Panel Tank Bib Tank Bag Iron Horse E-Bay 4 Puff's Daddy 17242 01/26/03
Description: Two pocket leather tank panel with chrome studs. Thick leather. Two small pockets, one ideal for glasses plus another for even smaller items.
Satisfaction: Cannot be used with an Ultimate Big Boy seat without deforming the nose of the seat itself. This isn't a problem with the product. It would work well with the stock saddle. My relatively low rating is meant only to suggest caution if you have an aftermarket seat with a higher/longer nose than stock.

Aftermarket risers. Lamonster Honda Direct Line 10 valkoien 17962 01/24/03
Description: Aftermarket pullback risers. 2000 Valkyrie Tourer. $118.00 with free shipping.
Satisfaction: Look Great! Very nice quality. About a 1/2" rise with 1 1/4" pullback. Just what I needed. Shoulders don't get so tight on long rides. Seems to handle better at low speeds.

Aftermarket back rest Utopia Aurora Honda, Aurora CO. 10 valkoien 17962 01/24/03
Description: Driver seat back rest for 2000 Valkyrie Tourer $150.00
Satisfaction: Great product! Quick and easy to install. Adjusts up/down and back/forward. Very comfortable. I like the pouch on the back.

passenger floorboards Cobra Andres Motorcycle Accessory shop 10 Seesaw 18184 01/20/03
Description: chrome boulevard passenger floorboards
Satisfaction: Wife and I absolutely love them. Way easier for her to mount and dismount and easier on her feet and legs on long trips. Contrary to some postings, installation was easy. Simply used a 14 mm box wrench to remove stock footpegs and mounts by accessing the single 14 mm bolt from behind underneath the exhaust pipe. Used a large crescent wrench to keep the stock footpeg from twisting while backing off the anchor bolt which is a bit frozen on with lock tite. Make sure little round "pin" slides into chrome dimple when tightening Cobra mounts. Chrome is flawless, and the chrome shines when they are folded up. Expensive in Canada, over $400.

Passenger Seat & Passenger Back Rest Ultimate Seat Manufacturer 10 Sooner Dynoman 6428 01/19/03
Description: No studs or conchos.
Satisfaction: My wife (Tender Buns, as she is affectionately known) has complained about the stock seat, FOREVER! The Ultimate Seat is a God-send! No more whining from TB. She's able to do 350 mile rides, only stopping for fuel. The back rest is one inch further forward helping to relieve "sore-tailbone" syndrome. Also Des' gets high marks for the "Pre-order Form". Very helpful.

Velocity Stacks Add-On Hals On-Line 5 Dusty Bottoms 10901 01/16/03
Description: Chrome Velocity Stacks
Satisfaction: Appearance is Good. Quality is reasonable. Beware, they give you a spacer washer to put under tank mounts. I had to shim both ends where fuel tank mounts to keep tank from touching middle stacks on both sides. Needless to say I will be doing touch up work on my fuel tank for the scratches it they left there. My solution will be to JB weld a thick washer on both places where tank bolts go.

Big Boy Ultimate Seat Ultimate Seats http://www.ultimateseats.ca/ 10 Puff's Daddy 17242 01/15/03
Description: Leather rider's seat from Ultimate. The Big Boy is wider and taller than the standard "Lowrider." Though designed for larger riders, I'm 5'10", 190 lbs. and find the Big Boy to be a perfect fit
Satisfaction: The only thing better than the seat itself is Des' notion of customer service. Quality and workmanship is first rate. Comfort is outstanding. The highest possible recommendation.

Oil Filter Cover (Chrome) Harley Davidson? http://www.jpcycles.com/shop/group.asp?GPID=1712 8 Puff's Daddy 17242 01/13/03
Description: Chrome cover for the oil filter. Oddly, chrome shock covers for HD twins and Sportsters are a perfect fit, distinctive looking and much less expensive than most alternatives.
Satisfaction: You get two for about $20 including shipping. The included clamp requires adding a bolt and nut ($.20). Looks very cool and you have an extra for a stocking stuffer for the Valk owner on your list.

Solo Cruiser Bar with LED's Who Did It Motorcycle Accessories http://www.whodiditinc.com 9 Puff's Daddy 17242 01/13/03
Description: Cruiser bar replaces the sissy bar for solo riding. Unique feature of this bar is its thickness (looks like an OEM piece) and the fact that it has three red LED's that can be wired to the brakes.
Satisfaction: Purchased as a closeout item ($59.95). Once installed I discovered a short in the wiring for the LED's. Manufacturer replaced the lights free of charge. A classy operation.

Boulevard light bar Cobra Dennis Kirk 6 Rich 13879 01/08/03
Description: 2001 Valkyrie Standard light bar
Satisfaction: Negative: Price $400. Negative: Incorrect phone number on warranty. Negative: Wrong part shipped with produce. Negative: Cobra acknowledges they have been aware of wrong parts being shipped. So WHY??? Negative: Cobra offered no compensation for my time and aggravation. Negative: Cheap wiring hardware. Negative: Cheap bulbs for spot lights. (Non-halogen.) Positive: Do look GOOD! Comment: Cobra talks big with their warranty that states unsurpassed quality - yea right. The same piece of paper also has the wrong phone number for service. You be the judge!

Leatherlyke Hard Bags Hoese Cycle King, RI www.cycleking.com 6 Ray 8755 01/07/03
Description: Plastic hard bags with quick release for the Valkyrie
Satisfaction: I've had the bags for about 18 months now. The right bag is going to break if I use it any more because of the weak connection to the bike. There is a fix for this, and also you can use the fix in advance for prevention of this happening. I believe Mark Tobias has it listed at his horseapple ranch site. He also recommends the saddlebag braces for these bags. I was very pleased with the bags until I noticed one cracking at the point where it mounts to the bike. They only have a 1 year warranty so I am SOL for now. Shoulda taken the prevention tactics mentioned on this. But then again it shouldn't have happened with a quality product to begin with.

Ultimate Seat Ultimate Seats Des 10 Mike 2362 12/30/02
Description: 4 pc seat for Interstate
Satisfaction: Very satisfied with workmanship, looks great,haven't had a chance for any long rides yet

MarkT Mild2wild glasspack stacks & packs Horseapple Ranch Direct from the Horse's mouth! 10 Velocinator 18013 12/29/02
Description: MarkT's exhaust system built from the stockers. I got the glasspacks, Trombones, Silencers, and 40 inch Howitzer stacks. WOW what a system!
Satisfaction: LOVE these pipes!!! Increased power is obvious! But more than that, I have chrome headers that stay pretty, and I can change the sound from a rumbly quiet note for my honey, through the GREAT sound of glasspacks reverberating through my forty inch organ pipes, all the way to the ROAR of straight pipes. And change between them in seconds! Mark is a pleasure to deal with - does exactly what he says he'll do - plus gave me an extra I wasn't expecting! I can't rave about Horseapple Ranch and MarkT and his great pipes enough!!!

tires Dunlop Dealer 1 Emerald Dragon 17999 12/28/02
Description: Tires
Satisfaction: I have had two failures. Dunlop stated "they were not responcible for tire over or under inflation or riding conditions. They would not replace them because they had 5000 miles on them..I now use Avon's and gone through two sets. I get Twice the milage and never a problem.

Honda OEM Radio Honda OEM for Valkyrie Interstate Dealer 3 Emerald Dragon 17999 12/28/02
Description: AM/FM/CB/Intercom
Satisfaction: Can't seem to get the radio tuner to work with the radio or CB...Help!!

Air Horns RIVCO na 10 Airborne 17607 12/12/02
Description: triple chrome plated w/ compressor
Satisfaction: So far these air horns are great; I consider these a safety item because they really get the idiot drivers attention. Installed fairly easily if you follow the tip for using a wire to pull the electrical lines from the horn under the gas tank and behind the ignition. Excellent quality if a little pricey.

Exhaust Tips-After Market Cobra hondalinedirectusa.com 1 Tom 17793 12/12/02
Description: Chrome Slash Down
Satisfaction: Product looked great, chrome, finish weight, BUT, tips would not bolt to stock muffler system without redrilling all of the six (3 each side) screw holes. Called Cobra Cust. service and was told that their tip holes were correct and that my muffler was not correctly manufactured??? I replaced (without difficulty) the stock tips and returned the Cobra tips.

Windshield Pouch Hopnell Big Bike Parts 10 Wendell 17620 12/10/02
Description: Three pouches that fit above the tach and speedometer, for a Memphis Fats windshield.
Satisfaction: Well made and a great place to store things.

"The Hooker" Willie & Max Honda dealer 10 Wendell Welman 17620 12/10/02
Description: Fits under the passenger seat and has two chrome rings on each side at each end. It has a velcro fastening system so it is adjustable for width. On the Valkyrie you will need to adjust it to the full width. With my Leather Lyke bags there was no place to hook onto. With this you have two rings on each side to bunge to.
Satisfaction: Looks good and is very functional

Windshield Honda Dealer 9 Seattle Slim 17242 12/08/02
Description: OEM Windshield for Valkyrie from Hondaline
Satisfaction: Great product. Excellent material, fit,and finish. Cuts both wind and noise. A bit taller than I prefer making it difficult to look over with stock seat and a 5'9" rider. About twice the price of most competitors and probably not twice the quality.

Powerlet Jastek Engineering www.powerletproducts.com 10 Seattle Slim 17242 12/08/02
Description: BMW style power outlet provides power source or input for battery charging.
Satisfaction: Excellent product. Provides an easily accessible source for power for accessories that use the BMW style outlet (e.g. BMW, Ducati, Triumph, etc.)

Bike Barn PTI Products www.thebikebarn.net 7 Seattle Slim 17242 12/08/02
Description: Rigid frame, vented and lockable motorcycle cover that can be secured to the ground/floor/etc.
Satisfaction: Excellent materials and instructions. However, the unit I received had significant manufacturing faults in the placement of grommets and velcro strips in the cover. Required sewing new strips and installing new grommets. With the exception of that problem, the product is an excellent buy.

Phat Levers Aeromach Direct Line 9 ggcuervo 116 12/05/02
Description: Chrome Brake and Clutch Levers for the VTX and Valkyrie $129.00
Satisfaction: Very easy to install. Chrome is very good. The finger-grip design makes it very comfortable, more comfortable than stock levers. For looks, design, and style it is well worth the price

Beatle Bags Corbin Havent Got it yet 1 diablo 17570 12/01/02
Description: Non Existant Beatle Bags
Satisfaction: Havent seen it yet. Ordered them on Sept 2 2002 and on Dec 1 2002 I still havent seen them. Three months and still no hard bags! They give me BS stories on why I don't have them and won't return my calls. Is this the way businesses do business in America?

Valkyrie Interstate na na Not Rated 14545 11/27/02
Description: Thinking about buying a tank bag. The magnetic type for trips. Don't want it on all the time. Have looked at a couple, but concerned about possibly scratching the paint. Has anyone tried them ?
Satisfaction: na

Tires Metzler Florida Power Sports, Stuart, FL 10 Tom 17793 11/24/02
Description: Front and Rear Marathon 880
Satisfaction: I got only 6,400 miles on my original Dunlop rear tire and decided to try Metzlers for the additional mileage being enjoyed by those who use them. I changed both front and rear to have same tire performance. I have only 200 or so miles on them so far but they are great both ride and handling.

Speaker Polk Circuit City 9 valkmann 15189 11/21/02
Description: Spears purchased at Circuit City. the speakers are actually for a auto but just removed the current speakers and sized them up with the one's purchased. An awesome sound
Satisfaction: Complete Satisfaction

fender tips National Cycle VRCC store 8 bubba 16931 11/16/02
Description: order the front & back tips the back fender tips were in great shape. the front had to be sent back missing chrome on finish. installed back tip easy, holes didnt match at first.templates are out of line alittle.
Satisfaction: looks great great add on!!!

Jacket Liner, Gloves, Pants, Socks Gerbing Gerbing Factory in Washington State 9 Ratdog 11930 11/14/02
Description: Heated motorcycle clothing
Satisfaction: Riding in the Pacific Northwest (year round) I have logged 41,000 miles in 17 months time. Pouring down rain in 40F weather, or traversing mountain passes in freezing conditions (snowing), or running 80mph in high desert mountains in 20F weather is almost pleasant with this gear keeping the heat coming. Add some good water proof outer shells and life is good. No problems with the jacket liner, pants, or socks. However, two pairs of gloves were a problem... until mentioning the problem to Gerbing, at which time the problem was immediately corrected to my satisfaction. Riding in a driving (hard) rain, the gloves will not keep the water out, however your hands will remain warm. If you KNOW of gloves which will keep your hands completely dry, then I would advise purchasing the glove liners they sell and to wear them inside of the gloves of your choice. The power source wires directly to the battery of the bike and is conveniently and attractively installed on the bike with minimal effort. It is also easy to install yourself. Just turn the dial to adjust the amount of heat desired and log your miles without fear of hypothermia problems. I recently logged 1,500 miles in three days traversing 8 mountain passes in freezing conditions. Had I not had my Gerbing gear along, it would have been a very miserable ordeal.

Saddle Mustang Honda Directline (Inzane I) 7 Ratdog 11930 11/14/02
Description: Three piece saddle with studs and conchos (no fringe).
Satisfaction: Great improvement over the oem saddle of a 1999 Valkyrie. OEM saddle had my tailbone hurting within 45 minutes of riding. The Mustange is good for an entire day of riding. However. In 16 months time of having this saddle, the foam has broken down to the point of my butt bones feeling the pan when I am sitting on the bike. To be fair, most of the 41,000 miles logged on this saddle have been when I have weighed approx. 290 lbs. so I admit I am hard on it, but I had hoped the saddle would not have broken down this soon. The back rest has more than made up for the short coming, and the skirt on the side of the saddle (where it is studded and has conchos) has been the perfect spot to conceal the plug-in chord for my Gerbing heated clothing when it is not in use.

Any and all Waynes World Wayne Kinsman 9 Ratdog 11930 11/14/02
Description: Mirror polished stainless steel accessories which have lazer cut designs.
Satisfaction: Each and every product (and I use nearly ALL of them) has performed flawlessly for 41,000 miles. Wayne has always been a joy to work with. The parts (finish) hold up just as well as any of the best chrome, the fit and finish are spot on.

Viking Pipes Viking Motorcycle Company, LLC Laughlin River Run, spring of 2002 9 Ratdog 11930 11/14/02
Description: Six into Two system, tuned equal length headers with metallic ceramic coating, removable baffles with chrome coverings
Satisfaction: Purchased exhaust system, turn around time was a little long, but understood that up front. Justin/Andy did their best to fill the order before my departure for Laughlin, weren't able to. Justin/Andy agreed to let me have the set from Andy's personal bike and installed them for me (for a nominal fee) while I was in Laughlin. In six months' time I've logged 20,000 miles on my Valk with their exhaust system on it. The sound has been awesome, seat of the pants performance seems stronger, on average I add approx. 1/2 gal. less of fuel per tank then do others I ride with who ride similarly as I. Fit/finish has been very good. After 20,000 miles I notice some light surface rust forming on the headers. Asked Justin about it and he advises it should come right off and return to original luster with a little metal polish rubbed on them. Overall, Justin/Andy went out of their way to satisfy me, the system is worth the money paid, and little effort is needed to modify the system to make baffle removal quick/easy on the road when serious rumble is desired. I'm a happy camper.

Road Lights Sophie's Motorcycle Works Sophie's Motorcycle Works 10 Robert Howard 17651 11/14/02
Description: Motorcycle Light Bar
Satisfaction: I purchased this product from Jim Harmon. The installation was excellent. The product is very good looking on the bike. Nothing on the bike had to be relocated. I have a Memphis Shades Windshild on the bike and the lights mounted perfectly. They look great on the bike. They add a lot of light on the road in front of me. I can see and be seen. The price was also very affordable. The lights are well made and inexpensive. They are well built and the chrome is a mirror shine. I am EXTREMELY pleased with this product.

Lonestar T bag T-Bag online direct from T-Bag http://www.t-bags.com/pages/home.las 9 Airetime 13720 11/03/02
Description: Fits on you backrest and allows you to pack alot of stuff in them. Also comes with a rollbag that can be used on top or alone. Keeps it's shape and if you have any doubt if it fits or not, just call them. they also have a great warranty.
Satisfaction: So, far its been great to use. Easy to put on and easy to take off and carry like a piece of luggage.

Lonestar T bag T-Bag online direct from T-Bag 9 Airetime 13720 11/03/02
Description: Fits on you backrest and allows you to pack alot of stuff in them. Also comes with a rollbag that can be used on top or alone. Keeps it's shape and if you have any doubt if it fits or not, just call them. they also have a great warranty.
Satisfaction: So, far its been great to use. Easy to put on and easy to take off and carry like a piece of luggage.

Battery Monitor The Electrical Connection Honda DirectLine of Florida 10 3042 10/25/02
Description: A single LED (light emitting diode) glows red, amber or green to indicate the battery's state of charge.
Satisfaction: I purchased The Electrical Connection's Battery Monitor from Honda Direct Line of Florida at Biketoberfest. The monitor is a single LED (light emitting diode) that glows red, amber or green depending on the state of charge of your battery. A while back, my battery went dead about 35 miles from home because I was unaware that my alternator had failed. The Battery Monitor will eliminate any future surprises. Installation was simple. I located the LED with its template in the upper left corner of the right panel(near the Tach). I obtained battery and ground potential by tapping into the Green (gnd) and Light Blue/White ("switched battery") of the right turn signal. This enables the monitor only when the ignition is switched on. I added male and female connectors to disconnect the Monitor when the panel is removed from the fairing. The only problem I encountered with the Battery Monitor was a broken connection where the red wire was mechanically crimped at the fuse holder. I reported the broken part to The Electrical Connection and they immediately shipped a replacement part. The shipping charges they incurred to rush the part to me probably eliminated any profit they made from the original sale. Based on their responsive customer service and my satisfaction with the Monitor, I plan to purchase more items from them in the future.

Custom Mirrors with LED lights China, or some place like that. J. C. Whitney 1 Six Pack 3738 10/23/02
Description: Chrome plated eliptical mirrors with LED lights on the back side of the mirror.
Satisfaction: Have you ever ordered something online thinking to yourself that it was probably a big mistake? Well, now I can say I have. I liked the idea of LEDs on the mirror so I went with these. Boy, what a mistake. They look OK, just OK, when they come out of the box. Mounted on the bike they just don't fit the the style of the bike quite right. I think the stock mirrors look much better on the bike. There is just about 0 adjustment on the mirror itself. The glass appears to magnify things behind you. With that and the very minimal adjustment of the mirror head forget about seeing anything behind you. One short ride with these things on was enough. As soon as I got back, they went into the box and back to JC Whitney. I still like the idea of LEDs on the mirrors so now I'm looking at adapting some to work on my stock mirrors.

Backrest Utopia na 8 BearCat 7578 10/21/02
Description: Backrest for Interstate
Satisfaction: Once I had a beer to steady my hand and take a knife to the seat, install wasn't too bad. I've got lower back problems and this helps with that. Only problem I had with it is that one of the brackets that installs under the seat, against the pan, also rubs on the top of my back fender. A little plastic spacer put on with automotive foam tape by Utopia pushed to the side and the bare metal bracket was in contact with the top side of the fender. About freaked when I saw the paint scraped off and the bare metal of my fender top. I didn't think that was a very secure way to hold the plastic spacer on the bracket and let Utopia know. The only response from Utopia was "bummer" and something to the effect of if you find a better way to hold it on, let us know. Goop adhesive did the trick.

Ultimate Seat Ultimate Seat refered by a friend 9 Tony 17062 10/18/02
Description: Black leather, studded 4 piece set
Satisfaction: This seat looks great. I may be a little to tall for the standard seat and i may have to get the "big boy" model. I am 5'10" 210 lbs. The seat sits you up about an inch closer the the honda seat. With the stock seat I had to break ever 50 miles. with the ultimate seat, other then stopping for fuel I can ride well over 200 miles before i need to break.

Backrest for Standard or Tourer - Utopia Utopia Products, Inc Wing Things-Texas 9 Gary 2053 10/17/02
Description: Backrest w/removable zippered pouch
Satisfaction: This has been a great addition. For those of us with slight back discomfort this is a necessary addition. I used mine for everyday driving. It became a must have for longer trips. Can be added/removed within minutes. Easily folds down for quick mount and dismount. The pouch provides convenient storage. Is perfect to hold garage door openers, can easily open it up with a quick "reach-around" as you approach or leave the driveway. Can also adjust up, down, back and forward. Cons: must be removed with 2 screws under the seat. Pros: can't easily be removed or stolen like a Mustang b/r.

Driver Backrest Utopia Direct Line 10 Steve Ripper 10680 10/14/02
Description: Driver's backrest for Standard and Tourer
Satisfaction: Ordered from Direct Line, shipped same day. Easy to install. Installation time was less than 10 minutes. Wide range of adjustment. Should fit just about anyone. Just returned from a 570 mile two day fall color tour ride in northern Michigan. Before I had the Utopia backrest I would start becoming fatigued after 150 miles. With the backrest I nerver experienced any discomfort the entire weekend.

chrome brake & clutch levers Kuryakyn direct line 3 James Gilly 16360 10/14/02
Description: Chrome brake & clutch levers for the Valkyrie
Satisfaction: The only good thing is that they look good. The finish is nice. They are too short! They advertise as an accessory for the valkyrie but once you get them on... they're too short by 1.5", most notibly on the clutch lever. I would think that Kuryakn would advise us of this obvious negative. This should not be a buyer beware situation. I would suggest that we as supporters of the directline store put some pressure on them and have disclaimers in bold print as a warning to us on all products that don't fit as they should.The dollars ad up!

chrome brake & clutch levers Kuryakyn direct line 3 James Gilly 16360 10/14/02
Description: Chrome brake & clutch levers for the Valkyrie
Satisfaction: The only good thing is that they look good. The finish is nice. They are too short! They advertise as an accessory for the valkyrie but once you get them on... they're too short by 1.5", most notibly on the clutch lever. I would think that Kuryakn would advise us of this obvious negative. This should not be a buyer beware situation. I would suggest that we as supporters of the directline store put some pressure on them and have disclaimers in bold print as a warning to us on all products that don't fit as they should.The dollars ad up!

Leather Lyke Saddle Bags Leather Lyke Big Bikes 7 Guns 17578 10/12/02
Description: Hard bag, looks like leather (comes studded with conchos)
Satisfaction: Satisfied with product. Nice look and function for the price. Great when first starting out on customizing. $400. Can be installed by anyone.

Memphis Shade Pop Top sport shield Memphis Shades wing things 10 Rick 6023 10/04/02
Description: New design Sport shield with release hardware for the Valk, 16" Hi X 18" wide
Satisfaction: Very satisfied! Installed in one hour, great for those wanting protection without the "bulky look" of a big shield. At 5-10 I look over the shield and can ride without my helmet shield (in the down position) up to 65 MPH. Got the solar color, hard to tell at a distance that there is a shield on the bike.

Viking Exhaust Sys. Viking Mortocycle Company VMC 9 Rolf 11469 10/03/02
Description: You Know!
Satisfaction: Great system, well worth the cost. It looks,sounds,and runs great. Justin was very easy to work with and I look forword to working with the VMC group again.

Front floor boards Part # BLV61640 Cobra Direct line 2 James Gilly 16360 09/30/02
Description: Front Floor Boards for the Valkyrie
Satisfaction: Not happy! Although they look good and match the passenger flor boards, they are not nearly as funtional as they should be for the money. You must adjust both the foot brake and the gear shifter to accomodate the boards. Not a problem. Howerver, the shifter is no longer as accessable to your toe/foot to shift. It now becomes an effort and you'll miss a shift more often than a rookie rider. No mor heel toe work here. You must lift your leg to place your toe onto the shifter to downshiftand work your toe back under in order to shift through your gears. Bad bad design. Called cobra... Can't help me. No offer of any kind to alter the mount. WOW! for $249.00 you'd think it would be a plus rated accessory. This is not the case at all.

HARTCO SEAT HARTCO FROM HARTCO 7 dave 12270 09/26/02

HARTCO SEAT HARTCO FROM HARTCO 7 dave 12270 09/26/02

memphis shades alleycat windshield memphis shades direct line store on web 10 gemini 15459 09/25/02
Description: mid sized windshield, with quick disconnect bracket
Satisfaction: easy mount; excellent wind protection, even thought shield allows 6'2" rider to look over top. does not reflect speedo/tach lights at night. excellent buy.

Ultimate Seats... Des@ultimateseats.com Canada from Des...toll free number on website 10 guz 6207 09/23/02
Description: I put the Ultimate BigBoy Combo on my 99 I/S (6' and l65 lbs and 34"inseam) and wife and I both think it is the ULTIMATE...now I have one ordered for the Tourer..Des is great to work with!!
Satisfaction: ll0%

Exhaust Thunder Honda Directline 5 Jeff Longacre 12918 09/06/02
Description: Exhust 6 into 2
Satisfaction: I'm satisfied with the sound and performance gains, so my hat goes off to Thunder for that, but my complaint of shotty work on the pipes remains strong. The chrome is pitted in a few spots, and where the pipes join into the collecter, there is big time discoloration (even before getting them hot!). Also, having a hell of a time keeping the exhaust system from coming loose at the manifold.

seat covers Winter Woolies www.winterwoolie@hotmail.com 10 shuteer 16314 09/06/02
Description: Wool seat covers
Satisfaction: very satisfied would not hesitate to order from them again

horn cover Cobra Dreyer Honda Indiana Not Rated skank 17012 09/06/02
Description: billit aluminum cover for 98-00 touer.
Satisfaction: Beautiful but does not fit my stock horn. I am trying to locate a horn it will fit. I will return if I can't locate one for a reasonable price.

Transmission Cover Kuryakyn Directline 6 jjohnston 17008 09/03/02
Description: Set of chrome transmission covers for the Honda Valkyrie
Satisfaction: The chrome plating is poor; brush marks are clearly visible from the sides. I may look into contacting Kuryakyn for a replacement set. I took the recommendations from other reviewers and insulated the set before placing them on my bike. Transmission whine was greatly reduced.

Trike Kits na na Not Rated Gray Ghost 15612 09/02/02
Description: 7000
Satisfaction: na

SpeedBleeders Speed Bleeder http://www.speedbleeder.com 10 Six Pack 3738 08/16/02
Description: Brake cyclinder and clutch actuator bleeder valves with internal spring loaded check valves.
Satisfaction: These things are great. Made bleeding the brakes and clutch a breeze. Easy to install. Only wish I had ordered the stainless steel ones for the front brakes. About twice the price as the standard ones but probably would have looked better. Also ordered the optional tubing for bleeding into a container.

Chrome levers Honda VRCC 9 michael 9505 08/15/02
Description: Honda's chrome brake and clutch levers
Satisfaction: Look good and only took 10 minutes to install

Chrome handlebar clamp Honda VRCC 9 michael 9505 08/15/02
Description: Honda's chrome handlebar clamp
Satisfaction: Nice looking piece, wish I had bought the risers in chrome also.

Arlen ness mirrows Arlen Ness Arlen Ness 7 michael 9505 08/15/02
Description: Arlen Ness big eye mirrows
Satisfaction: Mirrows seem to be made well, and the chrome looks good. Needed lots of loc-tite and torque to keep them from moving. Had to dremel stem behind mirrow to get them where you could adjust properly.

Dynatec 3000 Dynetec VRCC link 8 michael 9505 08/15/02
Description: Dynatec ignition module
Satisfaction: The first box I got was OK until it quit. Sent it back for warranty work and had no problems doing so. The second box was an updated version and seems to work very well.

Dunlop D206 Elite Tires Dunlop from Honda Direct 9 chris 14688 08/13/02
Description: Round, made of a rubber-like substance, black X2 lol
Satisfaction: Very satisfied. I would have selected 10 but its too early to tell how many miles these tires will do. Handling is much improved over the OEM Dunlopes (which I liked by the way) They appear to have deeper tread than the factory tires. The Elites are quiet in the turns and seems to "lay" into a long steep turn much smoother than the OEM. Heavy rain with pooled water on freeway, no problem. Traction is great, growl is gone, no wobble at any speed (tested to 115mph) price was right, very satisfied

Swept Floorboards Cobra Del Sol Cycle 10 Bluesman #1464 16942 08/12/02
Description: Front & rear swept floor boards.
Satisfaction: These new boards from Cobra are beautiful and fit great. A bit pricey but I think well worth it once you see them on the Valk.

Metzeler 880 Mezteler Wingmans 1 Woody 9072 08/08/02
Description: NEW AND IMPROVED Front and rear tires.
Satisfaction: Front ok, rear piece of crap! Don't waste your money.

Windshield for Interstate Big Bike Parts VRCC/Honda Direct Line 10 Al 13198 08/08/02
Description: Big Bike Parts replacement windshield for the Valkyrie Interstate
Satisfaction: Very easy to install. Taller and wider than the factory windshield. Heavier material and more rigid than the original. Reduces wind noise and buffeting. Less visual distortion, gas tank reflection and rainbow effect. Reasonable cost for the quality.

Loud-N-Clear helmet head set. na I bought it from the manufacturer. 10 Botman 11099 08/06/02
Description: A fully intergrated helmet to helmet intercom system.
Satisfaction: I liked it so much I started to import them, they are a better unit than Chatterbox and are less than half the price. It comes complete with 2 headsets and 2 Mic's, there are 2 Volume controls and has an extra Audio input socket. The whole unit weighs 40 grams and can be cliped on the back of your collar. Runs for nearly 50 hours on 2 AAA bateries. If you want a set call Botman... Nick at winterwoolie@hotmail.com

Description: DRIVERS PEGS

Avon Venom Tires Same as above Zanesville II 10 TC 8427 08/03/02
Description: You Know
Satisfaction: EXCELLENT Like everyones saying, smoother ride, better handling, Thanks Larry!!!

viking exhaust system VMC through Justin & Andy ( VMC ) 10 TC 8427 08/03/02
Description: you know
Satisfaction: EXCELLENT More POWER, Great sound IMHO

F6 Exhaust System Thunder Mnfg Honda Dealer 10 mark 15249 08/02/02
Description: 6 into 2 system for Valkyrie
Satisfaction: Very Satisfied. Took off Cobra 6 into 6 drags (sounded like a buzz saw), replaced with Thunder's 6 into 2. Much deeper, impressive sound. Not loud, deep!! J.R. @ Thunder was great to work with.

Winter Woolies Winter Woolie Online- www.winterwoolie.com 10 Doc Jim 1196 08/01/02
Description: Sheepskin seat covers. I got driver's and passenger's.
Satisfaction: Outstanding. My Y2K seat was turned into the best seat I have had, and I've had Cobin, et al.

Backrest Utopia C.J. Industries 10 Danjo 16104 07/27/02
Description: Drivers backrest for Valk Interstate
Satisfaction: Very very satisfied. Quick and easy installation. It is very hard to take a knife to the seat, but well worth it in the end. C.J. Industries was very pleasant to deal with!

Chatterbox radio Chatterbox VRCC link 5 michael 9505 07/25/02
Description: frs X2 radio
Satisfaction: Takes some time to learn how to use it. We have the full face setup and still have problems with wind noise. Don't know what I would replace it with.

Mustang seat Mustang VRCC 9 michael 9505 07/25/02
Description: Black replacement seats for valk.
Satisfaction: Seats are wider and more comfortable than the stock ones. Have taken two long vacation trips and I am pleased with them.

jardine exaust jargine crome world 1 mike 16588 07/23/02
Description: 3 into 1
Satisfaction: not at all..turn blue right off...took them off and put them in the garbage

jardine exaust jargine crome world 1 mike 16588 07/23/02
Description: 3 into 1
Satisfaction: not at all

Cruise Control, Electronic Audiovox JC Whitney ($69.00 on sale + 9.99 for vac canister. 9 Topdog 11815 07/23/02
Description: AudioVox CSS-100, electronic curise control with servo, vacuum and "matchbox" fingertip controls.
Satisfaction: It took me a full 18 hours to install this unit, but it was the first time I had the seat, tank, air cleaner, and plenum off of the Interstate. But it was well worth it for me. I have the option, on open highway rides to not to have to keep tension on the throttle grip, and it keeps a constant speed up and down hills. This unit is made for autos, so you must adapt it to your bike! It takes a little engineering, and ingenuity, but it works like any auto Cruise Control! Be careful to connect the right wire to one of the coils. Follow instructions from D Sproul, but connect blue wire to a yellow wire at one of the coils.

Cruise Control, Electronic Audiovox JC Whitney ($69.00 on sale + 9.99 for vac canister. 9 Topdog 11815 07/23/02
Description: AudioVox C100, electronic curise control with servo, vacuum and "matchbox" fingertip controls.
Satisfaction: It took me a full 18 hours to install this unit, but it was the first time I had the seat, tank, air cleaner, and plenum off od the Interstate. But it was well worth it for me. I have the option, on open highway rides to not to have to keep tension on the throttle grip, and it keeps a constant speed up and down hills. This unit is made for autos, so you must adapt it to your bike! It takes a little engineering, and ingenuity, but it works like any auto Cruise Control!

Foot boards, For Valkyrie Cobra HDL 1 bwild4u 12808 07/22/02
Description: Chrome foot boards
Satisfaction: I opened the package and they were both peeling chrome. I returned them w/o ever evening seeing what they looked like on the bike. Did not reorder that product.

Motorcycle Headset for FRS radios Motocomm www.soundradio.com 9 C.D.SixShooter 10966 07/15/02
Description: A complete headset, microphone and speakers for inside a helmet. It uses a standard FRS radio to provide communication for groups of motorcyclists.
Satisfaction: Very satisfied. At around $50 you get a complete set to hook up to a two-way radio. Good quality, the push to talk switch is waterproof and velcros to you hand grip. Tested up to 80 mph with little wind noise intruding on conversation. email me for more info. ca9921@comcast.net

MRC-11 FRS radio Nady The Phone Guys, Cave Junction Oregon 1 Bomber 3669 07/15/02
Description: FRS radio and intercom system
Satisfaction: Bought radio new on 5/29, left for trip with 2 other bikes on 6/29, radio quit transmitting on 7/2, but we were able to hear the other bikes. One other MRC-11 in the group quit around the same time. I'm currently trying to get my money back from the company. BTW, this radio was not abused in any way.

turn signal conversion Electrical Connection ordered from company 1 Bomber 3669 07/14/02
Description: two rings of led's change rear turn signals into brake lights.
Satisfaction: NOT SATISFIED. Had a helluva time getting it installed, but finally got it working properly. Went on a trip and half the led's had burned out by the time I returned. Factory won't respond.

Daves Classic Bar Grill Rattlebars Rattlebars 10 Terry Lee Thompson 12785 07/14/02
Description: Chrome horizonal bar radiator grill
Satisfaction: E-Z install (even I could do it) - Looks Great !!! really dresses up the front of the Valk & makes the engine look wider & bigger (just what the Valk needs, something to make the engine look bigger).

Peg Relo Kit Rattlebars Manufacturing Rattlebars 10 ej 13427 07/13/02
Description: Allows you to move the stock foot pegs down 1 inch, and forward 2 positions.
Satisfaction: Great product. A must for taller riders (I am 6'8"). The instructions were easy to follow and the product shipped quickly.

Cruise control Motorcycle Setup Pty.Ltd. Australia Cruise Control/Alan Cannon Saskatchewan 10 Beer 7609 07/13/02
Description: Electronic Cruise Control
Satisfaction: Excellent product throughout with many safety features. Extensive & clear installation description. Flawless operation. Glad I didn't go for the cheap stuff.

chrome radiator hose big bikes parts VRCC store 1 wild bill 11986 07/10/02
Description: lower radiator hose $104
Satisfaction: lost antifreeze 4 times finally cut some oif the gasket to slide up farther.The hose is very poor fit. Finally put extra gasket inside with form a gasket then glued it on with supper strong glue only to have it start leaking again way up in the colorado mountains, help.cost me big bucks for big bikes parts. E-mailed for suggested refund but not even courtesy answer did I receive. very dissappointed that VRCC would alow this to happen. very hesitant to order more parts.

ultimate seat Ultimate same 10 northvalk 14874 07/04/02
Description: Black vinyl lowrider with back rest for Interstate
Satisfaction: Much better than the stock seat, Best upgrade yet

windshield clearview clearview (net) 10 Casper 289 06/30/02
Description: replacement windshield for Valk Tourer (mounts to stock hardware)
Satisfaction: I had to replace my stock shield and just didn't want to spend the bucks for the Hondaline so found this one .. I ordered the oversize (2 inches taller and wider) with a vent and it is excellent -didn't think I could improve on the stock, but it is a great replacment for $160 shipped.

Dragon Packs Exhaust Ernie Shuster Valley City, Ohio 10 Michael DeRain 15107 06/28/02
Description: I ordered the 18" glasspacks with the stock length down slash stacks
Satisfaction: These pipes are incredible! If you want to start customizing your bike, this is the best place to start and Ernie is the man to see. Friendly service and fast turn around will get you one AWESOME sounding Valk! This is definetly a no-brainer! Thanks Ernie!

floor boards cobra mail order direct 2 richard 9466 06/26/02
Description: driver chrome plated floor boards
Satisfaction: chrome plating started to bubble almost immediatly and when i asked cobra a warranty i was told that if there was any road chips on the edge don't bother to send them in they won't even look at them. for the price paid very poor quality also poor customer service.

Wide studded 3 piece Seat Mustang Seats Adventure Motorsports (Honda Dealer) 10 Mort 6950 06/24/02
Description: Touring seat with studs, driver's back rest, Passenger Back rest.
Satisfaction: Extremely satisfied. Made a 1000 mile trip over the weekend....wife said best investment made on the bike yet....she loved it!!!!

Helmet Sunblocker Helmet Sunblocker of Georgia www.helmetsunblocker.com 10 Doc 16285 06/23/02
Description: Strip that fits neatly inside any shield
Satisfaction: Something so simple, so reasonable, so inexpensive and yet adds so much enjoyment to riding into the sun. WOW! The cost like $15 or so and are worth so much more.

Rivco Air horns Rivco Honda Direct 9 VSOJoe 16262 06/22/02
Description: Chrome Air Horns
Satisfaction: Received order in less than a week in good condition. Installed in less than an hour. No cutting or crimping of wires needed. Instructions were easy enough to figure out. They look and sound good on the bike. I also like that they came with a relay switch. I think all electrical accessories should come with one. No need to worry about frying the horn switch.

Electronic Speed Control Motorcycle Setup Motorcycle Setup 10 BywayRider 10287 06/21/02
Description: Cruise control designed for the Valkyrie
Satisfaction: Very Satisfied. Nice design, well made, holds speed to 2mph even on mountain roads.

crystal-glo motorcycle polish crystal-glo mail order 18002630887 10 robert 11917 06/18/02
Description: acrylic base cycle wax
Satisfaction: you have got to try this stuff!the deepest,color rich shine i have ever put on anything

Hartco Warrior Seat Hartco International Hartco International 9 ERICF6 2466 06/17/02
Description: Three piece seat with chrome studs
Satisfaction: Very satisfied with this seat. The drivers' backrest is terrific. Even has a nice pouch on the back of it. Excellent tight fit too. Very wide design spreads your weight out better than the Mustang I had before. Highly recommended.

SEAT HARTCO Mfg. 9 wAYNE 15801 06/17/02
Description: Seat for I/S with backrest
Satisfaction: Rode 300mi.this weekend with no numbbum. Backrest is sensational,don't know how I ever rode without one.Came just when they told me it would. Thought I ordered it with studs and conchos, but when it came in order showed none. Called and they said send it back during the slow riding time and they will put them on. Nice people to work with.

Avon Tires Avon Honda Direct (VRCC) 10 11469 06/14/02
Description: Avon Venom R Series
Satisfaction: Ride,and handling much better, to say the least. (DUNLAP NEVER AGAIN)

Mustang Seat Mustang Honda Direct (VRCC) 10 Rolf 11469 06/14/02
Description: 3 piece with studs
Satisfaction: Great seat, just put 1500 miles on it, could not have been more comfortable well worth the money.

Kisan Headlight Modulator Kisan Local Honda dealer 10 Britman 11845 06/13/02
Description: As effective as having a man walking in front of you waving a red flag.
Satisfaction: I've had cages of all descriptions and sizes pull over out of the way. So many it's starting to get embarassing. Really makes you very visible to traffic in front of you and traffice coming towards you. Instructions say to drill a hole in the headlamp shell to fit the light sensor. No need to, just thread it out the back of the shell and tie it to the cables behing the shell. Worth every penny of $100. Took about 10 minutes to install. If I can do it so can you. Make sure you buy the plug in version for a Valk Standard or Tourer.

Satellite Radio Sony Best Buy 10 Moose 14447 06/13/02
Description: Added to AUX port on Valk inerstate
Satisfaction: I love it so far.Had it a week.Wish I had it last week on my 2300 mile trip to Americade.There are two systems out I got the XM radio that was $299 plus $9.99 a mounth with 100 clear channels.Unit is removeable and home cradle can be bought to use on home system.Got system that is made to play thru cassette player but I bought a male to male cable and hooked it to the aux port.


floorboards (passenger) JC whitney JC whitney 7 BBJ 9085 06/10/02
Description: chrome passenger floorboards for honda valkyrie std.
Satisfaction: good quality for price $109, wife likes how they feel... alot better than pegs. left side went on in 5-10 minutes, but right side had to have some small amount of grinding to the id of mounting holes. took 20-30 minutes for it! overall not too bad! i'd buy them again ! saved over $100 over others i looked at!!!!

KUR 7966 pegs Kuryakyn Honda Direct Line 10 Walt 10568 06/07/02
Description: highway pegs
Satisfaction: Very happy with item, easy install and the chrome is great. Most important comfortable on the long haul. Also great service from Honda Direct.

radiator grille rattlebars website 10 Walt 10568 06/07/02
Description: chrome grille to replace all others
Satisfaction: I can't say enough good things about this item. Worth every penny.

880 Tire Metzeler Direct line ( vrcc ) 10 Michael 3141 06/05/02
Description: Metzeler
Satisfaction: Very satisfied.When i put these tires on i thought i got new shocks too!Replaced my worn out rear bridgestone first,liked it so much,i replaced the front tire also,even though it was only half worn!These tires were made for the DRAGON!!!!!

handlebar clamp clock Cyclecraft VRCC Honda Direct Line 1 snake 5991 06/04/02
Description: False adveryising, you will not receive a Seiko. I got a Silcon Electronics from Hongkong with Singapore movement & China base.
Satisfaction: What can I say there crooks & will cost you shipping fee to return there junk.

handlebar clamp clock Cyclecraft VRCC Honda Direct Line 1 snake 5991 06/04/02
Description: False adveryising, you will not receive a Seiko. I got a Silco Electronics from Hongkong with Singapore movement & China base.
Satisfaction: What can I say there crooks & will cost you shipping fee to return there junk.

chrome dip stick two brothers racing 2 brothers racing by mistake should have been VRCC Not Rated snake 5991 06/04/02
Description: Useless if you have installed chrome covers in this area cuz you can't put the dipstick in.
Satisfaction: Couldn't get it in the bike; wouldn't fit.

Mustang seat Mustang F6rider classified 10 TCAT 15898 06/03/02
Description: 3 piece with studs conchos backrest
Satisfaction: I thought this was going to be good but it is better than good love it love the back rest and the looks.

Windshield Rifle Direct 10 RC 6647 05/31/02
Description: SS Classic
Satisfaction: 100% Great shield. Riding my Valk was always fun but windy days were a realy pounding. Now 90MPH with high winds are a dream. No flutter, just solid feel.

Lamonster Bar Bullets na Hal,s 10 maddog 13130 05/30/02
Description: Replaces tips on Kuryakin grips
Satisfaction: When people notice this piece of chrome at 70 miles a hour on the highway and tell you. Then it was money well spent. Nice job Lamont!

peg relocation kit Rattlebars same 10 checkerddream 10356 05/28/02
Description: Complete kit to move pegs foward.
Satisfaction: This product is what every big man needs.The distance it moves your legs is just enough to take the pressure off rear. Rode 433 miles first trip with it and wow what a difference.

Harbor Freight Tire Changer na Harbor Freight 6 7815 05/25/02
Description: Tire changer that breaks the bead down and then can be used to remove the tire from the rim.
Satisfaction: The bead breaker part of this apparatus works just fine. The part of the apparatus that removes the tire from the wheel needs some improvement. If the pry bar end was coated to protect the wheel when sliding it around the rim I could give it a 9 or a 10.

Transmission Cover Set Kuryakyn Direct Line 9 Rolf 11469 05/25/02
Description: Crome covers for the valk.
Satisfaction: Very Satisfied,however after reading some other posts I did insulate the back of both peaces before I put them on. I used Thermo Tec. Starter Heat Shield and cut it to size. Then tape it on with Thermo Tec's Metallic Insulating Tape. This elimenated 75% of that all familer Transmission Noise. Sooooo nice and Sooooo Quit.

Cobra Lightbar cobra it came from a show in PA. 7 Walter 10568 05/24/02
Description: Not bad, but for the price it fell short. You can not take your windshield off and on, without removing one of the lights. My windshield comes off at least four times a year for a good cleaning. Poor design, if it bolted from the back like the OEM signals this could have been avoided. Instructions are vague and incomplete, wiring could have been better. Once it is on it looks great and works fine.
Satisfaction: yes and no

Cobra Lightbar cobra it came from a show in PA. 7 Walter 10568 05/24/02
Description: Not bad, but for the price it fell short. You can't take your windshield off and on, without removing one of the lights. My windshield comes off at least four times a year for a good cleaning. Poor design, if it bolted from the back like the OEM signals this could have been avoided. Instructions are vague and incomplete, wiring could have been better. Once it's on it looks great and works fine.
Satisfaction: yes and no

Cobra Lightbar cobra it came from a show in PA. 7 Walter 10568 05/24/02
Description: Not bad, but for the price it fell short. You can take your windshield off and on, without removing one of the lights. My windshield comes off at least four times a year for a good cleaning. Poor design, if it bolted from the back like the OEM signals this could have been avoided. Instructions are vague and incomplete, wiring could have been better. Once it's on it looks great and works fine.
Satisfaction: yes and no

Solo Bar Bib Bike Things Big Bike things 9 Odie 7244 05/23/02
Description: Solo bar to be used with Stinger seat or any solo seat (even stock) with the passenger seat and back rest removed
Satisfaction: Very nice looking. I prefer the smooth chrome (no designs or words inscripted) Service was unbelievably fast.

heated grips kimpex canadian tire store 8 mr. juicy 4980 05/20/02
Description: canadian tire sells stick-on grips for snowmobiles for $25.i didn't take the sticky backing off,i drilled a hole in each handlebar and just rolled them up and stuck them in the ends of the bars.i mounted the switch out of sight.sometimes they get hot enough to be uncomfortable.they put out the best heat above 2500 rpm,same as the vest.oh yah, don't forget to turn off the switch when you turn off the bike,unless you're parked on a hill like i happened to be-luckily!could wire it thru ignition switch.
Satisfaction: simple cheap and works far better than i expected

Dragon Packs Dragon na 10 Chris 12590 05/12/02
Description: Dragon Packs with 36" stacks.
Satisfaction: I originally hooked up with Ernie to sell him a set of stock pipes. Now I have sold my Cobras and am running Dragons. I must have talked to Ernie 6 or 7 times. He is more than willing to help. His workmanship is the best. By far the best improvement I have made to my bike.

Seat Mustang Directline 9 Shotgun 7384 05/11/02
Description: Mustang seat for Valkyrie standard with studs and conchos.
Satisfaction: Fit perfect! Installation took 10 minutes. Very comfortable. No more numb butt. Thought at first it was pricey but don't feel that way any more.

Dragon Packs Dragon Packs Dragon Packs 10 JLPIROCK 12394 05/10/02
Description: 18" Dragon Packs With 36" Dragon Stacks
Satisfaction: Just installed my Dragon Packs, and they sound awesome. The design is slick and the welds are beautifull. Delivered as promised,gave tips for install,Ernie is cool. Harley's been slain by the Dragon!....again.

Dragon Packs Exhaust Dragon Packs, Valley City, Ohio. Dragon Packs 10 Jeff Parkinson 15805 05/10/02
Description: Modification of stock exhaust with glass packs. 36" slash cut Dragon Stacks.
Satisfaction: 100% staisfied. Quality and workmanship is superb, sound and perfromance is outstanding. Would do it again in a minute. Ernie is a great guy and very helpful with selection and install. He is extremely interested in customer satisfaction and will back up his work. This is the best modification of stock exhaust I have seen.

BACK REST UTOPIA THUNDER ROAD CYCLE & TRUCK www.thunderroadcandt.com 10 SCOOTERTRASH 11152 05/09/02
Satisfaction: COMFORTABLE ................. OH SO COMFORTABLE

Satisfaction: you will love this product, keeps your hands fresh and doesn't numb them while riding

Ultimate Seat Saftey systems ( Des) Safety Systems 10 Jon 12070 05/07/02
Description: Studded with driver backrest, and passenger and passenger backrest studded.
Satisfaction: Excellent quality, very well made. I'm extremely pleased with my seat. I even recieved it about two weeks before expected!!! Des is a great guy to deal with!!!!! I would highly recomend this seat to anyone and it is well worth the investment as opposed to a stock seat for long trips.

Ultimate Seat Saftey systems ( Des) Safety Systems 10 Jon 12070 05/07/02
Description: Studded with driver backrest, and passenger and passenger backrest studded.
Satisfaction: Excellent quality, very well made. I'm extremely pleased with my seat. I even recieved it about two weeks before expected!!! Des is a great guy to deal with!!!!!

Dragon Packs dragonpacks@valkyrieriders.com same 10 Kurt Huskes 15242 05/06/02
Description: Dragon Pack Exhaust System
Satisfaction: completely!

Kuryakyn 7966 Highway pegs. Kuryakyn Direct Line 10 Fish Hook 4045 05/05/02
Description: Very nice set of highways pegs that mount on the curved crash guard.
Satisfaction: Very satisfied. Chrome is superb. Makes the longer rides more comfortable. Still have a few minor adjustments to make to find best position for left foot. Got the right side just right on first attempt. :)

Thunder Pipes Thunder Manufacturing??? VRCC Store (Direct Line) 7 Fish Hook 4045 05/05/02
Description: Aftermarket Pipes for the Valkyrie.
Satisfaction: Has a nice growl to it, helps on horsepower, haven't dyno'd but can definitely tell the difference over my Glasspacks. Only complaints are #1 one of the header pipes for the left side makes contact with the peg bracket and #2 The chrome on the canisters (near the collector) is not the greatest in the world, can see the welding as it wasn't smoothed up too well thus the chrome doesn't look as good as it should on a set of pipes that cost up in the hundreds of dollars. They may be better at it now since I got my set almost a year ago. Oh, and the headers have goldened which is ok by me, just so you know. Had the welds been smoothed out better and the Chrome held up better I would have given these pipes a 9 or maybe a 10.

chrome dipstick with temp gauge Two Brothers Racing Two Brothers Racing ( by mistake should have been VRCC) Not Rated snake 5991 05/03/02
Description: Totally useless if you put crome near that area! Hope I save someone the money I lost for restock fee & shipping return costs.
Satisfaction: Couldn't use it; didn't fit with my chrome piece in the way.

2 Brothers Chrome oil temp. gauge 2 brothers racing Accidently bought from 2 Bros. instead of VRCC 1 snake 5991 04/30/02
Description: Don't buy it if you have engine chrome installed by dip stick cuz it's useless (doesn't fit). Now I'm out $79.98.
Satisfaction: Can't use it!

Progressive Shocks and Avon Venom "Tyres" Progressive & Avon Shocks at Bike Week - Tires at Daytona Fun Machines 10 Deerslayer 2949 04/30/02
Description: WOW! Want a new bike? Add the above two items and you won't believe the difference. The ride and handling are magnificent. The bike corners like it lost 150 pounds somewhere and doesn't even feel bumps that used to jar my back teeth. The setup aint cheap, but it's sure worth it.
Satisfaction: 100% satisfied

National Cycle Light bar national cycle Hal 9 dodgeem 9150 04/29/02
Description: National Cycle Light bar
Satisfaction: Installed within an hour and really gives the bike a retro look. Chrome seems to be top notch

Progressive AIS shocks Progressive Suspension Honda Hoot Vendor Section 10 Eddie 10407 04/23/02
Description: Replacement shocks. Also had matching fork springs installed.
Satisfaction: Riding back to Las Vegas felt like a different bike than I rode to Tennessee. Most bumps and rough spots had gone away. Kinda expensive, but worth it.

Saddleman Gel-Pac Seat Saddleman Honda Dealer 10 Eddie 10407 04/23/02
Description: Studded one piece seat with gel inserts for rider and passenger.
Satisfaction: Excellent. Front of seat is narrower than stock, so your legs are not spread out as far. Costs about 100 bucks less than comparable Corbin. No more numb butt. Excellent looks and workmanship.

Peg Relo-Kit Rattlebars Mfg. http://www.rattlebars.com 10 Ray 8755 04/22/02
Description: Peg relocating kit that can both lower (1") and move drivers pegs forward up to 2" forward
Satisfaction: First of all, excellent customer service. There was a mix up with the order and I was contacted right away to clarify my order. Shipping was done promptly and packaging kept contents secure and undamaged. The kit was received within a week of my order, much quicker than expected. Instructions were spot on, although a small photo showing where a zip tie goes was a little too small for my eyes to see clearly, although common sence and a quick internet session to visit his website where detailed photos are presented quickly clarify any questions. They took me about an hour and a half to install (I'm sure it can be done in under an hour if it wasn't after midnight when I did the installation.) The kit has made a difference in the way I feel after and during a recent ride, it relieved pressure that my tailbone was experiencing by allowing my legs to rest on the seat instead of being raised as much as the way they were before. I'd recommend them to anyone who may be having comfort issues due to being tall or just having long legs. Thank you Chet, you saved my A$$!!!

Guage Visors Custom World Online Store 5 C.D.SixShooter 10966 04/22/02
Description: Metal visors that fit over the tach and speedo on the Valk
Satisfaction: I was pleasantly surprised to find that these visors were made of metel. I was unpleasantly surprised to find how badly they need quality control. There were two screws and bolts, both diffent lengths and sizes to secure the visors to the guages. Also, one was a robertson driver (square) and one was a phillips! I finally had to go the local hardware store and pick up two allen head bolts and nuts (stainless). Then, when I attempted to attach them, the visors kept slipping off as the bolts were tightened. I finally got some thin double stick tape (used for attaching servos in radio controlled cars) and used this to attach the visors. i used the screws I purchased to complete the installation. Buy these only if you are willing to buy new screws and tape to mount them!

Perf-form Oil Filters Perf-form Products, Inc. Perf-form 4 Six Pack 3738 04/20/02
Description: High performance oil filter for Valkyrie.
Satisfaction: Have not been able to get the filter to stop seeping. It has a different seating system than the Honda filter. Honda uses a round O-ring verses Perf-form's flat O-ring. Never had any problem with a Honda leaking. Also, if you buy the Perf-form from the manufacturer you have to order four filters at a time. I have three left but I'll be going back to Honda filters.

Rumble Road MH Instruments na 10 Lightning Rod 15539 04/20/02
Description: Amplified stereo
Satisfaction: Rock&Roll and Valykrie,Life doesent get any better than that.Can here music up to 80mph.ROCK ON

Tires...Donlop OEM Dunlop OEM came with the bike 8 chris 14688 04/19/02
Description: I bought a 97 standard. Came with the normal Dunlops.......got over 8k still got plenty of tread
Satisfaction: I can't understand all the displeasure with these tires. I have been riding for 26 years. All street, many different size bikes, big small fast and not so fast. My Valk handles just fine, reliable wet, hot, cold, all conditions. It may not flop into turns like a super sport racing machine but hey, its a cruiser. I would like some honest answers: 1. Mileage people are getting on these various tires especially Dunlop Elite vs Avon. 2. Performance...Avons look cool and all but I hear they can be squirly in wet conditions? I dont need a better ride, dont want to sacrifice safety for mileage. I want to make an informed decision, so ego's aside.....whats the "real deal"


Ultimate Seats Safety-Check Systems [safetycheck@on.aibn.com] from Des the owner-maker 9 troy pennock 8118 04/17/02
Description: driver's seat (no studs or conchos), passengers seat, sissybar pad, drivers backrest, done in black leather
Satisfaction: The quality is superb, and the design is very good. This seat allows the altitudanily challenged to be low riders on our Valks. This seat lowers you two inches from your 99 model seat and one inch from your 00 model seat. It seems to move you one inch closer to the handlebars. It is expensive and takes a few hundred miles to readjust to your new Valk sitting position. It was worth it for me. I like the low-rider feel.

Sheep Skin Seat Cover Made In New Zealand http://www.winterwoolie.com/ 10 Gunner 6560 04/16/02
Description: Custom covers for Valk seats. Mine was made for Mustang.
Satisfaction: You won't believe how nice it is. Rides even better.

Glasspacks na Schuster- Medina,Ohio 10 Rad 15127 04/16/02
Description: W/truck stacks
Satisfaction: Very satisfied with sound and workmanship. Beware to order truck stacks and have them before you take pipes off. Airflo Co does not deliver in a timely fashion nor when promised. Recommend Ernie Schuster for work 216-549-4824. He was very easy to work with and delivered when promised.

DragonPacks Ernie Shuster http://communities.msn.com/valkyriedragonpacks/valkyriedragonpacks.msnw 10 DragonSlayer 6175 04/15/02
Description: DragonPacks ,what can I say other than I love them. The sound is excellent but not overbearing. Unless you want them to be by taking out your fiberglass packs and inserting a piece of straight pipe. Then to finish the look off you can get stacks 36" 38" and even 40" and the chrome finish is excellent. I have received many compliments about these and have only had them on for 3 weeks. When you visit the site below my bike is on the bottom left corner. The Black one with 36" slashcuts turned down.
Satisfaction: Sounds awesome. Chrome finish is very good. Installation is not hard.

DragonPacks Ernie Shuster http://communities.msn.com/valkyriedragonpacks/valkyriedragonpacks.msnw 10 DragonSlayer 6175 04/15/02
Description: DragonPacks ,what can I say other than I love them. The sound is excellent but not overbearing. Unless you want them to be by taking out your fiberglass packs and inserting a piece of straight pipe. Then to finish the look off you can get stacks 36" 38" and even 40" and the chrome finish is excellent. I have received many compliments about these and have only had them on for 3 weeks. When you visit the site below my bike is on the bottom left corner. The Black one with 36" slashcuts turned down.
Satisfaction: Sounds awesome. Chrome finish is very good. Installation is not hard.

Bike Bike / Showchrome Chrome Radiator hose Big Bike / Showchrome JDS Cycle 1 Biker Bill 1101 04/14/02
Description: Replacement lower chrome radiator hose
Satisfaction: Extremely poor design. The hose pops off repeatedly. After multiple attempts for a leak free installation, it was removed and returned.

Oil Pressure and Water Temperature guages Kustom Kruzr www.kustomkruzr.com 9 C.D.SixShooter 10966 04/14/02
Description: Oil Pressure and Water Temparature guages with billet machined clamps for mounting to handlebars.
Satisfaction: Very Satisfied. These guages look factory with their billet mounts. The white face with orange needles further complement the factory guages. My only complaint is the look of the oil pressure sending unit. I feel that they could have provided a chrome cover for it...

TBR Triple Clamp Two Brothers Racing VRCC Store 10 Michael P. 171 04/11/02
Description: Chrome fork clamp replaces stock. Much beefier (over 11 lbs.) with a greater feel to the steering and better handling. Great addition.
Satisfaction: Fit and finish are great. First rate product.

Winter Woolie Nick Reynolds same 10 checkerdream 10356 04/11/02
Description: Sheepskin cover for Corbin dual-touring seat
Satisfaction: Bought winter woolie and wow what a difference in the ride.Rode 482 miles first trip with total rearend comfort.Great product,great look. Nick was a big help answering all my questions Thanks Nick.

Floorboards COBRA Hal @the valk store on site 4 Doug 7250 04/10/02
Description: The boards are exactly the same highth as the brake pedal on the Valk making it difficult to press down on the brake pedal, and you can't adjust the pedal any higher--had to put a 1" piece of hard rubber on the pedal to make it functional
Satisfaction: So-So for the money !!

Tracet manufactoring highway pegs Tracet www.tracet.com/valkyrie/accessories.htm 9 DMS2511 14592 04/08/02
Description: These are aluminum machined blocks that attach to the engine guard of a standard or tourer that allows you to relocate the stock passenger pegs upfront to be used as highway/cruiser pegs...
Satisfaction: I am very satisifed with product and they are very solid and stable...Worked out great for me because I installed Cobra floor boards in the rear and used the factory passenger pegs for highway pegs upfront...Looks very nice and looks like a Honda application

Tracet manufactoring highway pegs Tracet www.tracet.com/valkyrie/accessories.htm Not Rated DMS2511 14592 04/08/02
Description: These are aluminum machined blocks that attach to the engine guard of a standard or tourer that allows you to relocate the stock passenger pegs upfront to be used as highway/cruiser pegs...
Satisfaction: I am very satisifed with product and they are very solid and stable...Worked out great for me because I installed Cobra floor boards in the rear and used the factory passenger pegs for highway pegs upfront...Looks very nice and looks like a Honda application

Description: SIX INTO SIX

seat honda cycleworld toronto 8 mr. juicy 4980 04/01/02
Description: interstate seat
Satisfaction: removed p-pad.with a turn of a key i can change from solo to 2-up in less than a minute.$288 canadian

Avon Venom-R tires Avon Cycle City, Lake Forest CA . 10 King Karl 14882 03/31/02
Description: Replacement front and rear tires for Valkeries
Satisfaction: VERY satisfied. After the rapid demise of the factory supplied Dunlops (8000 miles), I wanted to try something else. The Avons (180/70 R16 rear,$140,150/80 R17 $125 front) from a cycle parts were less cost than Replacement Duns from the Honda dealer. They are SOOO Much better! my Standard Valk handles great especially turning at any speed. The factory front Dunlop always felt like it was "plowing" into the turns which I thought was the bikes "built in" stability. Well anyway, Big difference in handling now, easy rolling into turns, feels very stable and confident in turns and at 5000 miles still have more tread on them than the original Dunlops did new.

12" Shocks WORKS VRCC classified Ads 10 Dean 15205 03/30/02
Description: Street Tracker rear shocks
Satisfaction: DRS shocks look and work very well. Option is chrome springs or black powdercoated.

Brake Pedal Cover Kuryakyn Hal's and Kuryakyn 1 Bernie 8780 03/29/02
Description: Kuryakyn brake pedal cover
Satisfaction: Set screws don't fit holes. On first cover, forced a set screw, it stripped out, tried to drill it out, and bottom piece of cover broke. Called Hal's who directed me to Kuryakyn. They sent a new cover. Same problem. Set screws don't fit. Have to remanufacture in order to make fit. What a piece of crap.

Glasspack Mod eschuu@peoplepc.com eschuu@peoplepc.com/Airflo 10 DragonSlayer 6175 03/26/02
Description: Glasspack mod with airflo truck stacks. Pipes sound great, not overbearing. Pipes can be made louder though with very little effort. The airflo stacks look great. Like they should have been put on the bike stock. Installation is not difficult at all no special tools required. I am very satisfied.
Satisfaction: Very satisfied pipes sound great, look great and were easy to install.

Velocity Stacks AeroMach VRCC online store 9 King Karl 14882 03/24/02
Description: Hot Rod style carb intake velocity stacks
Satisfaction: This kit is chrome eye candy for an already awesome chrome powerhouse. It replaces the stamped carb covers Honda supplied with six curvy chromed intake velocity stacks. Install took less than an hour, and kit included instructions and all neccesary parts. These stacks attract a lot of attention from other bikers and are especially intimidating to the Harley boys when you pull up along side at stoplights. Customer service was great, workmanship and chrome are excellent. My only complaint- when you look down the stacks you see the grey metal carb casting blocking the hole and it becomes apparent to the viewer that the stacks are non-functional. Easy fix: I went to the Hardware store and bought brass screen mesh, cut it to circles of the right size, shaped them into inverted bowls, and re-installed the stacks over them. They look like functional air filter screens. AeroMach- you should include these in your kit! Any way lots of fun, looks fantastik!

Tulsa Interstate Replacement Windshield Tulsa Same 10 Patrick 14950 03/22/02
Description: Replaces smaller Honda original equipment. 6 Inches taller and 2 inches wider.
Satisfaction: Should be an option from Honda. Easy install. Works fine hope it lasts along time. No more helmet buffeting at normal speeds.

pipes viper creations viper creations 10 pyschoslug 13912 03/10/02
Description: 36'long slash cut truck stack

Winter Woolies Imported from New Zeeland Nick Botman (nick921@hotmail.com 10 Bladerunner 9257 03/08/02
Description: One inch thick natural Wool seat covers for the Valkyrie Standard and Interstate.
Satisfaction: Best solution to the stock Valkyrie seat I ever saw. Rode a 1,000 miles to Daytona and back this past week and really experienced a comfortable ride on my Valk for the first time.

Winter Woolies Imported from New Zeeland Rick Botman 10 Bladerunner 9257 03/08/02
Description: One inch thick natural Wool seat covers for the Valkyrie Standard and Interstate.
Satisfaction: Besy solution to the stock Valkyrie seat I ever saw. Rode a 1,000 miles to Daytona and back this past week and really experienced a comfortable ride on my Valk for the first time.

kickshifter rattlebars ordered on line VRCC 10 tdc510 9297 03/07/02
Description: heel toe shifter
Satisfaction: Wonderful design and what a pleasure to ride with.Had to wait awhile on shipment,but it was well worth the wait and money.Great chrome and installation was a snap!!

champion hard bags. Champion sidecar Direct from Champion 10 BLT 11598 03/07/02
Description: Hardbags
Satisfaction: Very nice bags. Nice liner inside. Paint match was really good. (Yellow/creme) Locks are not that great, but none of them are. Fiberglass, not plastic and no seam on the bag. Would do it again.

Glasspack Exhaust Viper Creations Viper Creations- www.geocities.com/vipercreations/ 10 Erik 9162 03/04/02
Description: Stock exhaust modified with 24" glasspacks and 36" slash-cut truck stacks
Satisfaction: Quality and workmanship are excellent. The truck stacks have excellent chrome and the pipes sound great. Definitely louder than stock but not offensive with a deep rumble. I installed the pipes on an otherwise completely stock engine and had before and after dyno runs performed. The glasspack exhaust yielded a 4hp. and 4ft.lbs torque gain over the stock exhaust. The power and torque gain was quite even over the entire rpm. range. Mileage seems to be up about 3mpg. in normal city and freeway driving. I'll post the dyno runs on the tech. board shortly. Mike at Viper Creations is great to talk to and very helpful. I also ordered Viper's chrome solo-bar with my pipes. It looks great and seems very sturdy but I haven't gotten around to installing it yet. Viper creations has several mods for the stock Valk exhaust that all look very interesting. I recommend that anyone looking to change their Valk's pipes should check out Viper Creations.

Waynesworldcycle chrome radiator, etc WaynesWorldCycle http://www.waynesworldcycle.com 10 Jack in New Orleans 3099 03/01/02
Description: Excellent quality stainless steel radiator cover, sissy bar plate, and sidecovers
Satisfaction: Polished stainless steel products that never rust. Very high quality workmanship!

Corbin Beetle Bags Corbin VRCC classifieds 10 BobR 8730 02/27/02
Description: Rounded fiberglass hardbags with lids.
Satisfaction: Very satisfied with these bags. They look great and hold quite a lot of stuff. The tail lights that are built in are worthless. Corbin says a 6 week wait but I found a pair painted and carpeted by advertising on the classifieds for $500. 3 bolt installation per bag in about 10 minutes. Make the bike look awesome especially with the Corbin Solo Seat.

Windshield Honda VRCC 8 Hammer 8621 02/16/02
Description: Honda Line Windshield
Satisfaction: Looks great. Initial installation took about 1hr. Thereafter, removal/replacment takes about 2min. Causes slight head buffeting past 65mph. The shape of the windshield causes an annoying reflection of the gas cap in line of sight. Pricey.

Passenger Floor Boards Cobra na 3 Hammer 8621 02/16/02
Description: Chrome plated
Satisfaction: Functionally great, but the chrome started bubbling and flaking off with only 4500 miles on the bike. Texas - always garaged.

LED Lighting Radiantze Radiantze 9 V-MAN 5065 02/13/02
Description: These are FLEXIBLE strips with high output LED's mounted every 1/2 inch. They throw a ton of light and work great because they take up very little space and easy to mount out of the way! I have had other LED assemblies and these are by far the easiest to hide/mount. They are also the brightest I have seen ... nice EVEN lighting
Satisfaction: VERY SATISFIED

Radiantze LED Tailight Conversion Radiantze Radiantze 9 V-MAN 5065 02/13/02
Description: 148 LED's that fill the stock tailight on Standard or Tourer model Valk. You can purchase the LED's to work as marker/brake light or the center to work as marker/brake and outside to work as turnsignals. I bought the one w/signals built in. So far works very well but being winter no t tested on road. The running/brake is VERY bright. I am hoping the turnsignals will pass inspection because I removed the ugly stock plastic assembly!
Satisfaction: So far very satisfied

Chrome Radiator hose kit Big Bike Hal 5 Airetime 13720 02/05/02
Description: Chrome hose and connectors.
Satisfaction: Looks good, but a pain to install as the hose either came off or was hard to stop from leaking. If you get one of these, my best advice is to go to your favorite Auto Parts store and get their best hose clamps and throw the ones they give you away. Also do not add the anti-freeze until you are sure that there are no more leaks. Would I buy it again. Not! I would go to Rattlebars and get theirs.

Airflow Stacks Horseapple - Mark Tobias 10 Airetime 13720 02/05/02
Description: 18" slip ons
Satisfaction: These did exactly what I wanted them to do. Mine are Slash Cuts and add about a foot from stock. Sound went from tinney to a deep throaty sound. Does not add alot of noise at higher speeds, but it makes the Dragon sound better. Fit and finish was great and took less time to add than to run to the store to get beer after. Highly reccomended. With the exactness that is needed for the bolt holes, I would not attempt to drill the satcks myself, these cannot be off even a little. Mark has it down to a science.

Turn Signal Conversion Electrical Connection Electrical Connection 9 Airetime 13720 02/05/02
Description: Led light inserts into rear turn signals to add running lights and brake lights to the signals.
Satisfaction: Not an easy application, but with a bit of patience you can do it. Hard part is to stuff the wires back in and getting it all back together. Make sure the red grommets are in the package when it comes. Cannot see that much difference during the day, but at night when you need it, it works well. Gave me a chance to take those ugly reflectors off the license plate bracket for a clean look. Make sure that you double the time you think it will take. Having a soldering iron is helpful.

4 ways Rattlebars Chet's website 10 Airetime 13720 02/05/02
Description: Converts signal lights to 4 way flashers
Satisfaction: Greatly satisified. Took the instructions off of the site and printed them. For about $5 you can't go wrong with this. He even lists the radio shack's part numbers.

modified exhaust system viper creations viper creations- www.geocities.com/vipercreations 10 Mombo 0 02/01/02
Description: modified exhaust with 36" slash cut stacks using the stock honda double wall header so there is no blueing.Deep throaty sound, more h. p. and no jetting the carbs. Workmanship is seckond to none and the chrome is outstanding.Stage two system- 60% louder than stock.
Satisfaction: very satisfied- great sound,great looking, outstanding chrome and Mike from viper was a pleasure to deal with.

Driver's Backrest Utopia Ordered From Utopia 10 Doug Smith 0 01/14/02
Description: A driver's backrest to match the bike.
Satisfaction: The backrest is very comfortable. It has plenty of adjustments for your comfort and fit. Also, the material matched exactly. It also comes with a bag that can be detached. Awesome.

6 degree trigger wheel na na 10 Doug Elliott 0 01/13/02
Description: Advances ignition timing "6" degrees
Satisfaction: Everything your Valk' did willingly before it will now do EAGERLY. Backfiring is all but eliminated.

Lower Chrome Deflector National Cycle Competion Accessories 9 T. Hall 0 01/12/02
Description: Attaches to front forks,improves windshield performance by decreasing underdraft.
Satisfaction: Very satisfied. Running a 99 standard with the 19" Memphis Fats bugscreen. Fork deflectors have stopped helmet buffeting up to 80 mph, much more comfortable ride. Chrome appears to be good quality.

Air Wings Baker Americade 9 Scottie 0 01/08/02
Description: I installed them on the I/S...the best piece of hardware I installed so far. They can duct cold air around the driver/passenger or in hot weather turn them inwards and almost blow you off. They take the wind blast off your knees
Satisfaction: The only concern I have is that it puts a lot of strain on the two screws on the top backside of the radiator pods.

Cobra passenger floor boards Cobra mail order 7 Weegee 0 01/08/02
Description: Rear floorboards
Satisfaction: Boards work good and look good after 25,000 miles.The chrome around the mount is bubbled .The chrome around the rubber foot pad and the back still looks great.

Studded seat na na 10 na 0 01/08/02
Description: Have you ever wondered what that cruiser of yours would look like with a studded seat/backrest/saddlebags? . Believe me, a studded seat for between $60 - $100 depending on the size can add as much looks as $500 worth of chrome...or more. Studs are chrome 3/8" or 7/16" or 1/2" diameter. If you're interested in getting yours done, just UPS it to us and we'll do it within two or three working days and have it right on its way back to you so you don't miss out on any riding. Check out our website with some samples of our work and you can even inquire through our website on how much it would cost to get YOUR seat/backrests/saddlebags done. http://cosmos.timesdispatch.com/rtd/studs or send an email with your inquiry now to: Tourco@aol.com
Satisfaction: FANTASTIC

Ribbed Chrome covers Lots of them Everywhere 10 Valk-o-mania 0 01/08/02
Description: Stylish ribbed chrome radiator cover, ribbed frame covers, ribbed trans covers, ribbed riser cover, etc
Satisfaction: LOVE THEM RIBBED CHROME COVERS!!! Can't get enough of them! Want to get rid of all those ugly curves on my $14,000 bike and make it look like a toaster-oven!!!! Know where I can get more COVERS???!!!!

Radiator Hose Big Bike Parts VRCC 2 na 0 01/02/02
Description: Chrome Radiator Hose
Satisfaction: While it looks sharp when complete, it is almost impossible to get to seal on the upper connector. The inner seal fits so losely that there is no way to clamp down tight enough. I finally cut original hose and put inside the inner seal to get it to work. I hope it stays on but for now there are no leaks. Expensive item to be disatisfied with but if I had it to do over, I would send it back!

Oil Temperature Gauge Two Brothers VRCC 9 Eagle 0 12/31/01
Description: Chrome Temperature Gauge - big meat thermometer
Satisfaction: Very Satisfied. $70 for a big meat thermometer is expensive even with the chrome. Feel better knowing what the oil temperature is at instead of an idiot light.

Saddle Bags Leatherlyke Rifle Products 9 Eagle 0 12/31/01
Description: Hard Saddle bags with locks,conchos, studs.
Satisfaction: Very satisfied. Look Good. Quality- Good. Wish they had a frame with the bags. Also wish you didn't have to lock the bags everytime you closed them. Plenty of room in them.

DYNA 3000 na VRCC 6 Mountain 0 12/31/01
Description: Adjustable ignition module
Satisfaction: Seems to be alright. Idle is inconsistant at every setting. Would suggest not setting above advance curve 3 to avoid detonation on regular unleaded

Chromex Water Pump Cover Rattlebars Rattlebars MFG (see the VRCC Links) 10 Black Dog #7111 0 12/20/01
Description: The stock water pump cover done up in beautiful chrome.
Satisfaction: Another great item from Chet! This piece should be chromed from the factory. Looks great (even better with Chet's Hose kit), and is very noticeable!

Iso Grips Kurayan Adventure Motorsports - Twin Falls, Idaho 10 Mort 0 12/13/01
Description: Good lookin' and good feeling Grips
Satisfaction: I love them!! They have a great feel to them and I also added the palm rest. Wouldn't be without it. Easy to install.

Airflow truck stacks Airflow Horseapple Ranch 10 (A.M.)Avera #8663 0 12/11/01
Description: 36" streight cut pipes modified to fit Valk by Mark Tobias.
Satisfaction: Dropdead good looking pipes, perfect chrome, easy install and the deep throaty sound I wanted.My favorite add-on.

Solo Seat Rail Big Bike Things na 10 na 0 12/10/01
Description: Chrome seat rail uses P=pad mounting holes and shock studs for mounting.
Satisfaction: Very well done and looks great. Photos on web site showed mount on shock studs whic scared me away for several months. Ordered anyway and discovered that shock studs ar part of the bike and I only had to remove keeper bolt. 1 min total install.

National Cycle Hard Bags National Cycle Hals 7 BK #2946 0 12/05/01
Description: Black Glossy Finish
Satisfaction: I love the way they look and the storage space seems to be enough. Only complaint is that the way it attaches to the mounting kit is very whimpy. The idea is great and they come off easily and quickly. The only problem is that they can come off on their own. (Do slide down the highwy nicely though) The key tends to vibrate loose. I have had them for 1.5 years.

Solo Bar Big Bike Things Big Bike Things; New Zealand 10 ericf6 0 12/03/01
Description: Solo bar that mounts in place of stock backrest.
Satisfaction: Excellent quality; fit; and just a week delivery time from New Zealand to MA

Trigger Wheel 6 Deg LaMonster VRCC Store ( Hal ) 10 BajaRon 0 11/28/01
Description: 6 Deg Trigger Wheel 97 Tourer
Satisfaction: It does what it says it will do which is extremely rare in this day of Hyper Hype! Better gas mileage - Better power (very noticable as throttle response at lower RPM) - Started with Premium Gas but have sence switched to regular with no noticable difference - No pinging ever. A snap to install...I had LaMonster do it! HA~! If you don't do it you are really missing something good!

Touring Seat Corbin Corbin Europe German Office via the Internet 9 na 0 11/28/01
Description: good quality, excellent fit and style, service and shipment very good and in time
Satisfaction: lower than the original Honda seat, the first week very hard, but comfortable, after the first 1000 km ride and now 24.000 km I knew that I made an excellent decision. strongly recommended, its really worth the high price

Mustang fender Bib Mustang Mustang 10 ericf6 0 11/27/01
Description: Black studded bib for Valkyrie rear fender. for those that want the solo look.
Satisfaction: Top Quality, excellent service.

Cobra Light bar & pipe tips Cobra na 5 Firemndan 0 11/23/01
Description: light bar & pipe tips
Satisfaction: The Cobra light bar is a nice addition to the front of the bike but I agree the chrome job done on there items is JUNK! (I also have the chrome tips for the pipes) The light bar in a week started to peel because of a bad chrome job. I sent them back in and was told they had about a four (4) day turnaround time til I would have the replacments in my hand. Almost a month later they arrived after four long distance calls and alot of promises. NEVER WILL I BUY COBRA PRODUCTS AGAIN!

Viper Creations Exhaust Viper Creations http://www.geocities.com/vipercreations/ 10 Walt 0 11/12/01
Description: Stage two system. Good sound without being offensive, deep and throaty. Looks factory because it's still the factory pipes, runs like a mother. Mike the owner of Viper is very helpful.
Satisfaction: very

Lock box SUPRA locksmiths 10 FOX 0 11/08/01
Description: This is a push button lock box that home owners use to secure keys outside the home. It is the wall mount unit that screws to the wall. It will hold a spare bike key and house key, or whatever. I am a locksmith and have put them on many buildings and homes. They used to make a black and chrome, but is discontinued, some may be still avail. It mounts just below and to the left of the fuel shut off valve, on that section of framing that never seems to do anything. You have to over hang it a bit, but I used stainless bolts and tapped it in. these are available from your local locksmith. I think it looks great and tucks away below the tank. They are about 35-45 bucks, (depending on the markup. Comes with either a three combo letter dial, or push button, you pick. It comes in VERY HANDY when you lose your bike key,(yes, locksmiths lose keys also sometimes). You can set the combo yourself at anytime, Just thought I would share this item with you.
Satisfaction: na

Corbin Seat/Backrest Corbin Corbin Online 9 na 0 10/28/01
Description: Three piece seat for Interstate
Satisfaction: The new seat is 2" lower and gives driver greater back support. Love the new look! Corbin indicated a four week delivery, but seat arrived after only three weeks. The leather really feels nice in the Texas heat. The cost is slightly higher than competition, but the look and comfort are well worth it.

Kickshift Rattlebars Ordered direct from Rattlebars 10 Lean 2 0 10/24/01
Description: Heel toe shifter and peg relocation kit.
Satisfaction: Best single accessory I've added. Great finish and fit. If your 6'2" or taller and or have a size 10 shoe or larger I highly recommend the relocation kit with the kickshift. It made all the difference.

Front Fork Deflectors Show Chrome Gary's Hobby Shop 8 natedog 0 10/22/01
Description: Aftermarket Lower Fork Deflectors
Satisfaction: Gary experienced a small problem with the fit of the clamps around the forks during install, but as far as look and performance, I am very satisfied (thanks again Gary). Took a trip to Daytona immediately after install, and these work great (no more wake up cold a@# air through that gap between the fairing and pods, and I can drink my beverage in complete peace!!). The clamp is not a perfect fit, but adaquate to provide the amount of pressure neccessary to hold in place. If you attempt to remove that gap, you will indeed strip the screw, so be careful! Hopefully, someone from Show Chrome will read the insert and contact the "Powers that Be" and get that design flaw corrected.

Three piece seat w/backrest (Studs and conchos) Mustang Direct Line (thanks Hal) 10 natedog 0 10/22/01
Description: Driver and passenger seat with studs/conchos
Satisfaction: After three weeks on backorder, finally got the seat two days before taking off to Daytona for Biketoberfest. In a word...OOOYYYeah!!! never moved my butt once in the total 1100 miles there and back (rode out 6 tanks of gas!!). The mustang seat sits a little higher than the stock, but Im 6 foot 3 inches, so what! Due to the price, I thought that I had spent good money foolishly, but after that trip, realized it was the best money I've ever spent! Rode half the distance with the stock seat, and did the four corner butt dance in the seat after 100 miles. No info on the passenger seat yet... will fill you in later. Come on Honda - make this an optional equipment on the Valk, and Honda and Mustang will benefit!

Electric Horns Fiamm Freeway Blasters Discount Auto Parts $29.00 for horns and relay. 10 A.M. 0 10/22/01
Description: Duel horns, hi and low note.
Satisfaction: Awsome, no one will miss hearing these jewels.

Tulsa Windshield for "Interstate" Tulsa Enterprises Mail ordered 10 "Augie" (Ohio) 0 10/18/01
Description: Windshield is 6 inches taller and 2 inches wider. I have no more helmet buffeting. The rake of the windshield acts like a spoiler and plants the front end down! Wind from cars and trucks have little affect on the fairing now. The vent seems to let a good amount of air in on the driver. Great Product! Thanks "Tulsa Enterprises"
Satisfaction: Excellent, Should have put it on at day one!

"Dragon" Radiator Grill Waynes World Waynes World 10 Haligator 0 10/17/01
Description: Highly Polished Stainless Steel Radiator Grill with a large V with a great Dragon cut in grill
Satisfaction: Totally satisfied, Materials, Craftsmanship and Quality is 1st class. This is the most noticeable addition that I put on my Valk. Easy to install only 4 screws, comes with crome screw covers. The grill also covers the upper and lower part of the Radiator. Well worth the price.

Driver Backrest Pro-tac Pro-tac 8 na 0 10/17/01
Description: Driver Backrest.
Satisfaction: Very satisfied. Easy installation, low price and very comfortable. Eliminates need to purchase $600-$1000 seat.

Chrome fusion master cylinder clamps Aeromach Aeromach (www. Aeromach.net) 10 Bob Benner 0 10/16/01
Description: Bitchen looking chrome clamps that replace your stock dull looking clamps.
Satisfaction: These clamps are typical of aeromach products. Chrome is once again top of the line. Gives your handle bars a finished look, especialy if you have chrome switch box housings. Definetly recomend to any body looking to replace their clamps.

Corvette Mirrors with Biker Ares Arms Aeromach Aeromach 10 Bob Benner 0 10/16/01
Description: Killer after market mirrors for the dragon
Satisfaction: These mirrors are the best looking mirrors I have found for the Valk.. Tried others and was never sastified. Chrome is first class on these babys. If you want to replace your stock mirrors, try these, you will not be dissapointed. Mirrors are slightly smaller than stock mirrors, but still have plenty of viewing area.

Tank Panel / Tank Bag Boss Bags VRCC Store 10 Big Tex 0 10/14/01
Description: Wide leather tank panel with a large bag
Satisfaction: Finally! A tank bag large enough to hold something! Heavy leather construction. Quality product. A little difficult to fit under gas cap housing but when finished well worth the effort. No pre-drilled mounting holes, so drill to fit Interstate or standard tank. Wouldn't leave home without it.

Ellipse Mirrors Kuryakin Hal @ the online store 9 C.D.Sixshooter 0 10/10/01
Description: Oval shaped mirrors on custom looking stalks.
Satisfaction: Very satisfied. I broke my left stock mirror backing out of the garage, so I decided to put something different on the Valk. These are great mirrors! They go on easy with the required metric adaptors and look great. The lenses are very clear and the view is wide enough. They also stay adjusted where you put them!

Front Fork Wind Deflector National Cycle Hal's 7 HP 0 10/08/01
Description: Attaches to front forks to move air around the bike.
Satisfaction: Good product. Be warned that you must have the NC Light Bar or the product is useless. Attaches to the NC Light Bar turn signals.

Corbin Leather Saddle on I/S Corbin Corbin 10 RedDog 0 10/06/01
Description: Leather with studs and both backrest.
Satisfaction: Comfort is there and the looks are there! The leather sure is nice in the Deep South! Is it worth the price I paid? My behind thinks so.......

Iso Wings Kuryakyn Kuryakyn 10 RedDog 0 10/06/01
Description: Iso WIngs used as passenger boards/pegs. Budget rear floorboard.
Satisfaction: If she is happy...........I'm happy!

Air Wings for I/S Baker Baker 10 RedDog 0 10/06/01
Description: Baker Air Wings
Satisfaction: They work excellent. Too hot for summer use down here so I removed them for the summer months.

Truck Stacks Air Flow Air Flow 10 RedDog 0 10/06/01
Description: 18" Truck Stack Extensions
Satisfaction: They look fantastic on the I/S. A few mods were made so they would fit but well worth it. I can still make mods to my exhaust system by just removing the tips.

Fork Air Wings Honda Hal @ Direct Honda 10 RedDog 0 10/06/01
Description: Fork Air Wings
Satisfaction: Worth hteir weight in gold! Stopped the air coming between the fairing and tank.

Risers Cycle House Hal @ Direct Honda 7 RedDog 0 10/06/01
Description: Handlebar Risers
Satisfaction: Okay but they could pull back a little more!

Tall Windshield I/S Tulsa Enterprises na 10 The Dog 0 10/06/01
Description: Tall Clear Windshield
Satisfaction: Does what it is suppose to do! Cleaner air behind fairing.


Chrome oil dipstick with temp. gauge Two Brothers Racing Direct Line 4 Bob Benner 0 10/04/01
Description: Chrome dipstick with temperature gauge attached
Satisfaction: Very sastified with the way the temp. gauge works. The chrome on this product has a lot to be desired. On a scale of one to ten, I give the chrome a three. If you want an oil temp gauge and dont care how the chrome looks, go ahead and get this product. Chrome not worth $70.00 !!

Custom Exhaust systems Viper Creations viper@metrocast.net Belmount NewHampshire 10 THE D 0 09/30/01
Description: custom exhaust , for stock exhaust pipes , adds more horse power , and sounds great , all chrome exhaust with slash-cut pipes , everything else is only second best.
Satisfaction: Greatly satisfied , precision work with a life time guarantee

Chrome Rear Carrier Honda accessories VRCC STORE 9 FOX 0 09/20/01
Description: Bolts to the pass. backrest
Satisfaction: GREAT CHROME, AND IS A PERFECT FIT,ONLY HOLDS 6.6 POUNDS. BUT HEY I'M not taking the kitchen sink. Tourmaster bag fits very nice,, and hey, more chrome.

Hose Braiding Kit Spectra Autozone 7 ca9921@home.com 0 09/16/01
Description: A stainless steel-like braided hose covering kit.
Satisfaction: To do most of the hoses on the Valkyrie, you will need two kits ($29.99 each). This ensures you have enough braiding and hose ends to complete the job. You will have lots of "heater hose" size braiding left as most of the hoses on the Valk do not conform to this size. The braiding itself looks very much like expensive stainless steel hose. The ends are anodized aluminum designed to go over the radiator and other type clamps. The kit is designed for a car (import or domestic) so some modification of the clamps is neccessary to make them go around the smaller diameter hoses on the Valkyrie. The total time spent doing most of the visible hoses on the Valk was about 8 hours. This is a major undertaking as it requires the removal of the tank and airbox of the machine. This is also a good time to drain and replace the coolant if needed. The overall effect is worth it. No more ugly black hoses hanging out there! If you want pics, I can oblige. The kits come with chrome, red, or blue hose ends. My red and white Tourer looks great with the red ends.

Utopia Backrest Utopia Direct Line 9 MC 0 09/14/01
Description: Backrest for Driver
Satisfaction: Had to drill 2 holes and the hard (reluctant) part was cutting the seat. It went great, looks good, and added some real comfort. It took about 15 minutes. It maybe the best add on I've ever put on.

Windshield Honda VRCC store 10 crazyelvis 0 09/12/01
Description: HondaLine Windshield for standard valk
Satisfaction: Very easy to install....great product...no buffeting when riding.....price is way too high for a piece of plastic...but what can ya do??? Would reccomend.

Tires Avon Honda Direct Line 10 Dan R. 0 09/09/01
Description: Avon Venom Tires
Satisfaction: I got really tired of replacing Dunflopt tires every 5500 miles. These new Venoms are teriffic! After a break in of about 200 miles, they handle better and roll on hard turns much easier. They seem to handle the rain much better too!

light bar with spots big bike show chrome honda direct line 1 Dan R. 0 09/09/01
Description: light bar. two spots. wiring
Satisfaction: The kit came incomplete. Had to hassle dealer to get 2mm screws for mounting turn signals. Took extra 2 weeks. Then bulbs began to blow. Relay went out. Had to buy new waterproof fusable link for power. Retail was $200+. Should have been about $20-. No help from manufacturer even after repeated calls. Installation instructions vague. Don't waste your time or money!

Rivco Air Horn Rivco VRCC Web Web page 9 Byrdman 0 09/09/01
Description: 2 trumpet chrome air horn
Satisfaction: Easy instal! Very loud and looks great! You will not be sorry!

chrome polish Eagle One "Nevr-Dull" Any department store 10 JC 0 09/08/01
Description: This is wadding in a can and is much easier to use then a paste or liquid polish. I've used a variety of products and this is the best.
Satisfaction: Excellent Results

Turn signal conversion kit Electrical connection Direct from manufacturer 10 Judge 0 09/07/01
Description: Makes yellow turnsignals into red tail lights and brake lights while still working as yellow turn signals.
Satisfaction: BUY THIS FOR YOUR BIKE! It costs only $50, and adds significantly to rear end visibility and safety. Everybody who has seen mine wants it. And it does exactly what they say it will do. It gives you three red tail lights/brake lights, but still operates as a yellow turn signal. Yes, it takes some work to get it installed like any wiring job, but it's doable, and more than worth the effort. Have your mechanic install it if you aren't handy, but get it! If you have ever followed a motorcycle at night in less than ideal visibility, you will understand the safety part. There's a picture at www.electricalconnection.com, and their phone number. And no, I don't work for or with them.

6 to 6 pipe shields Rivco Rivco Products 8 shadow1060 0 09/07/01
Description: Covers for blueing on Cobra 6 to 6 pipes
Satisfaction: Looks a lot better than the blueing. Had trouble installing. Cramped quarters for working. I would recommend removing the pipes totally, then affixing shields then re-installing pipes. Makes for a better mindset. Had to make some modifications to the shield on left 1st pipe. Installation would have been better designed by using hose clamp type connections as Cobra does on it's shields. Springs don't seem to be the best way to go. We'll see.

National Cycle Cruise Liner Hard Bags National Cycle Direct Line 8 hojo70 0 09/06/01
Description: National Cycle Cruise Liner Hard Bags
Satisfaction: The quality and finish is excellent and the bags fit and look nearly perfect on the Valkyrie (almost like they were made for it). Like every other customer who has ever bought these, I was disappointed with the locks, what a joke! A keyed chrome latch similar to the tourer bags would have really made these sweet. Also the ultra-cheesy reflectors on each bag detract from the overall look and style (as well as the duck bill ends). However, the half turn screws which allow the bags to be removed in 30 seconds, along with the extraordinary value- makes this product a real winner!

Saddlebags National Cycle VRCC Web Site 9 MadDog 0 09/06/01
Description: Great value, Excellent finish (black), Easy to install and remove for cleaning or service, Locks not so great.
Satisfaction: I bought these bags after attempting to purchase the Honda factory bags from my local dealer for my 2001 Valkyrie. To my surprise Honda does not sell pre-assembled saddlebags for the Valkyrie. My local dealer said that you have to purchase the individual components (51 each side) and assemble them yourself. At $700 for 102 pieces plus brackets, I decided on the National City bags for $500. I installed the bags in less than twenty minutes. They can be removed for cleaning or service in a heartbeat. The bags match the style and lines of the Valkyrie. Inside there is far more room than you would expect. The color and finish is excellent. The only problem I could find with these bags are the locks. So far they seem to function OK, but the quality is poor and they should be chrome plated. I am working on finding a better lock and will pass the information along when I find a better solution. To date (9/6/2001) I have 1,500 miles on the bags with no problems encounted so far.

Grab Bars Rivco DirectLine 1 kemartin@netscape.net 0 09/06/01
Description: Grab bars for passenger.
Satisfaction: If you have the OEM Honda saddlebags (e.g., Tourer, Interstate) these bars WILL NOT WORK safely as passenger grab rails. Along with the fact that it takes orangutan length arms to reach them, there is only about 3/4" of space between the grab bar and the top of the saddlebag. I don't want my fingers wedged into that opening in the case of an emergency dismount. The Rivco salesperson will tel l you, "sure, they fit an Interstate." Well, yes, they fit, as long as you don't want to use them for the advertised purpose. If you want to use them as tie down points, then they should be fine.

Drivers back rest Utopia Noblesville Honda..Indiana 10 Crazyelvis 0 09/03/01
Description: Back rest for a standard Valk...
Satisfaction: What a difference....along with some Kury pegs...ahhhh....like I'm sitting in a Barkalounger!!!

chrome solo bar Lamonster VRCC 10 johnnycap 0 08/27/01
Description: replaces sissy bar
Satisfaction: as expected the chrome and finish of the product is class A

Avon Tires Avon Ken's Motorcycle Tire - Woodstock, GA 10 natedog (VRCC#11665) 0 08/27/01
Description: Venom R
Satisfaction: A little slippery during break-in period, but after about 150 miles, they operate absolutely fantastic!! No hesitation at all bending around curves, and absolutely will NOT purchase another set of Dunflops!! (yes I said it, and I think I qualify that statement after the tire started waffling after only 2,500 miles - totally unacceptable!!! Thank You Ken for the speed of install! Best tire dealer and motorcycle advocate in Georgia!

leather saddlebags Boss Bags Boss 10 westyed 0 08/25/01
Description: Easily removable,leather saddlebags
Satisfaction: These bags are of the highest quality. The workmanship and quality of materials is second to none. The folks at Boss Bags are extremely friendly and accomodating.

Tank mount cover Cobra Dragonwing Hamme (B) 6 Beer 0 08/22/01
Description: Chrome finishing
Satisfaction: Expensive, but looks really well. 6mm flatnut screw that comes with the set is too short however (Valk STD 97-99 model. Have the shop where you buy it, install the cover. It takes two minutes and you will be sure about the screwlength.

cargo trailer bushtec sturgis 8 Casey #3449 0 08/21/01
Description: Bushtec ,roadstar.
Satisfaction: very pleased W/ towing,handeling,looks Great.19"wheels,airshocks,cooler & top rack all 1st rate. chrome is starting to peel at hitch.price is kind of high.

Cruiser Bar Big Bike Things BBT Website 9 Snake 0 08/18/01
Description: Chrome bar replaces sissy bar for a different solo look. Also comes in polished aluminum for a few bucks less.
Satisfaction: Looks good, very nice chrome. Can't beat the price $29!

Throttlemeister Throttlemeister Net 9 redhawk 0 08/15/01
Description: Throttle Lock
Satisfaction: Works and looks great. Easy to install. Gives your wrist a rest. Just finished 4000 mile 12 day ride and it the Throttlemeister made it more comfortable. Bar end extenstion is nice, too.

Avon Tires Avon Local 10 Redlands Larry 0 08/13/01
Description: Avon Venom R Tires - Front and Rear
Satisfaction: EXTREMELY SATISFIED. I’ve got 5,000 miles on them now, riding in all sorts of conditions including many miles of twisties, high speed highway, and very heavy rain. They have performed outstandingly, and much better then the Factory Stock Dunlops under ALL conditions. The most significant improvement in riding pleasure I’ve made to my Valkyrie Standard.

Rumbleroad speakers mh instruments manufacturer 8 Tractor Jim 0 08/12/01
Description: weatherproof speakers in passing lamp housings that can use either walkman or such
Satisfaction: love having tunes, on my tourer is good up to about 75, fair up to 80/85, works better if use earplugs to keep wind roar down getting spoiled, never had tunes before

kickshift rattlebars disgruntled customer 8 Tractor Jim 0 08/12/01
Description: converts bike from toeshifter to toe or heel and toe shifter
Satisfaction: instructions were wrong, need to use proper size nut on pivot bolt shaft and use as jam nut so unit pivots freely, then works great.

centerstand Rivco Rivco 8 Tractor Jim 0 08/12/01
Description: to properly use also tie off tightly to front crash bar so stand is locked, ratchet strap or sheetmetal u-strap one end with short chain for other with turnbuckle to tighten all tight
Satisfaction: Makes it possible to do any/all maintenance on bike, slight penalty in ground clearance, throws nice sparks

Rear Shocks Progressive Gary's Hobby Shop - McDonough, GA 9 natedog (GRCC#11665) 0 08/08/01
Description: Rear Shocks (412)under the "Fat Lady"
Satisfaction: After these shocks were put on, I took a trip to Jacksonville, FL, and this fat lady drove like another bike. The ride was phenomenally different, to the good. Felt so good that I am considering keeping my stock seat! Thank you Gary for the install, and Progressive for the design - my butt and legs thanks you!!!

Air Horns Rivco Gary's Hobby Shop - McDonough, GA 10 natedog (GRCC#11665) 0 08/08/01
Description: Air Horns placed under "fat lady"
Satisfaction: After these horns were put on, I took a trip to Jacksonville, FL, and hit these horns for the first time at a jerk trying to occupy the lane I was in. What a hell of a horn!!!! It almost scared me as to the loudness, and I am sure that the guy in the Ford pickup had to change his shorts when he got home!!!!

Windshield Tulsa Gary's Hobby Shop - McDonough, GA 10 natedog (GRCC#11665) 0 08/08/01
Description: Extended shield
Satisfaction: Heard about this windshield, and at 6'3", experienced buffering at speeds above 70mph. Had this windshield installed and WOW!!!! Absolutely no buffering until about 110mph (O.K. - so I had to see what the limit was!!!) great product - should be an optional item on the I/S.

Mustang seat Mustang Hal 8 Neil 0 08/06/01
Description: 2 piece seat
Satisfaction: I am 6'1" and weigh 210. I now have about 2000 miles on this seat and it is starting to break in nicely. First the complaints, wish it was leather (butt gets sweaty on hot days), wish they had cut a slot in the middle front to back (to relieve the prostrate pressure). Other than those two complaints I am bery satisified with the seat. I do wish I had bought the seat with the drivers backrest. I had only ridden my bike around town and to work and back, I am now taking it on longer trips and wish I had the drivers backrest.

Turn signal conversion kit the Electrical Connection from manufacture 9 wopper 0 08/05/01
Description: Converts rear turnsignals to auxillary/red running & break lights. turn signals are still...That confuses the hell out of HD riders ;-)
Satisfaction: Verry satisfied .. Doubles the rear end lighting on my Tourer. A real bear to install. It took at least 2 sixpacks of Bud...

Baker airwings Baker Hal 8 steve0617 0 08/05/01
Satisfaction: I think they're ugly myself. But they work great. Killed off any last tiny amount of buffeting that I was getting when the uppers are closed. Nice airflow across/around my legs now. Very simple install with one bolt removed on each side. Took 10 minutes at the most. If wind blast is a problem with a shield, I'd say get the Hondaline IS Fork Lowers first. Then the airwings. But both together is NNNIIIICCCCEEEEEE.

Hondaline Interstate Fork Lowers (installed on a Standard) Hondaline Hal 9 steve0617 0 08/05/01
Description: Little chunks of expensive plastic that block that wind that comes up under the bars around the tank
Satisfaction: Have a 98 standard with a National Cycle full shield. Front on wind and buffeting gone (took some adjusting of the shield to achieve that). Wind still was coming up from under the shield around the tank and hitting me square in the face. Installed the lowers and that annoying wind is GONE!! No more blast to the face at all. Chrome bar attaches underneath where headlight is secured. Nice chrome on the bar. Took 3 times as long to get them out of the damn shrink wrap packaging as it did to install them. Highly recommended

Rattlebars Kick Shifter and Peg Lowering Kit Rattlebars Rattlebars themselves 9 steve0617 0 08/05/01
Satisfaction: Both excellent products. The peg lowering kit makes the bike MUCH more comfortable for me (and I'm only 5'11" with a 32" inseam). That crowded feeling is gone! The Kickshifter is very nice too. Takes a short time to get used to (about 20 minutes or so for me. Do this outside of traffic...) but I've never missed 2nd gear yet, even in heavy traffic. Makes it MUCH easier to shift while wearing boots. Chrome on both pieces very nice. One thing... If installing both at the same time, read the directions very carefully as you jump from one set to the other. Both are very detailed but read them over a few times to familiarize yourself with what happens when.

National Hard Bags National Cycle na 9 Doug#9251 0 08/04/01
Description: Hard Bags
Satisfaction: Excellent product 150 miles of rain coming home from INZANE everything dry

Air Horns Rivico www.rivco.com 9 NJYukon 0 08/04/01
Description: Air Horns By Rivco
Satisfaction: Very happy with the air horns. Rivco is only ones to buy, worth the extra $. Did not like the look of them on the bike so I mounted underneath on back side of pipe hanger. Now when a idiot cuts me off They can't help but hear you. The look on car drivers faces when they hear this VERY LOUD air horn coming from a bike makes me sometimes wish a jerk would cut me off so I can blast them!

Windshield Honda Honda Dealer 10 Beer 0 08/04/01
Description: Honda OEM Windshield
Satisfaction: If you want to cruise w.o. full face helmet, this is your windshield. Fits perfect with the bike looks. Very effective, I can even smoke a cigarette with 95 mph.

Saddlebags National Cycle Honda Dealer 8 Beer 0 08/04/01
Description: Saddelbags
Satisfaction: Good looking, waterproof bags. Curves nicely with fender. More room available than you expect from the outside. Can reach in bags while seated. Locks are of lowbudget quality.

Lightbar Cobra Hals 9 Beer 0 08/04/01
Description: Lightbar
Satisfaction: Pricy but well worth the money. Excellent description and all fits well. I got a scratch on the chrome back one of my lights from putting the OEM windshield off and on

Fendertips National Cycle National Cycle 9 Beer 0 08/04/01
Description: Fendertips
Satisfaction: Exremely good looking and different. Gives bike a mature look. Tough to align holes in front fender because of the curve. I had a bolt break of during tightening of the nuts.

Backrest cover Waynes World Waynes World 10 Beer 0 08/04/01
Description: Chrome backrest cover
Satisfaction: Easy to install and very nice looking. Dragonface shows up from a distance.

Air Horns Rivco Hals 10 Beer 0 08/04/01
Description: Air horns
Satisfaction: Easy to install and very nice looking. Very audible sound, can't miss it. Gives a safe feeling. Does not get in the way with Cobra lightbars

Underwhere Rattlebars Mfg Hals 8 Beer 0 08/04/01
Description: Chrome cover
Satisfaction: Fit's nicely, good looking. No more bugs inside triplebar. Had to take off a little piece because I've wires running through my fork.

Spyball Royal Spyball Motoport Druten (Honda Dealer) 6 Beer 0 08/04/01
Description: Alarm with ignition disrupt and movement detector
Satisfaction: Alarm is sometimes inconsistant. Automatically engages after 50 sec standstill, is a bit annoying (fuelstops). I've seen it fail a couple of times, people couldn't turn it off in prescribed way.

Rotor Covers National Cycle National Cycle 7 Beer 0 08/04/01
Description: Rotor covers
Satisfaction: Excellent quality and nice looking. Protects your rotors from streetdirt as well. I would have liked a small decal towards the axle (spokes), now it's just a big equal chrome surface

Backrest Utopia Utopia 8 Beer 0 08/04/01
Description: Backrest
Satisfaction: Best accesoire I've bought. Fully adjustable and does the job well. One minor distraction:the bolt holding the backrest is not chromed and starts rusting quickly (You don't see it however).

Radiator Grille Waynes World Waynes World 9 Beer 0 08/04/01
Description: Grille
Satisfaction: Very nice looking. Complements the chrome engine front nicely. Covers top of radiator as well. Was afraid engine was running hot. So far no problems whatsoever, even in hot (40C) climate.

T-Bags T-bags Hal Direct Line 9 gunser 0 08/03/01
Description: Expandable T bags
Satisfaction: This is great! Fits secure on the sissybar with tons of space and is expandable

6 degree trigger wheel LaMont INZANE 9 Gunser 0 08/03/01
Description: 6 degree trigger wheel on my 2001 fast black standard
Satisfaction: Got Trigger wheel installed with noticable improvement in gas mileage +4-6 mpg. Running great too.

Cruice Control MCSetup, Pty., Ltd. Australia On the Internet 10 Viking 0 08/03/01
Description: Electronic Cruice Control for Valkyrie + Interstate
Satisfaction: Satesfied, Difficult to mount but instructions are good. The vacum tubes have too little diameter and the tubes rubber quality is bad. They crack second time you remove them (i.e when you synchronise the six carbs). Performance is flawless once in place.

Transmission Cover Kury Akyn Honda Dealer 10 shadow1060 0 08/01/01
Description: KuryAkyn transmission cover
Satisfaction: Very satisfied. Really filled up the gap nicely. Made a small modification. Before installing, I cut to fit and lined the inside with weather stripping. This cut down the whine of the transmission.

Saddle bags from Boss Bags Boss Bags Online direct from Boss 10 Fat Dragon 0 07/29/01
Description: Hard Plastic Bags, covered in very thick, good quality leather
Satisfaction: Awesome, 15 Minutes to install. I love the quick release feature. If you want leather bags for your Valk, these are the ones.


taillights electrical connection electrical connection 10 giff 0 07/26/01
Description: adds red taillight and brake light to turn signals without changing the yellow turn signal.
Satisfaction: A really great addition to the rear of the bike without the bulkiness of added light fixtures and legal in all states. Lights up the rear at night and the brake light is bright enough to get anybodys attention day or night. Not the easiset things to install, but with electrical connections instructions and the other instructions I pulled down from this group, installation went without a hitch. Took about 6 hours start to finish soldering all connections.

Saddle HARTCO HARTCO // UPS 10 Mark K. Zummak 0 07/22/01
Description: 2 Piece Saddle replacement for 2000 Valkyrie Interstate
Satisfaction: I received my Hartco Saddle in the beginning of June 2001. I have put approximately 3000 miles in the Hartco saddle, Including a 36 hour road trip to Niagara Falls and back and a total of 1000 miles. I stopped a total of 5 times in 1000 miles and that was just for gas. I was not sore, I was not tired. The only thing I could do to better my valkyrie at this point is to convert my saddlebags to gas tanks so I will not have to stop at all. I am 6'3" 270 lbs. and this saddle is nothing but the best. I thank you HARTCO!!!

Bik Bike Parts Highway boards + clamps Big Bike Parts In a store 1 Viking 0 07/22/01
Description: BBP has released a clamp that lets you fit their boards on a VI. These special clamps are needed because of the obstructing air-guide welded onto the rails.
Satisfaction: The clamps are made from crhomed cast iron. The 6m bolts used are insufficient to keep it in place. Using only marginal force when tightning the bolts, the threads gave up and one fell of during the ride! The idea is great, but the quality stinks! The boards them selves seem OK, but the angle is wrong for the foot to rest easily. The should have been tilted slightly inwards and angeled heals in - toes out.

Tour Master Triple tank bag - magnetic Tour master Local honda dealer 10 JAWZ 0 07/19/01
Description: A tank bag from Tour master, triple pouches - magneticly held to the tank
Satisfaction: I am very satisfied with this tank bag. The dealer originally tried to talk me into a smaller bag, but this was the only one that was magnetic. It has three sections to it. The holder, which unzips, the main pouch, which is stiff walled so as to support the upper bag and a top bag, which is expandable. The main bag zips onto the holder, or you can unzip it and zip in the smaller bag or zip the two together. The only downside, kind of, is with all three bags loaded it really sits high on the tank. But, the versatility is great. I love the magnetic part as I can snap it on and off in 2 seconds. It also has handles on both bags. AND it converts into a shoulder bag or straps on your back like a backpack. The only bad part about the bag, which you have to live with for the convenience, is the fact that, being magnetic, you have to be careful what you put near the bottom of the bag, ATM, VISA cards etc., the magnets are strong and will erase or screw them up. Other than that I love this bag. Everyone who has seen it wants to know where they can get one, once the see the versatility of it. Cost: little over 150.00.

Seat Honda Dealer 8 offcenter 0 07/16/01
Description: Stock '00 -'01 rider seat
Satisfaction: The flat foam takes pressure off the tailbone. It will move you forward about 1". I cut the rear of the center pan to access the tailbone area of the foam and removed 3/4" of foam from the underside. Much better.

Honda Line Windshield Honda Direct Line 10 hojo70 0 07/15/01
Description: Honda Line Windshield
Satisfaction: Nothing fits or looks like a Honda Line windshield, its perfect

Custom World Drivers Backrest Custom World Direct Line 4 hojo70 0 07/15/01
Description: Chromed driver's backrest for Valk
Satisfaction: The quality of this product is excellent, which I've come to expect from Custom World. I owned a drivers backrest for my Magna so I assumed this product would be similarly designed. Not! It is impossible to install the product in solo fashion using only the drivers seat! It requires that you have the passenger pillion installed since it mounts directly to it as its primary support. I was extremely disappointed- I had to call Custom World directly in Canada to confirm this and I couldnt believe my ears. By the way, the Direct Line ad never mentioned this which also disappointed me. Should have bought the Utopia product

LaMonster Risers LaMonster Direct Line 10 hojo70 0 07/15/01
Description: Chromed risers, 1.25" pullback and .25" rise beyond stock
Satisfaction: Very happy with the quality of this product. Provided functionality I desired and they look beautiful!

Baker Air Wings Baker Direct Line 9 hojo70 0 07/15/01
Description: Air Wings which mount to engine guard which can deflect air away from rider
Satisfaction: I had heard nothing but good things about this product. I would like to add a testimony that this is a terrific product. Not only are they extremely functional, but they look good installed (even with uppers). An early morning ride was made a very comfortable one thanks to these beauties. I dont care much for the cheap looking "cafeteria chair" end caps- I feel they should have been more creative for $110 a pair. Regardless, they were easy to install and have proven very useful.

Satisfaction: GREAT!

Throttlemeister Cruise control Throttlemeister Direct from manufacturer 8 Secretarius 0 07/10/01
Description: These are matching chrome end caps that replace the end caps on both handle bars. The right hand cap can be tightened to hold the throttle open by friction while crusing for distances. Works very well and gives your right hand a break. Look great too!
Satisfaction: Very satisfied. Looks as good as it works.

two piece seat and backrest Mustang direct from Mustang 10 dev 0 07/08/01
Description: Mustang two piece seat and backrest
Satisfaction: 98 standard bought new last November. All pieces went on smoothly in 20 minutes. Direct match to factory fit. Their claim was that you can out ride the tank, and we proved it this weekend. Extremely comfortable for myself and she loves the seat and bakrest combo.

Seat Hartco From manufacture 9 Mad864@home.com 0 07/07/01
Description: Custom made rider seat.
Satisfaction: I am very satisfied with this seat. I took a round trip of 1000 mile shortly after installing this seat and was very comfortable. I could never have come close to doing that trip with the stock seat. I was also very satisfied with Mark Hart's profesionalism when I ordered the seat. The seat is custom made to your height,weight and inseam. The seat was shipped within 4 weeks..

Memphis Fats Windshield Memphis Dealer 5 djulif@earthlink.net 0 07/06/01
Description: Windshield for standard VALK
Satisfaction: Installation easy when done with care. Do not like the buffeting. Would like something in between. Noticed someone made a slim work?

Windshield Memphis Shades Motorpro, Oceanside, CA 7 spicket 0 07/05/01
Description: 15" Memphis Slims and quick disconnect brackets
Satisfaction: I'm not big on windshields to start with, but I like full face helmets even less, so I decided to go with the most unobtrusive look I could find. The 15" Slim was it. I got the windshield and brackets in and went straight home to install them. The brackets went on easy. The instructions were a little vague, but I figured it out alright. The brackets will hold the windshield on a 125+ mph, and you can take it off in about 5 seconds if you so desire. I'm impressed. The windshield itself was no nearly as easy to install. My dealer forgot to tell me that the cutout for the headlight wasn't big enough before I ordered it, and I wasn't about to take it back because I like the size of it. I took a sanding disc that fits a drill and shaved the plastic surrounding the headlight until it fit. I had to remove about an inch on either side, but it looks awesome now, and I get comments from people all the time. It is well worth the effort.

Air Horns Wolo Autobarn.com 9 na 0 07/04/01
Description: chrome air horns with compressor
Satisfaction: These horns are not made for a motorcycle per se, but they work quite well. I custom fabricated a setup to mount them using a piece from my Kuryakyn highway pegs (one of the many extra pieces that are not used) a piece of aluminum bar stock (polished) and a rivco horn mount. Total cost was under $65. These are longer than the Rivcos, hence a lower tone. Being longer they look more at home on the Valk. Great attention getter. Horn covers are extra, but recommended. Only complaint is that the compressor is a little larger than most, so it is a tight fit under the side cover. If you want a pic of the setup, email me. ca9921@home.com

driving lights Targa Hayden Honda in Kendellville, Indiana 8 na 0 07/04/01
Description: Chrome lightbar.
Satisfaction: Chrome looks pretty good. Instructions recommend hooking directly to low beam circuit in headlight shell using "scotch locks". Great idea if you want them to fail later (or burn something out). I used the switch that came with them in addition to a relay and used the accessory circuit to power the relay. Even though they are only 30 watt sealed beams, they light up the night pretty good. And fill in the void between low and high beam. Makes the bike more noticeable day or night. Plus they are under $200.

Rivco Driving lights Rivco Hal's 8 Black Dog #7111 0 07/03/01
Description: Like the Kury's, these mount on the turn signal stalks and use the OEM turn signals mounted below driving lamps
Satisfaction: What makes these things so expensive? Love the look. Install was fairly easy. Relocated switch (and used a waterproof boot) to plastic filler below left front of tank. Visibility to other drivers was my main goal and it was accomplished. I've noticed cages, that may have thought of pulling out in front of me (before the lights), wait for me to go by with the lights on. Right shoulder vision is improved, making the lil critters eyes glow in plenty of time to avoide them. Been using them now for about 700-800 miles and I do think they will turn out to be worth the steep ($270) price.

All Chrome parts Waynes World Waynes World 10 Botman 0 06/30/01
Description: Any thing made is just great.
Satisfaction: I came accross this company called Waynes world, they make Chrome assesories, I have been 100% satisfied with everything so far. Check out their Dragon Radiator Grill, notice how it covers the top part of the black ( ugly ) radiator. They are the only people I have found so far that make the side neck trims in chrome/stainless steel. The service is fast and the prices are reasonable. Find them in the Vendors link.

Chrome radiator hose. na Honda direct. 2 Botman 0 06/30/01
Description: This is the one that replaces the factory black rubber hose.
Satisfaction: The new item consists of a flex chrome hose, two chrome collars and 4 short rubber peices. The instructions may as well be in Greek as they are worthles. A drawing would be better. If you figger it out you will notice 2 of the short rubber hoses dont fit any thing as they are to small. The other two hoses are to large. In order to clamp the hose you have to tighten the clamps to near breaking point. On completion the fittings on the top part of the hose collar look like junk as they show all the black rubber inside the chrome collar.

Corbin seat Corbin Corbin 2 Andy 0 06/30/01
Description: ouch......high price and hard as a brick....suhweet. Look good though.
Satisfaction: na

Baker Air Wings Baker Honda Hoot 10 Andy 0 06/30/01
Description: Worth triple the money
Satisfaction: suhweet

Trigger Wheel na Hal 10 Andrew Fekete 0 06/29/01
Description: 6 degree Trigger wheel
Satisfaction: Easy install especially after printing all the information posted on the site. YE HA!!! Crack the throtle and hold on! Easy way to get the beast to "Jump"... Gas mileage is definitely up as well. I was also able to completely clean the timing cover! How convenient!

Bag liners Hopnel JC Whitney 9 Andrew Fekete 0 06/29/01
Description: Purchased from JC Whitney but made by Hopnel
Satisfaction: Bags hold a lot and fit perfectly into the saddelbags. I even had extra room on top of the bags for additional gear. Made packing and uppacking very simple and quick. At $27 a piece, they are a bargain. They are also built very well and kinda cool looking.

pathBlazer Kisan Techologies D & K Motorcycle Things 10 Gunner # 6560 0 06/23/01
Description: Headlight Modulater
Satisfaction: I use with 80/100 bulb. Called Kisan to make sure about this bulb. Don't use anything higher or Xenon. These bulbs will burn it up & Kisan won't replace your unit. With that Hi Beam flashing, they see you a mile away. Also should take lode off starter switch

Leatherlyke Cross Country Bags Leatherlyke Direct from manufacturer 8 Secretarius 0 06/22/01
Description: The quick disconnect bags from Leatherlyke. Can hold lots of stuff.
Satisfaction: These bags installed in less than 30 minutes. Looked like they were stock. Easy on and off. Also, the bags have been upgraded to keep them from bumping the shocks, which had been a previous complaint.

Scooter Clock and Temperature Guage Formotion Whitehorse press 8 Secretarius 0 06/22/01
Description: Add on clock and temp guage in either white or black face that mount to the windshield or on the handlebars.
Satisfaction: They look absolutely great. My wife even commented on how nice they looked.

Throttleboss KuryAkyn Honda of Jacksonville 10 (A.M.) Avera 0 06/22/01
Description: An accessory that allowes you to relax your grip on the throttle and hold it open with the heel of your hand. Doesn't latch the throttle!
Satisfaction: An inexpensive cure for numb fingers on your throttle hand.

Intake Runner / Sparkpulg Valence KuryAkyn Honda of Jacksonville 10 (A.M.) Avera 0 06/22/01
Description: Chrome trim
Satisfaction: Easy to install and a nice touch on an already beautiful engine.

Heat Shield Rivco MAIL ORDER 9 na 0 06/22/01
Description: Heat shields cover the 6 into 6 cobra headers.
Satisfaction: Look great and do not discolor. A little difficult to install. The springs that connect the heat shields to the headers require some minor modifications. Directions are clear and parts are well marked. Two hours.

Mustang seat w/drivers backrest Mustang It came with bike from previous owner 9 Capt. Craig 0 06/20/01
Description: Studded seat with removable backrest. This is it in cruising comfort. Prices are also very reasonable. Passenger seat and backrest easily removed for solo look and riding. Dont waste your money on a ..orbin, to HARD
Satisfaction: Excellent product

Baker Air wings Baker VRCC store 8 Harvey Bergen 0 06/20/01
Description: Product designed to either screen your legs from cold air while drawing in warm air from around the engine or cool your legs while 'in flight'
Satisfaction: Easy to install except for no instructions as to which is right wing and which is left wing - sorted it out by putting it on wrong then changing it. The only problem I experienced is the right side mounting bracket is too close to the spark plug wire limiting the angle adjustment. Other than that, it is a superb product

National Cycle Hard Bags National Cycle Ebay, seller id "idaa" 10 bluevalk 0 06/20/01
Description: Hard Bags for the Valk
Satisfaction: Again, fantastic. The curves really fit the bike and with the shape of the lids, they make for a nice two tone look. Got mine for $200, so I am exceptionally pleased.

progressive 12.5" 412 shocks progressive Direct Line 10 bluevalk 0 06/20/01
Description: Replacement shocks
Satisfaction: Absolutely fantastic!! Stock shocks are too stiff and insufficient preload. That's why they don't work for neither the light or heavy rider. I weigh 165lbs and these shocks have really smoothed out the road. Also, just as good when riding two up.

Utopia Backrest Utopia Direct Line 10 Andrew Fekete 0 06/20/01
Description: Utopia backrest for the Interstate
Satisfaction: Good quality, easy install(after getting over the cutting of the seat), feels niiiiiccccceeeee!

Bike Bike Rear Speaker kit for the Interstate Big Bike Direct Line 2 Andrew Fekete 0 06/20/01
Description: Rear speakers and wiring kit for the Interstate
Satisfaction: Hal said the Honda kit was better but I cheaped out. Speakers are real cheesey and the wiring harness needs another 6 inches to a foot to be run properly. DON'T CHEAP OUT! Go with the Honda kit. I will be looking to upgrade the speakers real soon!!

KuryAkyn 4050 highway pegs KuryAkyn Direct Line 9 Andrew Fekete 0 06/20/01
Description: Nice thick pieces. Dealer originally installed them. They were left loose and almost wrecked when I went to lean on them. Always check installation of any accessory! Moved the pegs forwar by cutting the Interstate "foot warmers" to accomodate the brackets.
Satisfaction: Always good quality pieces. Heavy chrome and nice finish.

Show Chrome Windshiled Show Chrome JC Whitney 10 Andrew Fekete 0 06/20/01
Description: larger than stock replacement windshield for the Interstate
Satisfaction: installation was quick and easy. Perfect size for my 5'10" frame. At $115 including shipping, it was a great change. Did Americade with it and made the trip much more pleasurable. Decreased buffeting to almost none!

Interstate/Tourer Highway Mounts and Boards Rivco Rivco 1 na 0 06/18/01
Description: mounts and highway boards...clamps to engine guards
Satisfaction: low quality floor boards sheared the stop pin on one side...had to use lock tite to try and keep the boards from moving..I weigh less then 190lbs...so there wasn't a whole lot of force on them.

Seat Mustang Direct Line 10 na 0 06/16/01
Description: Add on seat with studs and conchos.
Satisfaction: 100%, absolutely the best upgrade I have purchased thus far!

Passenger Floorboards Big Bike Parts Direc Line 9 na 0 06/16/01
Description: Passenger floorboards with off-set stepped extensions.
Satisfaction: Product itself is fantastic and gives the extra room my wife requested, but .......... the instructions were nearly non-existant. It did not even have a picture of the completed assembly to look at.

top seat pad The pro pad Man. 7 na 0 06/16/01
Description: a pad that mounts on top of your seat.
Satisfaction: I bought a Mustang seat and it was much better than the factory, but it is too firm for me. Installed the Pro Pad and it made the seat perfect for me. It is a polymer gel cushion.

saddle bags National Hal 8 na 0 06/16/01
Description: hard bags
Satisfaction: 1st set of hard bags I have owned, and I like them alot more than the several soft bags I have bought.

tire Avon Honda dealer 9 na 0 06/16/01
Description: front and rear tires
Satisfaction: Excellent tires.

Windshield Rifle man. 9 na 0 06/16/01
Description: 28w x 21t super size
Satisfaction: I have owned windshields made by 3 others and the Rifle is better than the others. Quality construction and parts. Billet mounts.

Bag Drop Kit Chet@Rattlebars Rattlebars 10 Phil Koch 0 06/16/01
Description: Kit that makes it quick and easy to remove the hard bags on Tourer or Interstate models
Satisfaction: As I removed the bags to install the stud bolts, I thought that removal was not too hard with the stock bolts. It seemed that I had not gained too much, but at least the kit was not too expensive. Then, as I tried to get the stud bolts started, I realized how great it was going to be not to ever have to get the saddlebag bracket bolts started again. They are extremely hard to start, and one of mine was even crossthreaded from the factory. With these four stud bolts installed, I will never have to remove those bolts again. Thanks, Chet.

Clock and Outside Air Temp Gauges Formotion Products formotionproducts.com 10 skeeter 0 06/16/01
Description: Matching gauges--bolt on--stick on--chrome or black with face color choices
Satisfaction: Very nice--well built--quality appearance and work great...:-))) excellent products and prices

Memphis Shades "Fats" Windshield Memphis Shades Through dealer 8 Secretarius 0 06/13/01
Description: 21" Fats Windshield with 9" cutout (for Valkyrie) and QuickDisconnect mounting kit.
Satisfaction: The 21" inch height is just right for my own height and the bike's size. The Quick Disconnect really works. It is a little fussy to install the first time, but thereafter, you can remove or reinstall the windshield in about 5 minutes. Seems to be a quality product, does a good job of protecting from the wind, and cleans up nice.

Utopia Drivers Backrest Utopia Direct from manufacturer 9 Secretarius 0 06/13/01
Description: A bolt on backrest that attaches quickly and easily with no drilling or modification of your bike
Satisfaction: This product shipped as promised (they tell you up front about any backlog time), and was simple to install. It provides excellent support, is adjustable, and also has a handy pouch on the back to carrying a cell phone or intercom.

Helmet Prix JC Whitney 5 mt_rider 0 06/13/01
Description: Prix full face helmet, metallic silver.
Satisfaction: Fit and finish was mediocre and the air scoop on top of the helmet looked cheesy. Not sure of performance regarding wind noise, cooling, etc, as the helmet didn't fit! I used their sizing chart (triple checked to make sure it was the CORRECT chart), and my noggin was right in the middle of their "medium" size range. Returned it this morning, not interested in a larger version. On the plus side, Whitney has a no-hassle return policy if within 60 days of purchase. Anyone interested in this helmet may want to order a size larger than the chart indicates.

Tour Luggage Rack, Part No. 51-340 Big Bike Parts Inc. Riverside Honda, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada Not Rated Copperhead 0 06/10/01
Description: Chrome luggage rack for mounting on trunk of Interstate (also fits 88-2000 G'wing and 99-2001 Yamaha Venture). Nice size, nice design, seems well made. Due to trunk's double wall construction, the supplied screws are a wee bit short. Can still be installed but not with all accompanying mounting hardware (washers and foot sets). Company advised.
Satisfaction: Excellent instructions. Time will tell about product quality. Short screws can be replaced. Nice design and fit.

Memphis Shades 21" Fats Windshield Memphis Shades C&C Sports, Brighton, Michigan 10 CRPerryJr (VRCC# 11150) 0 06/09/01
Description: 21" clear FATS Windshield with Quick-release mounting hardware.
Satisfaction: Huge difference between not having the shield and having this one. Makes riding the Valk even more enjoyable. Much less expensive than Factory shield. Very easy to install.

Tires Bridgestone Honda dealer 10 Walter C Wojcik 0 06/09/01
Description: Replaced front and rear.
Satisfaction: Handles like a dream now. Honda should have used these. To soon to now about the mileage.

ErgoTour dually ISO pegs Kuryakin Roadriders Not Rated na 0 06/08/01
Description: Cruiser pegs with 4" adjustable arm and horizontal engine guard mounts. Part 4050.
Satisfaction: Nice finish, beefy, but believe them: "forward adjustment limited on Valkyrie by front engine guard". I'm 6'5" and I've almost found the right adjustment, but I think where I really want them is unattainable because the adjustment arms don't clear the Valk's front engine guard.

Tulsa Windshield for Interstate Tulsa Direct Line (Hal) 10 Wolf3d 0 06/07/01
Description: Tinted Windshield to replace factory original on my 1999 I/S
Satisfaction: I have install may things on my Interstate, but this is by far the best improvement I have made to date. Being 6'3 the wind would really knock you around with the stock windshield, but the Tulsa was a much needed suprise. I would highly recommend to anyone with an interstate.

Leatherlyke Saddle Bags Leatherlyle Cycle King (cost - $403 at store, hardware included) 8 ray 0 06/06/01
Description: Imitation leather saddle bags (PVC)
Satisfaction: Assembly took about as long as it takes you to read this sentence (not even enough time for a beer or smoke, maybee a shot of burbon) Slide right on and off, from 5 feet away you don't know they're not leather. Tested to 115MPH on speedo, no wobble or anything like that. Good size, can fit my half helmet. 2 inches wider than the national hard bags. I may order the support brackets for these (not from leatherlyke, check out Mark T's site for how to get them) But for now I'm very satisfied.

Kuryakyn 7966 Highway pags Kuryakyn Cycle King (cost - $109.00) 8 ray 0 06/06/01
Description: Highway pegs that mount on U shaped crash bar.
Satisfaction: Easy to assemble, just deciding where to put them is your decision. I have them slightly above the widest point on the crash bars(1 1/8 size) With my heavy legs I thought they'd move, but they're ROCK STEADY.

Cobra 6 into 6 Pipes Cobra Performance Honda 9 na 0 06/06/01
Description: Replaced pipes which had piggies cut with 6 into 6 pipes.
Satisfaction: Outstanding look and sound. Prior to this my bike had big bike look with no "bark". Now it has the "bark" to go along with it.

Vista Cruise Sound Off Recreational, Inc. VRCC Store 5 na 0 06/05/01
Description: Cruise control (actually a throttle lock) that mounts on the throttle grip.
Satisfaction: It was fairly easy to install. Quality is ok though I'm not sure if it's worth the 30 bucks or so. I would call it a throttle lock verses a cruise control. I just got done with the SaddleSore 1000 run and thought it would be handy to use on a long run. It worked pretty good on flat level ground. Any kind of hill would take throttle adjustment to maintain a constant speed. I would find myself not using it on any hills. It did help when I needed to relax my right hand on occasion. I could see where it might become a bit of a hazard from time to time if your not aware the it is being used especially if it's been engaged for a long period of time. It also could hamper reaction time in an emergency stop. It also gets in the way to some degree with the other controls on the throttle swtichbox. I haven't decided yet whether to leave it on or not.

windshield tulsa na Not Rated na 0 06/05/01
Description: windshield
Satisfaction: na

Kuryakin grips Kuryakin VRCC store 8 Slowride 0 06/03/01
Description: Handlebar grips for Valk
Satisfaction: The grips look great! They are comfy and priced right imho. The glue that comes with them is crappy so get a good gel glue from your hardware store.

Aeromach risers Aeromach direct 9 Slowride 0 06/03/01
Description: Chrome risers with 4 inch rise and 2 inch pullback
Satisfaction: Good looks and added comfort make these risers a winner. They're pricey, but well made. I had a set on my Aero too and had same results. A plus is you can keep stock cables. I'd do it again!

Two Brothers Carbon Fiber Exhaust Two Brothers Green Country Honda Tulsa, Ok 10 Jules yatz@prodigy.net 0 06/02/01
Description: From 6 to 2
Satisfaction: Went on easy and sounds great. Like the looks of the dark exhaust and definitely adds power. In same measured distance it went to 105 mph when it used to be 100.

TBR Dual Air Horn Kit TBR TBR online 2 big daddy 0 06/01/01
Description: Dual air horn hit for mounting on crash bar bolt.
Satisfaction: dull finish on horns and the braided hoses are a little short to mount. The compressor has a dull finish that is visible. The mounting application for the Valkyrie is not acceptable. The mount places the horns in an awkward position and the braided hoses are crushed if mounted as instructed. I also had problems keeping the hoses attached securely to the horns. I will be out looking around for mounting brackets tommorrow for the horns and the compressor so that I dont have to buy the RIVCO horns, like I should have to begin with.

Kuryakyn 4050 Highway Pegs Kuryakyn HAL 5 Jester 0 06/01/01
Description: Adjustable Highway Pegs
Satisfaction: Package was missing a part when shipped. HAL was quick to ship out a replacement part (thanks Hal). Installation wasn't so hard but I'm about 6'2" and can't quite get them adjusted perfectly... but its 100 times more comfortable than before I got pegs.

exhaust two brothers racing south seas honda honolulu 6 makakilocoxes@aol 0 06/01/01
Description: two brothers 6 into 2 aluminum exhaust
Satisfaction: Very happy with preformance and sound. However after 2500 miles both of the clamps that hold round exhaust cannisters have broken from fatigue. The first clamp I paid to replace (because I did not know what the problem was). The second clamp which did not completely fall off the bike showed that it had a crack on it. I took the bike back to the shop that installed the exhaust and after 15 days with out my bike two brothers finally mailed a new clamp to honda,but refused to reimburse me for the first clamp. (not real good customer service in my book) Justin at two brothers claims that this clamp has not had a history of any problems. Please let me know if any one else out there has had any problems with these clamps...

exhaust two brothers racing south seas honda honolulu 6 makakilocoxes@aol 0 06/01/01
Description: two brothers 6 into 2 aluminum exhaust
Satisfaction: very happy with preformance and sound. However after 2500 miles both of the clamps that hold round exhaust cannisters have broken from fatigue. The first clamp I paid to replace (because I did not know what the problem was). The second clamp which did not completely fall off the bike showed that it had a crack on it. I took the bike back to the shop that installed the exhaust and after 15 days with out my bike two brothers finally mailed a new clamp to honda,buy refused to reimburse me fot the first clamp. (not real good customer service in my book) Justin at two brothers claims that this clamp has not had a history of any problems. Please let me know if any one else out there has had any problems with these clamps...

Hard Bags National Cycle VRCC Store 7 Booba 0 05/31/01
Description: Black painted hard bags and quick disconnect mounting kit.
Satisfaction: Great mounting kit. It took a no-bullshit 20 minutes to install both mounting brackets. Just remove the two fender brace bolts and replace them with the mounting bracket and bolts. Slide the bags on the bracket and secure the quick-disconnect bolts. The bags sit high so you don't have to change your stock exhaust tips. The only thing I don't like about them is the locks. There is no way to open them without touching the painted surface. Other than that they work great. And.....are wide enough to fit a half helmet in.

Honda Windshield Honda VRCC Store 9 Booba 0 05/31/01
Description: WIndsheild came with easy mounting kit and excellent instructions. Took about an hour to complete.
Satisfaction: Great product. The mounts fit the bike perfect and the windsheild mounted perfect. The sheild is low on the bottom going completely around the headlight and over the top of directionals. Keeps the wind from coming up from underneath. The height is great for looking through the windsheild. If you like to look over the windsheild it may be a problem. It is wide enough to deflect almost all the wind off of your hands with the stock handlebars. Works great.

TRUCK HORN na na Not Rated 200MPH@VALKYRIERIDERS.COM 0 05/31/01

Windshield for Interstate Show Chrome Honda Dealer - Waterloo, Ontario 10 na 0 05/28/01
Description: Wider and Taller Windshield
Satisfaction: Excellent Bug Killer. This windshield is a must if you are over 6' tall (I'm 6'4"). With stock shield, I was knocked around by air coming over top of shield - now it's a comfortable cruise, with some hand protection thrown in. Took 15 minutes to change. For $115.00 US you can't go wrong (it cost me $200.00 Canadian- still worth it)

accessorie plug honda local honda dealer 8 longrider 0 05/27/01
Description: accessorie plug for 1986 honda fourtrax
Satisfaction: pretty easy to adapt to the bolt behind the front right side panel right below the fuel tank. makes it nice and easy to plug/unplug your heated vest etc while riding. comes complete with wetherproof cap when not in use.

Chrome Radiator Cap HONDA GENUINE ACCESSORIES VRCC Discount Parts Store 4 BodyCop 0 05/24/01
Description: Original manufacturer replacement for the black radiator cap.
Satisfaction: This is not what I would have liked it to be. The chrome is dull and the price is way out of line. They should be able to sell this product for half the price and make an excellent profit. Several things you should be aware of when you install this cap. First, do not attempt to remove the safety-warning sticker on top of the cap. I began to remove the sticker when I realized that the cap is not a solid sheet of chromed metal. In fact it is hollowed-out on top. I then attempted to push the sticker back down. The thick cardboard sticker is now bent and does not attach properly. Second, I thought that since the sticker had to be in place I might as well make it so it could be read from a position that someone was most likely to remove it, that being standing along the right side of the bike. The position that it was readable previously was while astride the bike. I put the cap on in the newly desired position and screwed in the set-screw. Later I began to think about what I had done. I looked at the old cap and noticed that the set-screw pierces the radiator neck just below the rubber top gasket. Now I am not sure yet, but I have a feeling that this could cause a problem. If the spring valve is forced up then the heated pressurized radiator fluid could be forced out of the old screw hole, thus causing a radiator fluid loss. I would suggest putting the cap on in the same position that you removed the old one from and hope that the cap holes line up correctly. Again, I am not sure if this is going to cause a problem, I just can imagine that it could. I really don’t feel like encountering scalding hot coolant shooting back toward me and my clean pretty Valkyrie. I read the instructions on both the directions that came with the chrome radiator cap and read the owners manual as directed by the instructions that came with the cap. Neither stated anything about either of these two conditions. I hope neither causes me a problem. I am disappointed with this item and especially with its failure to mention either of these situations.

Turn Signal Conversion Kit by Electrical connection Electrical Connection Mfg. 6 Sixpax 0 05/22/01
Description: Not really what I was looking for. It is definitely not a unit that is not easily replaced as hard wiring is of the essence. It really torqued me that after wiring everything,I found one of the leds not working but it still shines pretty bright -1 of the 12 or so individual diodes on each side.If I was to do it again I think I'd follow one of the posts on the shop talk and end up w/amber running lights in the rear instead of these 40$+ units that have yet to prove themselves??
Satisfaction: Took about 2 hours to install, Installing anything in the rear electrical end of the Valk is a pain in the --- as wiring is a jumbled cluster. I think I'll be OK with this but am going to ask Electrical Connection to send me 1/2 of the lighting pkg. to replace this winter when it's to cold to ride...

Kuryakyn Chrome Wide Blade Levers Kuryakyn Wing Things 6 DRILLER 0 05/22/01
Description: Chrome Plated Wide Blade Clutch and Brake Levers
Satisfaction: Levers fit O.K. and clutch seems to operate properly. The levers are shorter than stock and I'm not sure if they're going to work due to that. If your hands are big, they probably won't work. Chrome looks nice.

Valkyrie Beetle Bags Corbin Corbin 9 valkman 0 05/21/01
Description: awsome good looking bags, that would add the looks, and the space to put ur stuff in..
Satisfaction: i am extremely satisfied with the bags, they look cool, and give a slick look to my bike, but their only problem is that they with built in turn signals. They are extremely weak, and can they can be bearly seen, especially during daytime. What i did, i removed them, got me a pair cone shaped amber turn siganls, 10 watters, and boy, i can tell ya, they can be seen from a disatance in pure day light.. i love them...

tires Avon Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse 10 Stan 0 05/14/01
Description: Avon Venom R
Satisfaction: Quieter and smoother than Dunlops, 2000 miles on them, handle excellent.

H4 100/55 Watt Headlight Bulb Doesn't really matter. Local motorcycle parts dealer. 9 BodyCop 0 05/13/01
Description: Replacement headlight bulb.
Satisfaction: I replaced the original headlamp bulb with a bulb that has a high beam of 100 watts. I left the low beam at the original 55 watts because that is what is legal and I do not want to blind oncoming traffic. The additional wattage of the high beam does increase my range of vision, and I run it on high during the day for added visibility, theirs not mine. I put the stock bulb under the set wrapped in plastic and a section of innertube to protect it. It may come in handy if my lamp fries.

Chrome Swing Arm Pivot Covers Honda Line VRCC 9 BodyCop 0 05/13/01
Description: The name says it all.
Satisfaction: These covers do look nice. Unless you have a Valkyrie that is painted black, this is a part that should have been included with your Valkyrie. Before you install these covers leave the backing on the two-way tape and place the covers in place. Make sure you do this several times. Take your time. Make sure of your hand placement and watch how you move your hands as you place the covers in place. Rest your hands on something and slowly and deliberately move the cover into position. If you have a motorcycle lift I highly recommend using it. It will allow you to use your internal sense of what is level to help you do this project well. If you do not take your time you WILL put the covers on crooked and you will probably be upset. Mine are ever so slightly crooked and I am not pleased. I wish I had used my lift. Once the covers are in place you will not be able to get them off to try it again. I have talked with several other Valkyrie owners with these covers in place and most have told me that they put the covers on crooked. Be careful.

Gap Covers Honda Line VRCC Direct Line 9 BodyCop 0 05/13/01
Description: Cover space below gas tank, above transmission, at engine hanger brackets.
Satisfaction: These Gap Covers are a nice looking product, but I do believe they could design this product to cover an even larger gap area. The right plate takes only a few minutes to install, but be prepared, the left plate is a real pain to install. I’m just glad I was forewarned of this inconvenience prior to undertaking this installation. I did not glue the spacers in place as was suggested by the manufacturer. They did not suggest a type of glue and did not include any. I tried to use a very sticky glue stick product without success. I decided to just use my own dexterity - holding three bolts, the cover, three spacers, lining up the bolts with the three frame holes, placing two additional spacers behind the frame, lining up the petcock and ignition coil mounting bracket with its inserted spacer, then locating and screwing the three bolts into the welded frame nuts. I have to say, it was a drag. Twice I dropped one of the spacers into the area between the transmission and the rear wheel where it got caught up on some tubing. Then I had to take a handheld mirror, a flashlight and a rather well designed bent clothes hanger to fish out the spacer from its lodged location. That in and of itself was extremely frustrating. Well more than two and one half-hours later I had the left gap plate installed. Like I stated earlier, they do look nice, but... I recommend Honda Line Products to anyone for the quality and fit. The price is tad high, but you know what you are getting. Well you do now anyway.

Kickshifter Rattlebars Mfg. VRCC Direct Line 10 BodyCop 0 05/12/01
Description: Gives the option to upshift with your heel.
Satisfaction: I took my time installing the Kickshifter. I did not like the zinc plated spacer nuts included in the kit. I went to the hardware store and purchased a couple of chrome plated hardened bushing type spacers and washers. I used the spacers in place of the nuts and the washers in place of the thick washers that were included to install the Kickshifter and am very satisfied with the way it looks. I would not have been happy with the looks if I had not made these minor changes. I used one of the thick washers to make the rear peg bolt look a tad bit nicer and cleaner in design appearance. Using the thinner washers and the spacers I purchased brought the Kickshifter closer to the original shift lever. It still does not touch, therefore there is no vibration noise, but it does give me maximum use of the original shifter peg. I have been using the Kickshifter for about a month now and with a little practice have grown to really enjoy using it. Rattlebars does state that time is required to become accustomed to the new shift action. I have found that to be true. The biggest advantage is shifts are easier and neutral is not inadvertently "hit" nearly as often. I am very happy with the chrome, design and looks of this product. I wrote Rattlebars to thank them for shipping the product in a timely manor and for making the Kickshifter available. Rattlebars wrote me back thanking me for my purchase and compliments. It is nice to see a quality company with a quality product that appreciates its customers. I highly recommend the Kickshifter and look forward to purchasing additional items from Rattlebars.

oil filter cover Lamonster VRCC 10 johnnycap 0 05/11/01
Description: chrome F6 oil filter cover
Satisfaction: beautiful looking and a perfect chrome finish!

Tank Bib Mustang direct from Mustang 8 tcomm 0 05/10/01
Description: Studded tank bib with concho...black leather...with braided border.
Satisfaction: This is a great looking product... it goes on easy and fits tight on the tank for a great look. I've see some other brands that fit loose and don't look as tailored. Wish this one had a small pouch or pocket, however, something to put glasses or such in.

Chrome plating service on Valk rims H&R Plating Brookfield, Ohio 2 Pinshooter 0 05/08/01
Description: Sent my rims to H&R Plating to be chrome plated. Talked in detail with Russ before shipping the wheels since I was concerned about possible distortion to the bearing surfaces. They claimed to understand the problem well and guaranteed me a "no problem" job for $750. Custom Chrome wanted $400 for the same job but I wasn't as convinced after talking with them that they could guarantee me a "no problem" solution.
Satisfaction: The plating job was high quality. But, the bearing surfaces, drive flange hub, and all three rotor surfaces required nearly 20 hours of machine shop cleanup. H&R admitted they screwed up, and it was clearly obvious they didn't understand what was really involved in properly plating Valk wheels. I found out later that they had actually subcontracted the job out to some other shop. I felt they should refund to me the difference between what I paid for their "no problem" job and what Custom Chrome would have charged ne for the same result but they wouldn't consider it. We didn't part friends. I filed a BBB complaint but as of 9 May 01 the issue was unresolved. I wrote up a 2-part article for the VRCC Tech Board on the technical details of the experience that you should be able to find with a search.

Center stand Rivco Rivco 10 Big Dog 0 05/07/01
Description: The one thing under the Valkyrie that Honda forgot.This thing is EXCELLENT! It was easy to install (get a helper to sin on the bike and hold it upright), took about an hour, and my 110 lb. wife can get it up on the stand NO SWEAT!
Satisfaction: This is a first rate product. I did the install without lifting the bike and hooked the spring up last. The only bad point is the foot pad used to step on to raise the bike is kind of big and gawdy. It ends up storing right next to the rear foot peg "down" location on the left side.

highway pegs kuryakyan 4050 vrcc online store 8 bbj #9085 0 05/07/01
Description: adjustable highway pegs
Satisfaction: i really like the quality of pegs. the instructions are poor and lacking detail, but the picture really helped. it took over an hour for first side then only about 10 minutes for second. i'm 6'6" and really like feel of pegs after installed. i put the peg out front of engine guard. they look real nice and feel very sturdy! pricey but quality costs!

Plexiglass Polish Plexus and Novus http://www.airsource1.com 10 na 0 05/07/01
Description: Plexus and Novus polish and polish cloths for cleaning windshilds and polishing fiberglass and acrylics
Satisfaction: The best

Signal Minder Kisan Hal 9 Mad Turtle 0 05/06/01
Description: Self canceling turn signal
Satisfaction: Works exactly as advertised. Instructions could be better, especially for the brake wire hook up which adds more functionality to the product.

Corbin Seat Corbin Hal 5 Mad Turtle 0 05/06/01
Description: Solo seat for Standard.
Satisfaction: Looks Great, actually it looked fabulous until it rained. Hard as a 2 x 4. Corbin says to let it break in, we'll see. (Ever heard that from a shoe salesman?) Have the tan faux osterich. Finish began to come off after 1st ride in the rain. It is great to be able to plant both my feet square on the ground with the lower seat height & narrower nose. Makes the balance of the bike much better. The jury is still out on this one. It's not what I expected for the money.

LaMonster (Aeromach) Risers Aeromach Hal 10 Mad Turtle 0 05/06/01
Description: Handlebar riser
Satisfaction: Easy to put on. less than 1/2 hour start to finish, Made the bike "fit" no more high long reach, especially at slow tight corners. TOP Notch finish. A perfect 10! ( would be nice it they provided chrome covers for the allen heads so you don't have to salvage the ones from the OEM risers)

Highway boards. BBP / Show Chrome Hal 5 Guardrail 0 05/05/01
Description: Folding highway boards with 1 1/2 offset extension and interstate special mount for lower crash bar mounting.
Satisfaction: Highway boards are a little on the cheesy side, hinge design is poor. They fold up by themselves when not in use. The offset extension is great, gets your legs away from the hot motor. The interstate mount requires drilling two holes for set screws, one of which is positioned on the inside of the bar, which would require removing the crash bars to drill. I have not drilled the pilot hole yet, the mounts will rest on the air pod mount plate, which keeps it from rotating down any further. I like the mount, but dislike the boards, maybe another board will mount up to the mounts.

Interstate windshield Big Bike Parts/Show Chrome Directline Honda (Hal) 10 Guardrail 0 05/05/01
Description: Replacement windshield for the Interstate, 2.5 inches taller, 4 inches wider and twice as thick as the stocker.
Satisfaction: Excellent product, took about 30 minutes to install. I stand 6'3" and had a lot of helmet buffeting from the stocker. This cleared it right up, and I can still see over the shield.

Leatherlyke Saddle Bags LeatherLyke Ordered from factory 8 na 0 05/01/01
Description: Leather-looking saddle bags that are hard plastic. Conchos & studs add nice classic flavor. Each bag rated to hold 20 lb. max.
Satisfaction: I'm happy with this product. If you're thinking of getting these bags, make sure to get the model with conchos & studs--they look great on the bike. Only gripe is that they rest against the shock and scuff the chrome. Also, it's essential to check the mounting bolts frequently to make sure they're screwed in tight. One of mine popped out on the highway (have no idea how the hell this happened) and caused the loaded bag to hang by one mounting bolt--could have been disastrous.

Kick Shifter Rattlebars Rattlebars.com 9 Santa Barbara Pete 0 05/01/01
Description: Heel Shifter (no relo kit)
Satisfaction: Very nice. It is well-engineered and solidly built with very good chrome and looks very natural, like it came stock with the bike. It works just like they say it will at www.rattlebars.com. I find it to shift very easily with the heel and one can still easily up or downshift the "conventional" way with toe only. The heel shift aspect is especially nice on freeway onramps or any other situation when you need to get "up to speed" in a hurry. Install was very easy, I just followed the (easy to read and understand) directions EXACTLY, (including the part about the torque wrench) took my time and the whole job took about 30 minutes. Rattlebars even sends two "extra" rubber "o" rings as they emphasize the importance of proper placement of these "o" rings. I've had mine on about 3000 miles and am completely satisfied. Like anything new you do have to get used to it, but the break in period was safe and painless. I recommend this product. I'd give it a 10, but I don't give anything a 10. Ride Safe

Kuryakyn 4050 Highway Pegs Kuryakyn vrcc 7 Santa Barbara Pete 0 05/01/01
Description: Adjustable Higway Pegs
Satisfaction: It's the old Good News/Bad N